Asteroid Terrorism, alien bases and “Kinda-sleezy” HAARP

If we, people living on Earth, are unlucky, then Apophis, a 390-meter asteroid flying toward the Earth, “will smack right into us in 2036,” according to Andrei Filkenshtein, a Russian astronomer from St Petersburg.But if we are lucky, the asteroid, already dubbed a space terrorist, will fly by at a distance of 40,000 km, the orbit of a communications satellite, in 2029.

Reading tealeaves and hoping for the best is not, of course, the ideal way of avoiding a disaster, which is certain to occur should such a large space body collide with the Earth. It would change the climate all over the globe. If it fell into the ocean, it would produce huge tsunamis and evaporate billions of tons of water vapor that would prevent sunlight from reaching the Earth’s surface for a long time. In other words, it would be the end of the world.

When I first saw the words “asteroid terrorist”, I immediately thought the article was explaining how asteroids could be used to “terrorize” other nations and groups of people on this planet.

The idea isn’t new, especially in science-fiction. Sci-fi author Larry Niven used the idea a couple of times in his Known Space Series about a race of beings called Pak and once more with Jerry Pournelle in their ‘The Mote In God’s Eye’.

The method is simple really, just attach a reaction mass motor of any type to the asteroid and bring it into orbit around the Earth. If someone pisses you off, decelerate the thing and time it to come down on your target. Boom! No more enemy!

The trouble is, there’s too much collateral damage, you’re bound to make your habitat uninhabitable!

Fortunately, that’s not what the article is about!

How To Deal With Asteroid Terrorism


Timothy Good is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the UFO phenomenon.

For more than 40 years he has studied the controversial subject, having interviewed thousands of witnesses worldwide, many from military, governmental and scientific backgrounds.

Timothy has written numerous best-selling books on UFO’s and aliens – which he calls ‘the most highly classified subject on earth’ – and has acted as a consultant to several US Congress investigations into the phenomenon.

An international lecturer, in January 1989 following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Timothy became the first UFO researcher from the west to be interviewed on Russian television…

In highlights, Timothy discussed:

  • The explanations behind the current UFO craze sweeping Britain
  • The declassification of thousands of government documents relating to UFO’s on May 2008 and what this means
  • His belief that aliens are here on earth – in bases dotted around the planet – and how world governments have been – and may still be – in liason with them
  • How aliens have influenced the genetic makeover of human beings
  • How the west has secretly developed advanced weaponry to deal with a possible intergalactic threat
  • Famous UFO cases – including Rendlesham Forest
  • How the United States and British governments have secretly spent millions of pounds attempting to solve the UFO mystery and that it is ‘the most highly classified subject on earth’
  • Linda Moulton Howe gave a July 9th interview on Binnall Of America on these very subjects, including her 1979 ‘A Strange Harvest’ which is about animal mutilations and her first experience with the UFO phenomenon. I was greatly swayed by Tim Binnall’s interview of her and she never once strayed from her answers to the questions and no ‘hmmming’ and ‘hawing’ like people do when they are trying to BS someone.

    As for this guy Tim Good in England, well, credibility is hard to come by when the discussion of UFOs, the world governments and alien bases are involved. Even if someone legitimate from high up just ‘happens’ to develop a conscience and spills the beans here, no one will believe them because the sheeples’ conditioning run too deep.

    There are alien bases on Earth

    Linda Moulton Howe’s Interview


    Lastly, my buddy Geezer Power has been interested in government ‘Star Wars’ tech and how it’s being applied against US citizens and other governments that don’t toe the corporate elite line:

    Interview With Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Radio Farda Correspondents Golnaz Esfandiari and Mosaddegh KatouzianSecretary Condoleezza Rice


    Prague, Czech Republic ( July 8, 2008 )

    QUESTION: Madame Secretary, thank you so much for this interview with Radio Farda. Let me start with a question that’s on the mind of many Iranians these days. Will there be a U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities?

    SECRETARY RICE: Oh, we believe very strongly and President Bush has made very clear that this problem with Iran about its nuclear technology can be resolved diplomatically. That is what we’re working on. We want very much for the Iranian people to be able to have good relations with the United States. There’s no reason that this great civilization with a great history and a great culture should be isolated from international politics. And so there is a diplomatic way to do this, and that’s why the United States, as a part of the group that is Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, and China, has made a proposal to the Iranian Government that we hope they will accept.

