Will the aliens finally reveal themselves?

The new X-Files movie has opened at a promising time, with a poll suggesting that more than 60 per cent of Britons believe in space aliens, and Edgar Mitchell, a renowned former NASA astronaut who once walked on the moon, claiming that they’re already here.

Ed, 77, says he has it from unimpeachable sources that the aliens have been visiting us for some time, but that governments around the world are hushing the story up.

They are afraid, he suggests, that if we knew the truth there would be mass panic and people might lose confidence in things like, oh, you know, the security of the oil supply and the global banking system.

From a world leader’s point of view, it’s therefore much easier to pretend that aliens don’t exist. Rather harder to understand is why this should also be the aliens’ point of view.

Being evidently cleverer than us they might have a different way of doing things, but the whole (admittedly, human) history of exploration and conquest suggests that when an advanced civilisation meets a less advanced civilisation, the advanced one quickly takes over.

To have reached our world, the aliens would have had to develop spacecraft of unimaginable sophistication and fly them from distant galaxies. Why, having gone to the trouble, would they spend their time stooging around over abandoned farmhouses in the middle of Kansas, and abducting the cast of the Jerry Springer Show?

Prominent believers in alien existence offer a partial answer to this. Frank Drake, the founder of the California-based SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), the foremost research institute in the field, contends that aliens are almost certainly well-intentioned.

“If they were bad, or aggressive in nature,” he says, “the likelihood is that they would have already destroyed themselves in a nuclear war.”

The aliens, according to this theory, are here to learn and observe, and their moral awareness of what might happen if they established a stronger presence compels them to remain discreet. “People always say: ‘Why don’t they land in Downing Street or at Heathrow?’?” says Malcolm Robinson, founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations, Britain’s leading UFO-tracking group, “but imagine the consequences for our civilisation if something like that actually happened.”

The Mitchell exposure sure has the corpo-media circus in an uproar about UFOs and aliens. I’m surprised that Frank Drake had something to say about it too.

I disagree about the statement that a species capable of crossing interstellar space would’ve shed their aggressive tendencies totally. Crossing interstellar distances, either sub-light, interdimensional or warp drive takes a certain amount of curiousity, aggressiveness and a will to survive.

If they were totally pacifist, they would’ve stayed home and gazed at their respective navels.

If they had any.

Aliens stole my brain

20 responses

  1. Could be that they already have Dad, but not the ones in the White House. They will keep on using Cheney’s tired old body and Bu$h’s feeble brain to make us believe that they are shumans. They seem to prefer the handicapped, like McSame for instance. You might think that I’m kidding, and yeh I am, but it sure makes more sense than thinking of the corpo government as ordinary types of human beans.

    I am optimistic about all this though and expect a “Day The Earth Stood Still” showdown any day now…G:

  2. “Day The Earth Stood Still” showdown any day now…G:

    There’s a remake coming out this December of the 1951 classic with Keanu Reeve playing the part of Klaatu.

    I hear it might be more closer to the short story it’s based on than the other was.

    Yeah, the Bu$hco Clan have been accused of being alien reptilians wearing shuman skin suits before.

    The accusation doesn’t bother them in the least, so it makes one wonder…?

  3. The Highwayman | Reply

    “The accusation doesn’t bother them in the least, so it makes one wonder…?”

    If I were them, it wouldn’t bother me either, Marine. There are so many different theories out there, what’s one more? And you well know what the general pubic (no typo!) thinks of conspiracy-types and their ranting… hell, we’re the best press they have going!

    I’m beginning to resign myself to the fact that truth is buried for good… until time takes it’s course, and all is revealed, once and for all. Uncharacteristically fatalistic for me, I know, but these old bones are beginning to show their wear and tear, and I weary of the battle. Nowadays, tending my garden is all I look forward to… peace and quiet.

    Just like Adam used to do.

  4. Nowadays, tending my garden is all I look forward to… peace and quiet.

    Says the guy with the Reaper icon, LOL! 8))

    I know what you mean though, I’ve been thinking seriously of retiring this bullshit and retire into Star Trek fan fic fantasy until the ax falls.

    I don’t know how Geezer does it, he’s like a kid with this stuff!

