Venusian Floaters, more biology in sci-fi and Bigfoot over the fireplace mantle

Courtesy of Posthuman Blues:

Seemingly, people in the space community have a tendency to push the boundaries of thought about all the possibilities that await us in the universe. Case in point: Geoffrey Landis. Landis is a scientist at NASA’s Glenn Research Center who writes science fiction in his spare time. Last week Landis shared with us his ideas for using a solar powered airplane to study Venus.Venus. Yes, Venus, our hot, greenhouse-effect-gone-mad neighboring planet with a crushing surface pressure that has doomed the few spacecraft that have attempted to reach the planet’s mysterious landscape. Landis knows Venus’ surface itself is pretty much out of the question for human habitation. But up about 50 kilometers above the surface, Landis says the atmosphere of Venus is the most Earth-like environment, other than Earth itself, in the solar system. What Landis proposes is creating floating cities on Venus where people could live and work, as well as study the planet below.

Ahh, cities in the sky, long a dream of many a science-fiction author. This is the first time I’ve seen it applied to Venus though.

Colonizing Venus With Floating Cities


Blogging biologist Peggy of Biology in Science Fiction goes on a small rant about stories that help, and hinder understanding of real biology:

In any case, the issue of public perception of science and scientists is an important one, if only because that public perception influences politics and funding. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that the anti-science stories actually ring true to many people who have a deep distrust (and dislike) of corporations, the government, and anyone who is an “expert”. It can be satisfying to see arrogant establishment types who believe themselves to be very clever shown up as bumbling and foolish, even if it does mean death and disaster as a result. Hell, I often enjoy those kind of stories, and I like science.

So what’s the solution? More positive SF? That certainly couldn’t hurt. But there’s no guarantee that any particular novel or movie will become popular enough to really make a difference in public perception. I suspect that education is really the key. Part of what feeds people’s fear of scientific progress is that they don’t understand it. I’m not sure how we can go about that, though, beyond ensuring kids get a thorough science education in school. Public lectures are a possibility, as are entertaining exhibitions at science museums, and maybe blogs too. I’d like to think that anyway.

I’m guilty of being ignorant of biology in science, and science-fiction. My last exposure to it was college long ago (my grade was pretty good actually) and my own biases of being a tech and historian.

Peggy makes valid points. I should read up on it more.

(The post referenced doesn’t have its own link. Click on the link at the beginning of this one, then scroll down at her site.)


Ever heard of the eBay $150,000 Bigfoot hunter? Neither have I, but apparently this guy is for real:

The eBay Bigfoot hunter has been identified. The $150,000 man first discussed at Boing Boing yesterday can be more fully revealed here today.

TPeterson6969 is Tim Peterson, the owner of Hawk Creek Taxidermy in Maynard, Minnesota. The business address of Hawk Creek Taxidermy & Archery is technically 12640 890 St. Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55401 , a mere 25.4 miles from Young America…


When asked for a comment for an interview, Tim Peterson briefly told me that he is a “big game hunting guide” for A Double J Outfitters in Buffalo, Wyoming. He claims to “have been hunting big game for 34 years” and is “experienced in the back country.”

If Tim Peterson helps you bag a Bigfoot, it is obvious he can mount it for you. He can also help you with the skull too. According to the links on his taxidermy website, it appears a relative of his, Rorri Peterson, runs Beetle My Bones Skullworks, a business preparing heads for trophy animal skulls displays.

Well, you hafta admit that a hunter/taxidermist would be the ideal person to track and bag a Bigfoot, that would settle it once and for all about the damn things.

I wonder what Peggy the Biologist thinks about Bigfoot?

eBay’s $150,000 Bigfoot Hunter ID’d

6 responses

  1. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    Geoffrey Landis proposes that there’s the possibility of realizing a friendly environment 50km’s above the surface of Venus…!?

    We’re flat, dead broke as a nation, haven’t been back to Luna since 1969 and this scientist with evidently a Ph.D in Sci-Fi wants to create an earth lifeform friendly habitat above Venus?!?! /: |

    Damn!, wut is this dude smokin’…?! :))

    Btw, “Venusian floaters” sounds like a sewerage treatment plant’s worst nightmare to me… : ))

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Btw, “Venusian floaters” sounds like a sewerage treatment plant’s worst nightmare to me…

    That was my subliminal response to the article Carl, LOL!

    Such a thing would be a far future engineering project for certain!

    We’ll long be archeological artifacts buried under 80 ft. of hard packed earth by the time this happens! 8)

  3. The Highwayman | Reply

    Re: Bigfoot…

    I hope the ‘big guy’ continues to elude the money-grubbing fools that only want to make a fast and easy buck off of his hide! If he really does exist, and isn’t some satanic illusion or other trick, then this inoffensive denizen of the woods ought to be left alone to live out his life free from being hunted by egocentric humans who can’t get their own lives in order, yet think they know what’s best for everyone and everything else!

    That asshole better not come snooping around my neck of the woods with his .30/06, or he’ll have more than ol’ Biggie to worry about! He’ll be the one getting skinned-out and mounted on a wall!

    There are some things best left alone, and this is one of those.

  4. Yo Highwayman…

    I’m somewhat confused with your commentary. It seems you are speaking of “Bigfoot” rather than Venusian “floaters”…?!

    In the final analysis, possibly Venusian “floaters” and Bigfoot represent the same high order, mystique when it comes to humankind’s infatuation with that which seems to be undefinable!?

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. My apologies for my question since this article also discussed “Bigfoot”. I surely hope he keeps his feet washed, powdered and his socks washed too. There’s nothing worse than stinking “Bigfoot” feet!… :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. There were three parts to this post Nemo ol’ buddy, I like to do that sometimes when I’m pressed for time.

    Or just plain lazy! 😎

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