    QUESTION: Madame Secretary, Iran insists that its nuclear program is peaceful and, defying UN resolutions, continues with the enrichment of uranium. Is it a precondition for United States for bilateral talks and for lifting of the sanctions for Iran to end its enrichment program, and could you perhaps envision future talks without preconditions?

    SECRETARY RICE: Well, the reason that it’s important for Iran to suspend its enrichment and reprocessing, to come to the table once it has suspended, is that we shouldn’t be in a position of talking while Iran continues to improve the very technologies that could lead to a nuclear weapon.

    But if Iran wants a peaceful program, it can have a peaceful program. Russia has a reactor, the Bushehr reactor. The United States has been supportive of what Russia is doing there. We have offered, in the proposal that the P-5+1 have made, to help Iran with civil nuclear technology at the highest possible levels. It’s just that when you enrich and reprocess, you are perfecting the technologies that can lead to a nuclear weapon; and because of the Iranian regime’s history of lying to the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, it can’t be trusted with enrichment and reprocessing. But it can have civil nuclear power. And so when the Iranian regime tells its people that the West is trying to prevent Iran from having very sophisticated technology, it could not be further from the truth…

    HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program). Supposed Weather modification, communication disruption and mind control Weapon. Extended Star Wars Defense Initiative (SDI)weapon of the US military.
    HAARP has the ability of modifying the World’s electro-magnetic field.

    Geez has been greatly influenced by us tinfoil nuts lately and has done a good job spreading the fact that our “democratic” government is anything but.

    Condoleeza Rice Assures Diplomatic Solution To Iran

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    1. The Highwayman | Reply

      According to my calculations, using the Earth Impact Effects Program, the results of such a body hitting the earth, comparatively speaking, would not seriously alter the environment of the Earth… according to them, anyway.

      Impact Results

      One of the benefits of understanding God is in control of His universe, I suppose!


    2. The Highwayman | Reply

      I thought my calculations would show with the link I provided, but they didn’t, so I’ll just add that I used their general information as to speed, angle of attack, and allowing for a solid rock mass hitting the ocean at an average depth of about 2000 ft.

      The resulting water crater would be of the order of six miles in diameter, with about an eight megaton yield, which is puny by comparison with what we’ve detonated ourselves. (Tsar Bomba had a yield of 60 MT.)

      If you think my figures are off, try it out yourself, and see what you come up with.

    3. I don’t know about that, I would just as soon the asteroids get deflected away, and not used as cosmic sling-shot rocks against perceived enemies, Biblical or otherwise!

    4. The Highwayman | Reply

      Ooops! Make that around 800 MT. energy expended. (I haven’t had my coffee, yet, Marine!)

      That changes things significantly, methinks.


    5. Yeah, I’d say!

      I think I’d rather get nuked! *^P

    6. The Highwayman | Reply

      Displacing six miles of water, and leaving a huge crater on the bottom has to be a significant blast, however, the program called for most of the object to be vaporized by the atmosphere… I dunno, a 390-meter object just ain’t that big. I wouldn’t want to be under it with a catcher’s mitt, but, it still ain’t that big. I wonder how accurate that table is!

      I had it landing in the ocean next to you, so, naturally, you’d get the brunt of the tsunami. I’m 2000 miles away from the ocean, and I doubt I’d feel any negative output from the thing.

      Scripture does mention the Earth being destroyed, in the future, and there is mention of meteors, earthquakes, and, in the end, the breakup of the mantle, itself, in a fiery conflagration. Oh well… choose your poison! Believe theology or science… either way, this world is fucked!

      Aren’t you glad you have me to brighten up an otherwise boring day, Marine?

    7. “Geez has been greatly influenced by us tinfoil nuts lately and has done a good job spreading the fact that our “democratic” government is anything but.”

      Thanks for the plug Dad. Yep, since I,ve met you tinfoilers, I’ve advanced from Bu$h basher to a somewhat paranoid but more enlightened observer of the NWO and all of it’s affiliates. I’ve always questioned authority but now find myself pretty much in doubt of anything beside absolute truths and those seem to be out of fashion. Anything with a catchy name I now look at with jaundiced eye and sure enough, when checked out, usually turns out to be disinformation about something that is the gospel truth.

