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The Ultimate Doctor Who Title Mix and The Two Doctors (Time Crash)

This is for all of you Doctor Who crackpots like myself, of the Old Series ( 1963 – 1989 ), the Paul McGann 1995 movie and the present Series ( 2005 – present ).

If you’re a fan of the show, I don’t need to explain who the Doctor is. If you’re not, Google-plex it, you’ll be surprised with what you come up with!

The Ultimate Doctor Who title mix


The following was a 2007 Christmas Special starring Peter Davison ( Doctor #5 1981 – 1984 ) and David Tennant ( Doctor #10 2006 – present ). I believe this is a modification by the YouTube poster ReverseThePolarity, but it’s brilliantly done.

Davison by the way was Tennant’s favorite Doctor when he was growing up.

Doctor Who: Time Crash – Special Edition (Part 1)


Doctor Who: Time Crash – Special Edition (Part 2)


A powerful cosmic particle accelerator has been pinpointed in the Crab Nebula: a doughnut-shaped magnetic field surrounding the stellar corpse at the nebula’s heart. The finding is based on a tricky measurement showing that high-energy radiation near the star is polarised, with its electric field lining up neatly with the star’s spin axis.

The Crab Nebula is the expanding remnant of a supernova that was observed by Chinese and Arab astronomers in 1054 CE. When the star exploded, it left behind a dense corpse called a pulsar.

The pulsar spins about 30 times per second, but is gradually slowing down as it emits a wind of particles and electromagnetic fields.

Some of these particles – mainly electrons – emit high-energy radiation, in the form of X-rays and gamma rays, when they are accelerated by magnetic fields in the region. But it has been unclear where this acceleration is taking place.

Now, researchers led by Tony Dean of the University of Southampton in the UK say it is occurring quite close to the pulsar.

This is the first time I heard that the Crab nebula had a pulsar in the center of it, interesting. Must be I was snoozing on this one for years.

When one speaks of particle accelerators, images of the Fermi Accelerator and the new Large Hadron Collider come to mind. Impressive pieces of technology to be sure.

How do we know this isn’t the result of someone’s technology? We don’t, do we? We just assume it’s a natural occurrance.

Just a thought.

Cosmic particle accelerator pinpointed in Crab Nebula


It’s relevant to questions so important that most adults don’t think to ask them – why are there only eight planets?  Or nine, or however many there are now?  Why are they where they are?  Because of all the objects that formed during the birth of the solar system, the ones we see are the ones that survived.  It’s likely that many small proto-planets formed as the stellar dusts condensed into larger bodies – some collided and merged, some may have been pinballed out of the system by the varying gravitational fields, and it seems that some got smashed to bits in the confusion.  The existence of the asteroid belt supports such planetary pile-ups – but we can look at these antarctic rocks much closer.

Mineral analysis of the fragments reveals a large concentration of feldspar – large enough to have needed a planet to create it.  You might not think of rocks as hot and runny (unless you’re the Human Torch), but when you gather enough of anything together the pressure and heat provided by gravity will melt it.  Materials of different densities float to different heights (just like oil in water), and as the system cools these differentiated layers are frozen in.  If you hang around for a while you have a hard shell around a layered liquid core, like our own Earth, and eventually the entire system solidifies, like the Moon.  If you lose a fight with another extremely solid body you get blown to pieces – but each of those pieces still shows evidence of the layer-cake structure.

As the evidence for the collision theory of planetary formation piles up, one cannot help but think of the theories of Velikovsky and Zecharia Sitchen.

While I’m not going to go into the details of Tiamat, Niburu and the Annunaki for now, it is interesting to note that what is fashionably becoming mainstream now, was once ridiculed.

Somewhere, Velikovsky is laughing his arse off.

Antarctica Yields Fragments of an Ancient Destroyed Planet


Lifelike graphics are breaking free of elite computer games and spreading throughout society in what industry insiders proclaim is the dawning of a “visual computing era.”

Astronauts, film makers and celebrities joined software savants, engineers and gamers in the heart of Silicon Valley this week for a first-ever NVision conference devoted to computer imagery advances changing the way people and machines interact..

“Visual computing is transforming the videogame industry; transforming the film industry, and has all kinds of potential for how we view real-time television,” NVIDIA co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang told those gathered at the event.

“We solve some of the most challenging problems for more and more companies around the world. Let the era of visual computing begin.”

Gamers dueled for three days in a cavernous room in the San Jose Convention Center while entrepreneurs showed how graphics breakthroughs are shining in other fields.

Car makers are exploring letting potential buyers not only customize automobiles with graphics software but go on virtual test drives.

