More on the 2008 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA.

Here are YouTube recordings of Prison Planet’s Jason Bermas interviewing American Free Press‘ Big Jim Tucker Jr. and Alex Jones who were on site during the latest criminal Bilderberg Conference in Chantilly, Virginia (DC) June 5-8.

Part of the discussion is about the blatant abuse and disrespect given to the hotel employees and ordinary working people in general.

Folks, this is the unbridled arrogance that is destroying our country right here, right now. Stick your head in the sand all you want, but eventually you’ll have to come up for air.

Either that, or the jackboots will come by and bury your body along with it!

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


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  1. The Highwayman | Reply

    One of the BIlderbastards’ bum-sniffs posted their own little ditty on Alex’s motives for being there:

    The Washington Post derided Jones for taking advantage of the American people’s distrust in their federal government, and also for implying that the American press is controlled by the Bilderberg Group.

    “Jones tries to capitalize on the American people’s lack of faith in their government,” the paper editorialized. “He has already exploited the fact that a majority of Americans have doubts about what really happened during the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001. Jones makes many conspiracy documentaries which he encourages people to copy and give to others for free, so he has a financial interest in concocting stories about people like David R———r who can supposedly control the mainstream news media. While it is true that much of the American press is corporate-owned and that we hire story and editorial consultants from our parent companies, that is a far cry from being ‘controlled’ as Mr. Jones would have everyone believe.”

    I like how they shore up their argument with testimony to it’s folly, but the very FACT that no one can dispute is that there is obviously a cadre of self-appointed “elite” that assume responsibility and authority for government and social policy. I can certainly imagine that there would be easier and less time-consuming ways for the rich to get their own personalized, monogrammed iPod than have to travel to Virginia, USA! So, there must be something of importance there, and not just another opportunity to make Jones look like an idiot. The rich place a premium on their time, and it would have to be something worthwhile to get them out of their palatial office towers and palaces to fly to Ol’ Virginny!

    The sheeple need to understand that it isn’t cool to be stupid, and start asking questions… the RIGHT questions, and not the rhetorical horseshit that they imagine that politicians want to hear, so as to make themselves seem intelligent and ‘in the know’ about international and domestic issues.

    Questions like: Just where in the fuck DOES our tax money go… and show me exactly WHERE in the voluminous IRS tax manual it gives the legal and constitutional authority to tax income?

    Nobody seems to have an issue with slavery, these days. There seems to be this morbid pride with the working stiff, who complains he’s gotta work to pay off his banker/master, and looks down on those that educates themselves so that they drastically reduce or totally eliminate the necessity to pay tax… like the latter were criminals, or some other type of subversive! Hey, morons… I say… it’s YOU knuckle-dragging buffoons that are the criminals, for not standing for right, and allowing yourselves (and us free-thinkers) to be drawn down into the mire!

    But, then, again… it really is a futile endeavor to try and tell the sheep the farmer isn’t feeding them out of the goodness of his heart, or out of any sense of obligation toward them.

    There’s only one purpose for livestock… which is why we’re referred to as “chattel”.

  2. The very fact the Washington Post deigned to comment on Jone’s coverage of the Builderburgler Conference is proof in of itself that something of importance happens at these “social functions”.

    You’re right in that the elitist criminals place a high premium on their time and that they can get free iPods anytime, anyplace they choose and didn’t have to go to Virginia to get them.

    But then again, some of these assholes are pretty cheap, they hold onto a penny until poor ol’ Abe squeaks! So some might’ve went to get free goodies!

    As for the sheeple, maybe some are waking up. When I was getting my old car worked on yesterday, I spoke with an older lady who seemed quite aware of what was going on, she even mentioned 9/11 Truth and that we should storm the Capital and take these assholes in for trial!

    And she certainly didn’t look the type to say that. But she even lamented the fact people had their heads up their asses.

  3. The Highwayman | Reply

    If you want to be safe from a “turrurist” attack, just hang with the Bilderbunglers… you’ll never see any harm come your way! After all, when YOU’RE the architect of all of the violence and unrest, there’s no way in hell the “turrurists” are going to touch their master/s.

    You think the old lady, if she were on a desert island with one of the Bilderbuttheads, with no witnesses, and in possession of an automatic weapon, wouldn’t open up on the elitist prick and make minced pork out of the sucker? I know I would! Why? ‘Cause, it would be FUN! It’s not like you’d be killing a human being, or anything!

    Nope, it’s pretty damned obvious, and pretty damned cheeky for the Bilderbuttholes to be congregating like they do, all the while claiming that there is nothing going on. If I were a Bilderbullshitter, I’d be staying home in my ritzy, palatial castle or mansion, counting my gold, and boinking some young boy kidnapped from some middle-class family on vacation. That’s what they do, you know, when they’re not planning wars and sending troops off to their deaths.

    The sheeple have their heads up their asses? The devil you say!


  4. Yeah, the pedophile Bilderbastards are pretty daring now-a-days, especially in countries they know they have in the bag, like ‘Murrikkka.

    The neocornholers they hired to get that oil pipeline built across Afghanistan certainly shit the bed though. The Rocket-fellers got out manuvered by a small drilling company from Argentina and Russia. Bu$hco and his handlers failed his masters pretty miserably, as far as nailing down the Middle East for the oil companies go.

    Of course it doesn’t matter who the Bilderbitches do business with, Russia, China and Iran will do in a pinch.

    But like I posted earlier, some of them don’t want to kill the golden goose, there’s still some blood left in the body and the vampires don’t quite want to suck the victim dry.

    Just yet.

  5. Stellar work there eveeoynr. I’ll keep on reading.

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