      Thats a pretty large astroid heading toward us, and its timing is interesting but probably omits the possibility of me ever witnessing it. If I do I’ll be 100 years old and my glasses will probably be 1/2″ thick. Hmm. I wonder what it is made out of…G:

    8. Aren’t you glad you have me to brighten up an otherwise boring day, Marine?

      Yeah, yer a ray of sunshine you are! +^P

      Thats a pretty large astroid heading toward us, and its timing is interesting but probably omits the possibility of me ever witnessing it. If I do I’ll be 100 years old and my glasses will probably be 1/2″ thick. Hmm. I wonder what it is made out of…G:

      With HW being Mr. Happy today, maybe we oughtta get a grocery bag of home grown Geez and welcome in the asteroid in style!

      Heck, smoking all that stuff should clear up the cataracts real good! 8)

    9. We have the technology now to deflect these things if they’re detected early enough. The only reason we could wiped out by one is our own complacency, not some end time apocalypse prophecy, which have forecast accuracies of zero percent by the way!

    10. The Highwayman | Reply

      O/T… thought I’d let you know the world’s oldest blogger (even older than the Geez!) just passed away…

      I paid my respects at her blog:

      Olive’s Blog

    11. The Highwayman | Reply

      Defeated by the mighty Akismet, once again…


    12. The Highwayman | Reply

      “The only reason we could wiped out by one is our own complacency, not some end time apocalypse prophecy, which have forecast accuracies of zero percent by the way!”

      To quote a great thinker, and one who inspired me…

      “Whatever else skepticism is, it is not and cannot be the truth. It does not even profess to be a truth. It is admittedly only a negation, a putting out of the candles of others without lighting any in their place.”

      Here are the arguments that made me a believer:

      David Dare – Dissolving Doubts

    13. Hi dad2059 et al. …

      I guess I’m marching to a different drummer and rooting “for” a very large asteroid impact; ie., the “extinctor”…!

      Unfortunately the discussed asteroid is far too small to do any lasting climatological damage and only those with a couple hundred of miles of the impact would have anything to fear.

      Highwayman you’ll be just at fine at a 2000 mile distance from the impact, but then again your location might be the center of the bulls eye?! : |

      I’ve used the asteroid impact calculator for a number of years and have interfaced with the creators of the tool. My interests were the tsunami effects etc. Dr. Melosh replied with the statement that there was no data from past strikes that could worked into the calculator so its effects concerning tsunami’s etc. would be a function of the fetch; ie. the distance from the impact and as to whether the onrushing wave front was funneled into bays and estuaries etc.

      The reason I’m hoping for a large strike is to cull the greater portion of the 6.8 billion chimps that are virtually eating planet earth alive with their ravenous, mindless consumerism. There’ll be survivors, but technology will be sent back to the stone age so we can start over. As long as a core population of humanoids of about 50,000 survive on the planet then it should be good enough to continue the species, if not, so what! Humans have done a shameful job of protecting and revering their environment. We don’t deserve our mother the “Earth”…!

      I won’t belabor folks with one of my typical rants about mankinds shortcomings, but that’s the way I feel. Btw, unlike many folks who fear death, if it means bye bye Nemo which more than likely would be so, then so be it and so what…! All our lives no matter how self-magined to be profound are merely a firefly’s wink in the cosmic night and time.

      I’ll enjoy the asteroid incoming in my lounger, sippin’ a brewski; ie., a Foster’s Green can bitters, munchin’ on a pretzel with my shades on. Btw folks that are within the thermal effects zone of the impact will be incinerated even before they feel the ejecta. : )

      My last smiling thoughts will be that of an earth fumigated of that which has become like so much planetary lice; ie, parasites.

      Carl Nemo **==

    14. I left a message for Olive at her site. It was pretty cool someone of that age blogging, we even had the same birthday!

      Happy Trails Olive! *salute!*

    15. The Highwayman | Reply

      LOL, Carl… I see YOU’RE the one standing under the thing with a catcher’s mitt! I understand your antipathy for the shortcomings of mankind, believe me, but, after all, there are some good people in the land, and since I don’t subscribe to the “chimp” theory, that leaves us open to yet another alternative.

      I see some virtue in simply letting go and letting God, to quote an old but true Christian maxim, since your scenario doesn’t seem to give the race any other choice but to start over and try to get it right the second time around. Not much likely, though, if you take the scene out of “2001” where the apes are braining one another with clubs, eh?

      Yes, I did the impact calculations in a hurry, and there are a lot of things to take into consideration. At any rate, I think that rock is the least of our worries.


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