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The Octopus and the Edgar Mitchell Controversy

In 1991, when journalist Danny Casolaro was found floating in a blood-filled bathtub with a shoelace wrapped around his throat, the coroner ruled it a suicide. But people who knew Casolaro and knew why he was at the Sheraton Inn in Martinsburg, Va., where his body was found, never believed it was anything but murder.

Casolaro had traveled to Martinsburg to meet with one last source—the one, he said, who would help him cinch up the book he’d been working on for more than a year. He called it The Octopus, the same term he used to describe the cabal of spies, spooks, crooks and politicians he’d uncovered in his research—a group whose ties he had traced to, among other things, Iran-Contra, the Bay of Pigs, the October Surprise and even Area 51. But whomever it was that Casolaro was to meet in Martinsburg on August 9 never showed up. And on August 10, when two housekeepers found Casolaro’s body in the tub, his fat accordion file of notes (which friends say he took with him everywhere) was conspicuously missing, along with his briefcase.

Now a researcher is fishing through the rest of Casolaro’s notes and files to look for signs of the NWO. The murder of Casolaro is an indication that he got too close to some of the elements, and paid the price.

As the author of this article quotes the researcher in this piece, “We may be nuts, but we’re not the same nuts.”

Take it for what it’s worth.

Stalking the Octopus


Apollo astronauts were heroes. That is very clear to me and should be to everyone; they took an incredible risk to explore and further the knowledge of mankind.

However, that does not give them a “get out of reality free” card.

Ed Mitchell walked on the Moon for the Apollo 14 mission. OK, got that? He walked on the Moon. I have no issue with that.

However, he also believes aliens exist. That’s fine too; in fact, while wouldn’t use the word “believe”, I strongly suspect there are aliens elsewhere in the Universe as well. Where Mitchell and I part ways is that he thinks that the aliens are and have been coming here, the government knows, and has been covering it up for decades.

Thing is, his feelings on this have been pretty clear for a while now. But he recently stated them on the radio, which has led to wide reporting on the topic, like say here. There are a zillion other sources if you care (roughly the same number of emails I’ve gotten on this topic).

OK, yes, an Apollo Moonwalker thinks greys are coming here and probing us or whatever. Fine. He can believe what he wants. I think he’s wrong, but he has the right to believe that.

Phil Plait is a self styled debunker of anything that smacks of esoterica, his world is as black and white as any fundie. If it can’t be proven empirically, it ain’t happening.

Not that I think Mitchell is right either, but how can Plait, or anyone else for that matter say for a fact Mitchell is wrong?

Ed Mitchell: Going to the Moon doesn’t mean you’re right


To add fuel to the fire of Mitchell’s UFO/aliens alleged statement, here’s a piece from an Australian news rag:

A RECENT spate of UFO sightings around the world has believers in a frenzy, but even the inside scoop from a former astronaut is not enough to sway the sceptics.

Yesterday, aliens popped up in the news again as NASA sought to distance itself from former Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell who claimed extra-terrestrials have been coming to visit for decades.

Dr Mitchell, 77, said governments have been covering it up for 60 years.

“I’ve been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes – we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, it’s been happening quite a bit,” he said.

Dr Mitchell’s former bosses were quick to distance themselves from the renewed buzz: “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe,” the agency said.

I have no problem with skepticism what-so-ever. But one should never say with any certainty at all that something is BS unless they have proof, like the other guy has to have proof.

Highwayman would say it all comes down to faith, in anything.

That means in God or UFOs.

NASA man Edgar Mitchell sparks UFO, alien frenzy

Hat tip to The Anomalist this morning.