  5. I’ve always believed an avatar should reflect one’s personality… or, at least, his/her mission/agenda. Mine has been to get at the truth, and bulldoze through any opposition toward that end. That, I have done, on more than a few occasions, but even reapers need some kind of inkling that they’re just not another pretty face out there, racking up blog hits.

    It’s just getting too weird out there, even for me! What we’ll have, in time, is a world where there is no right or wrong, and where truth is only in the mind of the proponent. It won’t even become necessary to prove one’s point… truth, itself, being irrelevant in light of something just being something new and interesting.

    Break Glass In Case Of War is what the ol’ Highwayman is relegated to, Marine. Maybe the reaper will have a use then, if he’s still online.

    Coffee time!

  6. i’ve heard someone saying they are here because it is here that something special is gonna happen/is happening

  7. “Nowadays, tending my garden is all I look forward to… peace and quiet.”

    “Just like Adam used to do.”

    Not to throw any negs on yur anode Highway, but some of my tomatoes are suffering from leaf wilt…): I can’t help but think of chem trails.

    Can’t wait to see the new version Dad, hopefully before seeing the real thing…G:

  8. i am a 10 year old boy that watched all the videos of aliens so look, if the aliens visit planet earth, PROBABLY they came here for the same reason we want to see them, and when the aliens were looking for us after soooo many years by themselves, they hav dat little piece of hatred that they did all of the work of figuring out how to travel hyperspeeds, and making wormholes. and plus if they found all the living life out there probably all da planets have different language, they are the ones that founnd us so we intisipate them to translate the language. i would probably live to the day the aliens come but u, not so much

  9. Hi all! I have NEWS for you!!!

    For the first time in history there is a solid proof of the OTC-X1 successful flight ❗

    Watch the experiment in the second half of the footage!!!

    We all know that the science community rejects all claims of people like Otis Carr, John Searl, Bob Lazar and many others. However NOW things changed! 8)

  10. Good stuff Lubo!

    How have you been my friend? Good to see your comments! 8)

  11. Healing. Natural healing and dreaming! I have no other choice… 🙂

  12. Dreaming’s not bad, I wish I could do more of it!

    Keep up the healing my friend, you have to live to see the first interstellar probe launch! 8)

  13. Many of us think of Aliens as a single race…or not even think about that at all. There are actually MANY races of Aliens visiting Earth right now. Some are aggressive, and some are protectors. It is the depth of the truth that would scare humans. There are many species, some probably with bad intentions. It’s difficult enough to accept we are not alone in the Universe, much less our own planet.

  14. They have already been here, centuries back. All the knowledge in our ancient books around the world have been handed over to us by them There is no two ways about that. Go to these books and analyze the tremendous about of knowledge, especially mathematical and scientific,that is available since ancient times. Plus descriptions about spacecrafts for inter-galactic travel. Why would that knowledge be there?! Read the Vedas and you will know. Of course there are other books in different cultures, put the knowledge together and then discus.

    1. Actually, ancient aliens were my first interest in the esoteric. Von Daniken’s ‘Chariots of the Gods’ was in my first private library, and I think I have the 4th edition still today.

      Another ancient book to study is The Book of Enoch. It is full of spaceships and alien gods. Good stuff.

  15. The Ethiopian Book of Enoch has some of the most intact info regarding the supposed Nephilim and stuff. Also, the Dead Sea Scrolls has some interesting bits as well.

    Erich Von Daniken, his legal issues aside, has some neat ideas, but I can’t help but feel his own imagination has influenced his work.

    1. Also, the Dead Sea Scrolls has some interesting bits as well.

      Wow, I didn’t know that.

      What text or oral history did the Essenes copy from?

  16. As far as I recall, they are the both existing and ‘missing’ pages of the Hebrew Bible. I got the book in 98 and haven’t read it in years, so I’m a little foggy on the details.

    I don’t know if there is some dispute as to their authenticity in regards to Christianity accepting the additional text, but probably.

  17. Hmm..I will have to make time to investigate it, I know Constantine’s Council of Nicea picked and choose among the Torah chapters and the several texts concerning Jesus and those texts could very well have been left out intentionally.

  18. I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron. His purpose is to put people on or keep people on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment. I channel publicly weekly at the Ganesha Center in Las Vegas, NV. You can find my blog at:

    I love your blog!
    Thank you for doing what you do!


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