Graphics processing underpins financial modeling and weather forecasting

It was only a matter of time before this became a reality, and it’s only going to get better.

Or worse, depending your take on it.

Science-fiction writers such as Greg Egan, Iain Banks and Alistair Reynolds have used extrapolations of this technology to create entire cultures, worlds and universes as backdrops for their stories.

Often these tales are set centuries hence.

I surmise such are going to be possible in decades, not centuries.

What will the price be to become an immortal upload ( or download ) in a virtual reality universe?

Eyes turn to dawn of ‘visual computing’.


Recent New World Order Updates

Whatever hopes the George W. Bush administration may have had for using its post-9/11 “war on terror” to impose a new Pax Americana on Eurasia, and particularly in the unruly areas between the Caucasus and the Khyber Pass, appear to have gone up in flames — in some cases, literally — over the past two weeks.

Not only has Russia reasserted its influence in the most emphatic way possible by invading and occupying substantial parts of Georgia after Washington’s favourite Caucasian, President Mikhail Saakashvili, launched an ill-fated offensive against secessionist South Ossetians.

But bloody attacks in Afghanistan, and Pakistan, about 1,000 kms to the east also underlined the seriousness of the Pashtun-dominated Taliban insurgencies in both countries and the threats they pose to their increasingly beleaguered and befuddled U.S.-backed governments.

And while U.S. negotiators appear to have made progress in hammering out details of a bilateral military agreement that will permit U.S. combat forces to remain in Iraq at least for another year and a half, signs that the Shi’a-dominated government of President Nouri al-Maliki may be preparing to move forcefully against the U.S.-backed, predominantly Sunni ”Awakening” movement has raised the spectre of renewed sectarian civil war.

Meanwhile, any hope of concluding a framework for a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority by the time Bush leaves office less than five months from now appears to have vanished, while efforts at mobilising greater international diplomatic and economic pressure on Iran to freeze its uranium enrichment programme — the administration’s top priority before the Georgia crisis — have stalled indefinitely, overwhelmed by the tidal wave of bad news from its neighbourhood.

”The list of foreign policy failures this week is breathtaking,” noted a statement released Friday by the National Security Network (NSN), a mainstream group of former high-ranking officials critical of the Bush administration’s more-aggressive policies. And a prominent New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, argued that the Russian move on Georgia, in particular, signaled ”the end of the Pax Americana — the era in which the United States more or less maintained a monopoly on the use of military force.”

As’s Karl Schwarz likes to put it, ” another crappy Bu$hco dirty diaper got made.”

And this one is particularly smelly because Pakistan is already nuclear armed and primed.

Got ” lead-lined basement?”

POLITICS-US: A Really Bad Couple of Weeks for Pax Americana


Speaking of Schwarz, here is his latest take on the US/Israeli/UK/Georgia debacle:

Did you know that Central Asia Georgia was part of the coast of the United States? A United States COAST GUARD ship has docked in the port ofBatumi, and has pulled back on its announced intention to dock in Poti. A wise choice.
What are we Americans to think? Is Central Asia Georgia now our 51st state of East Georgia? Does George Bush have a clue what he is doing? Don’t answer that. Will Central Asia Georgia have a mascot like the Georgia Bulldogs? Will the bulldog have to eat both a Kosher and non-pork diet to satisfy the Muslim-Zionist Israeli thugs who control the government of this aberration of East Georgia?
Are we watching a really strange remake of ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ and Batumi, Ajaria, Georgia is now Savannah as in ‘Gone with the Wind’ on Quaaludes? Damn, does Savannah, Georgia know that their US Coast Guard protection is on the other side of the world? IsBatumi about to be renamed ‘Savannah’? BBC said the US Coast Guard ship decided to not test the Russian navy and armor that is in the Poti area, so they docked at a third breakaway region of Georgia.
Most Americans do not know that Josef Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia. There are many former Georgian Christians now living happily and peacefully in Russia. That city of Gori is very close to the New South Ossetia and the protective zone Russia
established to insulate the Russian Orthodox Christian citizens of South Ossetia. Yeah, Georgia was part ofRussia for centuries and now this moron Saakashvili thinks Central Asia isEurope. He must have learned that in the US where he went to school.
Evidently, the diaper meister lunatic in the Oval Office thinks Central Asia Georgia is on the East Coast of the US. Mick Saakashvili thinks Central Asia is in Europe and accuses Russia of trying to force the boundaries ofEurope to change by force?
Are all of these people on massive psychotropic drugs?

 The short answer to the last question in this post should be, ” yeah, these arseholes are on drugs.”

Unfortunately, madness comes naturally to this selve-delusional crowd.

And that’s what makes this so dangerous.

