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Jim Tucker’s 2008 Bilderberg Meeting Report

“Big” Jim Tucker Jr., a reporter for American Free Press, and sworn enemy of the NWO Bilderberg Group, managed once again to get insider info on this elitist bunch of pharaonic wannabes. Along with Alex Jones and 50 ‘patriots’ (young, ardent Ron Paul supporters), Tucker got the list of known invitees, and also managed to get a couple of snapshots of ‘drop-ins’ :

They weren’t the only big names. Condoleeza Rice, Robert Gates and Ben Bernanke showed their illegal mugs at Chantilly, Virginia also. Being the law-breakers they are, a little meeting with globalists sworn to weaken sovereignty of nations is such a little thing ( link ).

Notice after everyone got their marching orders from the Bilderbergs, the G8 stooges went to their respective countries to implement emergency plans to bail out the American consumer, the main driver of profit making in the New World Order? The debate was whether to completely bleed the victim dry, or save a little bit for later in order to maximize gain in the long run:

“Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, is
concerned that sustained high oil prices eventually
will slacken the world’s appetite for oil, affecting the
kingdom in the long run,” Associated Press reported.
This precisely reflects what Bilderberg said in
Chantilly.A Bilderberg speaker from Europe had said:
“Are we reaching the point of diminishing returns?
People who switch from gas hogs to fuel-efficient,
small cars are not going to do an instant about-face.
And those who convert to public transportation, many
of them, are going to stick with the train or bus. We
have seen many middle-class families, who grudgingly
accepted $3 a gallon, choose to stay home instead
of driving to the beaches or mountains. They’re calling
them ‘staycations.’ We all take the long view of
history. Will forcing gasoline prices even higher
increase profits in the long term? Ford has already
shut down production of big cars and has many SUVtypes
it can’t give away. Ford will not retool

…If Bilderberg halts the rise in oil prices, it will be
for selfish reasons of profit, not tender concern for
one billion people—one-seventh of the Earth’s population—
left starving by soaring oil prices.
One pointed out that Europeans have long paid
much more for gasoline, up to $10 a gallon. “But
we’re dealing with Americans here and they’re not
only our largest consumer, but a different breed of cat
in many ways,” the speaker responded to light laughter.
There was more nattering but no direct dissent
from his argument, offering hope that Bilderberg will
act to prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

It looks like the NWO isn’t quite ready to stew the golden goose just yet, so maybe the American sheeple  won’t be living underneath overpasses and bridges all too soon. The Bilderberglers are starting to realize that China isn’t quite up to the task yet of taking the mantle of “Ultimate Consumer”. And like the article states, getting oil prices to stabilize so the Americans won’t quite stop buying gasoline totally isn’t out of the goodness of their little black hearts.

Do yourself a favor and read Tucker’s Report. After you’re done reading, ask yourself why Bu$hco is doing an about face concerning Iran and is considering direct diplomatic relations with them after rattling the sabers at them for seven and a half years?

I think the neoconmen are going to find out that they weren’t high enough on the globalist “food chain” to get what they wanted and that even dipshit elitist Trotskyite morons like them can be useful tools. And this means you especially “Mustache” Bolton!



Bilderberg 2008 Report


Update: Oooooh, I could be wrong about the neoconmen, maybe they are still willing to make Israel and the US pariahs in the world and stage an apocalypse:

Iran nuclear talks stall, even with US at table