Friedman and Kimball on UFOs and MJ-12

Stanton Friedman, a bulwark of the “nuts and bolts” ETH theory about UFOs, has had a dust-up recently with film-maker Paul Kimball of Above and Beyond fame about individuals connected with Majestic 12:

  Paul Kimball has, for reasons unknown, become very upset about my claiming that he got things wrong about Wilbert Smith, Van Bush, MJ-12 in “Flying Saucers and Science”. He claims in various blogs that I have said that Wilbert Smith headed a major Canadian UFO group, that President Truman would never have appointed Dr. Vannevar Bush to head the MJ-12 project had there been one; that Smith was basically an individual not to be respected, a kind of nobody, that Truman didn’t like Bush., etc. Paul spent 6 hours at the Dalhousie University Library looking up comments in the Canadian Hansard (unclassified record of Parliamentary testimony)made about UFOs back in the 1950s. He apparently spent no time with Smith’s papers in an archive in Ottawa. He apparently didn’t look into Defense Research Board Materials at the National Archives in Ottawa. The 300+ page formerly classified DRB UFO file has been available for a number of years. He totally neglected what I have said about the comments made by George Elsey, who had responsible positions at the White House as noted below during Truman’s entire tenure there.

Nowhere did I,or anybody else besides Paul, claim Truman had appointed V. Bush to head Operation Majestic 12. The proof is the statement in the Truman Forrestal memo. It clearly authorized James Forrestal, the new and first Secretary of Defense, to proceed with Operation Majestic 12. He did not authorize Bush to proceed with Majestic 12. He did say “It continues to be my feeling that future considerations relative to the ultimate disposition of this matter should rest solely with the Office of the President following appropriate discussions with yourself, Dr. Bush, and the Director of Central Intelligence.”

Friedman goes on to say that while Bush didn’t head MJ-12, he was consulted because he was the head of National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics ( NACA, precursor of NASA ) before WWII and was in charge of the Office of Scientific Research and Development during the war. So he was quite capable of assertaining what kind of technology crashed flying disks could have, or could not have used, if it was any recognizable techology at all.

In the meantime, Paul Kimball is ending his blog and posted his take on UFOs and what it means for Americans:

UFOs just aren’t that important. If they are aliens from another planet, or dimension, or wherever, then nothing science does (or anyone) is going to discover them until they want to be discovered. And if they’re not aliens, but something more earthly (undiscovered atmospheric phenomena, for example), then someone will figure it out in due course without a massive study of the UFO phenomenon. ET believers will disagree, of course, because they look to aliens from outer space as a modern messiah, to save us from all of our problems – if you doubt that conclusion, then read what they write with a more critical eye, because it’s all there, and has always been there. On the flip side of the coin, the fundamentalist debunkers, aka the disbelievers, do nothing but criticize, as opposed to actually doing anything constructive. The believers might be hopeless, but at least they mean well – the disbelievers are just hopeless, literally and figuratively. Both groups are so devoid of true imagination and wonder that they have nothing to offer any progressive person who wants to look to the future.

In many ways, UFOs, whatever they may be, are relics of a bygone era, when people had to dream of alien beings to imagine the fantastic. Those days are gone – most people have simply outgrown UFOs, in the same way they once outgrew God. If either aliens or the Almighty are out there (and the majority of Americans seem to think that both ET and God are real), then they’ll let us know when they’re ready. In the meantime, we need to look to ourselves for solutions to our problems, and put the UFO phenomenon in its proper perspective – it’s an interesting mystery, nothing more, and nothing less.

As I was when I began this blog, I remain an agnostic about UFOs, because any other position, I am convinced, is not based on the actual evidence, but instead represents a reflection of the person who holds it.

Two points of view by two very different, intelligent folks. So who’s right? Or wrong? Or is there any right or wrong to it?

My friend Highwayman says everything is black and white, so I know he swings toward the God and alien opinion, no problem there.

Cap’n Nemo would look at them both, shake his head, proclaim them both “chimps” and go back to his Foster’s Bitters and garden.

Geez, I dunno. He’d invite them both to his campfire, share his coffee and just do his Mr. Natural thing.

As for me, I can’t say either way, for now.

I’ll just go about my wishy-washy, gray area business until something profound happens to sway me.

Kimball, Smith, Bush and MJ-12


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