Stupid is NOT going to end until there is a huge crash


And now for you Benjamin Fulford fans (and you know who you are), here is a podcast from August 22nd, 2008 where Jason Bermas and Fulford discuss the NWO, Asian hitmen and ways to defeat the elitists.

I still say Fulford is a disinformation agent, but he’s anything but boring!

Benjamin Fulford – Friday August 22, 2008 – Click on ‘podcast’ link.


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Ol’ Dad is feeling under the weather this week, so posting is going to be little to none.

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Kentroversy: Eyes Wide Shut : Occult Symbolism

Perhaps Kent Daniel Bentkowsky’s best essays was a treatise on Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. In it, Kent goes to great lengths to explain the various occult symbols that permeat the film which confounded the various theater goers that watched the movie.

Of course, one of Kubrick’s more famous movies, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey, garnered more respect and critical acclaim, but ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ will forever be linked to one thing, Kubrick’s mysterious death just four days after submitted the film’s final cut. And you can be sure that Kent points out the Illuminist connection there!


Eyes Wide Shut: Occult Symbolism

The Outer Limits: The Choice (1995)

The Outer Limits (1963-1965 and 1995-2002) was a television anthology series that explored various social, psycho-social, technological and historical themes during both of its incarnations. I have posted some of its older episodes here before, but this is the first time I’m posting the later version.

The first season’s episodes seem to be some of the best and the following story puts forth the idea of how contemporary mankind react to beings who might well be our successors on the planet Earth.

Note the similarities to the later X-Men movie series, which took this very idea to the extreme.

I sincerely hope that any species that replaces us on the Earth not only be intellectually superior, but morally superior as well.

Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (1of5)


Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (2of5)


Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (3of5)


Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (4of5)


Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (5of5)


Entering NWO Space, Raise Shields!

As the US election heats up, aspiring presidential candidates have turned their attention to Florida, where the shuttles are launched, and are pressing to clarify their positions on space exploration.pdf) on Sunday, outlining his commitment to Constellation, NASA’s shuttle replacement programme, and to sending humans to the Moon by 2020. The move may put pressure on presumptive Republican nominee John McCain to release a more refined statement. For his part, McCain met with aerospace executives in Florida on Monday.

Both candidates are battling for votes in Florida, which boasts NASA’s main launch site and stands to lose some 4000 jobs when the space shuttles retire in less than two years. The state carries 27 electoral votes, and recent polls show voters there are closely split between the two candidates.

Earlier in the campaign, Obama’s position was in favour of trimming money for the Constellation programme to fund early childhood education. Such cuts would have delayed the programme by years, further extending the anticipated five-year gap between the last shuttle flight in 2010 and the first flight of Constellation’s capsule, Orion, in 2015.

But Obama has since said he, like McCain, supports the original Constellation plan, the cornerstone of President Bush’s ‘Vision for Space Exploration.’ some worry about the safety and practicality of flying the 30-year-old craft much beyond 2010.While waiting for Orion, NASA is hoping to extend a contract with Russia to send astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard Soyuz rockets. But relying on Russia for space access may become politically untenable and impossible to negotiate, as US-Russian relations are strained by the conflict in Georgia. At yesterday’s meeting with aerospace leaders, McCain said access to space is a national security issue and relying on Russia is “unacceptable”, according to the Orlando Sentinel.”


That’s okay, the asshole pig-fornicating NWO zionist scumbags have that covered, the Pentagon has orbital weapons that would probably make the Cylons green with envy!

Presidential hopefuls discuss space


“The satellite named Omid (Hope) has been designed and built by Iranian specialists and was orbited by an Iranian carrier rocket.

In February Tehran successfully launched the Explorer-1 research rocket, which is capable of carrying a satellite into orbit, and unveiled the country’s first domestically built satellite, Omid.

The achievement has drawn much attention from around the world, specially from among Muslim nations, as Iran is under heavy sanctions by the West and the UN Security Council making it develop the technology and build every part and equipment needed in the field of aerospace.

The satellite was sent into orbit today on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of Shiites’ 12th Imam (May God Hasten His Reappearance). “


Great, more apocalyptic bullshit. The NWO must be beside themselves in orgiastic come splattered glee over the prospect of funding both sides in another arms build-up and subsequent bloodshed.

Dirty bastiches.

