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The Modern Mythos of Roswell and Star Trek

The Myth of Roswell is one of those things that persist for eternity it seems like. The continuing litany of stories, lies, coverups, witnesses, alien corpses, dummies, weather balloons, crashed saucers, telepathic flight controls, secret projects and other plethora of supposed truth and legend have fucked up serious discourse of the UFO phenomenon for the past sixty-one years and probably for another sixty-one as well.

And just when you think the last surviving eyewitness to the whole sordid affair has passed away and left their “memoirs” in the hands of anxious relatives hoping to get on the financial gravy train that is Roswell, another pops up.

Take for example Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, a retired Army Air Force nurse who had a “telepathic” interview with one of the surviving crash aliens from Roswell:

“…all IS-BEs could be helped to become more aware of the actual situation on Earth through the information in this envelope. This is why I sent these letters and transcripts to you. I want you to get these documents published. I want IS-BEs on Earth to have a chance to find out what is really happening on Earth.

Most people will not believe any of it, I’m sure. It seems too incredible. No “reasonable” person would ever believe a word of it. However, it only seems “incredible” to an IS-BE whose memory has been erased and replaced with false information inside the electronically controlled illusion of a prison planet. We must not allow the apparent incredibility of our situation to prevent us from facing the reality of it.

Frankly, “reasons” have nothing to do with reality. There are no reasons. Things are what they are. If we don’t face the facts of our situation, we’re going to stay under the thumb of the “Old Empire” forever! The biggest weapon the “Old Empire” has left now is our ignorance of what they are doing to all the IS-BEs on Earth. Disbelief and secrecy are the most effective weapons they have!

The government agencies that classified the enclosed transcripts as “TOP SECRET” are run by IS-BEs who are nothing more than mindless automatons covertly ordered about through hypnotic commands given by the “Old Empire” prison operators. They are the unknowing slaves of unseen slave masters — and all the more enslaved by their willingness to be slaves.

Most of the IS-BEs on Earth are good, honest, able beings: artists, managers, geniuses, free thinkers and revolutionaries who have harmed no one, really. They are no threat to anyone except the criminals who have imprisoned them.

This is why I am asking you to tell this story. Please share these transcripts with as many people as you can. If the people of Earth are told what is really going on here, perhaps they will begin to remember who they are, and where they came from.

“Is-BEs” as applied here mean “Immortal Spiritual Beings”. Here we go again, intergalactic aliens coming here to the hapless “Planet of the Chimps” as Nemo describes us at times, to school us about great spiritual values, wake us up to the great evil that has controlled us for 6000 years so they can welcome us into the great Universal Brotherhood of Light and Wisdom.

*Sigh* That and a buck fifty-two won’t even get you a bag of compost from a dollar store. Well maybe.

And here’s another interesting point I noticed about this little story. Looky at this symbol here:

It is the insignia on the uniform the ‘alien’ wore whom Matilda “interviewed” telepathically. It represents “The Domain”, the intergalactic organization the alien is a member of. It is supposed to represent the ‘unity’ of the Universe. Now take a good, long hard look at it, where have you seen a symbol like that before?

Bingo! And reward yourself with whatever decadent pleasure you want if you said Star Trek! Or to be more exact, the symbol of Star Fleet. Now I had no idea about this comparative symbolism until I read Chris Knowles’ Secret Sun website and he did a recent story about Gene Roddenberry and possible esoteric connections with the “Council of Nine” (The number nine itself has occult value attached to it) :

In early 1975, a broke and depressed Roddenberry was approached by a British former race car driver named Sir John Whitmore, who was associated with a strange organization called ‘Lab-9.’ Though unknown to the public, Lab-9 were ostensibly a sort of an independent version of the X-Files, dedicated to the research of paranormal phenomena. However, Lab-9 had another, more complex agenda- they later claimed to be in contact with a group of extraterrestrials called the ‘Council of Nine’ or simply ‘The Nine’, who had been communicating through ‘channelers’ or psychic mediums.

The Nine claimed to be the creators of mankind, and had informed the channelers that they would be returning to Earth soon. Lab-9 had wanted to hire Roddenberry to write a screenplay based on the Council of Nine’s imminent return. To help Roddenberry in his research, Lab-9 flew him out to their headquarters, located on a large estate in Ossining, NY. There, Roddenberry met and interviewed several psychics, and prepared the groundwork for his script.

Now given the supposed ‘telepathic’ abilities of the “Domain” and this “Council of Nine”, could there be a connection between the two ‘organizations’ and the now deceased MacElroy and Roddenberry? Did one influence the other? If so, how? A more fundamental issue arising out of this is “Is there such a thing as mental telepathy?” Can we speak to each other and creatures from other places by thought alone?

Did they ‘create’ us, or have a hand ( or the analog there of ) in the process?

Are they modern religions hoping to gain converts in this technological epoch?

Or are these things just circus tricks to fleece the public of their hard earned, rapidly depreciating greenbacks?

As always, I encourage the InnerTubes audience to think and decide for themselves.

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