Iran sends first satellite into orbit



Here then are the parts of the UFO equation we need to address. It’s not necessarily a look into the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, meaning that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, but instead a look at ourselves and certain phenomenon that are with us on a daily basis, tons of documentation to support them, yet never addressed by mainstream science and the media. So let me get metaphysical on our butts for a moment. These two phenomena that need to be looked into are OBEs short for Out of Body Experiences and past life phenomena. I can hear the old school UFOlogists grumping and groaning because how dare we use science to look into the spiritual. Everyone knows science says there’s no God or spirit, but if that’s the case, why do six billion or more people still believe? Even when they’re starving and under weapons fire they still believe. Even when massive disasters wipe out tens of thousands they still believe. When men’s war machines wipe out millions like during the Holocaust, people still believe in the spirit. I’m reminiscing of the scene from the classic Dr. Seuss story “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” where the green old Grinch puzzled as to how the citizens of Whoville still believed in Christmas after he’d stolen their presents. We’ve had well over 100 years of study of OBEs and past lives study. It’s simple to prove if it’s real or not yet no major media source nor scientific body has yet to leap onto TV and declare so. As usual some psychiatrist comes into play and tosses someone in a padded cell or whatever new Frankenstein like restraints they use or the issue is shuffled off to the giggle factor factory. Bottom line is why not a look at it? Might this fill in some blanks regarding many of the phenomena associated with UFOs? Let me be brief here. The main reason science and news won’t touch the issue is because the datum is so overwhelming that we are more than just physical creatures that to declare such as fact to the mentally deranged war mongers and greed merchants would send these poor chaps over the deep end. How much would the world change if we discovered we, the real being, was indeed immortal? Silly as a March hare but immortal? Irresponsible and childlike, but immortal? That means the last guy you murdered would some day come back and might want to even the score. Or how about that assassinated witness showing up with the goods but in a new body? That’d change the criminal justice system for sure.


The criminal zionist NWO crowd doesn’t only hate Christianity, they hate any metaphysical belief system that expouses freedom from fear, dogma and lies.

The UFO issue is just one of many in their bottomless bag of dirty tricks and illusions.

They can play Pharaoh all they want, but they’ll get no devotion from me!

Only contempt!

Where does the real UFO threat come from?


Man, what a depressing day today, working at my wage slave job, tired, reading about zionist-NWO warwongering bullshit, it’s enough to suck the life right out of your carcass!

So here’s some post-apocalyptical music, just what the warmongering banksters love!

Soundgarden – Fell on Black Days


Alice In Chains – Man In The Box


Nirvana – Something In The Way


Kentroversy Tapes: Interview with Michael Tsarion

In my ongoing commemoration and celebration of the life of esoteric researcher Kent Daniel Bentkowski ( Kentroversy ) who passed July 30, 2008 by posting some of his past podcasts with some of the big names in the field, none come much bigger than Michael Tsarion.

His research on ancient cultures, the Nephilim, UFOs, symbology, secret societies and their use by the NWO is second to none, except maybe Jordan Maxwell.

So enjoy this Kentroversy Tapes podcast Kent made with Michael on March 2005. The podcast itself was posted by Kent on June 25th, 2007.

Kentroversy Tapes # 05 – Michael Tsarion (June 25, 2007)

Star Trek: The Return of the Domain

Family Reunion

The Danube-class runabout USS Amazon was clipping along interstellar space toward the edge of the galaxy inside its subspace bubble at Warp Factor 8.

The runabout was in stealth mode, its warp signature was stifled by the very configuration of the field itself. Other camoflaging technologies were also employed, but the erasure of the foot-prints itself was of utmost importance. The runabout’s destination’s existence depended on it.

The lone inhabitant piloting the craft, Star Fleet Captain Lynden Tyler Kraus was in a semi-meditative state. Although part of his consciousness was attentive to monitoring the nav computer, most of it was contemplating the Oneness of the All, readying his body to perform at its maximum and preparing his psyche for the upcoming meeting.The prospect of the meeting in of itself wasn’t troubling to Kraus, he had several with the being over the past three-hundred years. He knew it as well as he knew himself, almost. But the favor he was going to ask of the creature was what was causing Kraus a small amount of anxiety. He simply didn’t know how it was going to react to the question. And the answer he might get.

A soft, low ‘bong-bong-bong’ of the destination alarm brought Kraus out of his meditation as the Amazon was released from its warp field. He set the runabout’s speed to 45,000 kilometers per hour and started to signal his target with a pulsed graviton beam. The target, a small, burned out husk of a white dwarf star that circled a singularity in a neatly tight, close orbit of 10 million kilometers absorbed the beam and promptly pulsed a return signal. The signal was intercepted by the runabout’s nav deflector dish, which the computer translated into a special frequency that was beamed directly into Kraus’ nano-neural net that encircled his brain. “Kipi Polis acknowledging security code sent by Federation vessel USS Amazon. Welcome Lynden, it’s been a while since you’ve last visited, how have you been?”

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