Vintage Monterey and Woodstock Tunes

As per request from Brother Geezerpower, some vintage 1967 Monterey and 1969 Woodstock Arts and Crafts Festival music.

Now where’s my EZ Widers?

Canned Heat live at Woodstock 1969


Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth (Monterey 1967)


Country Joe McDonald – I Feel Like (Woodstock 1969)


Too bad we don’t have the fighting attitude we had then.

The programming has been successful.


6 responses

  1. Remember the summer of ’69, Jarhead?

    That’s when cars weren’t plastic pieces of bug-eyed shit, no PC’s, (kinda like them, though!) no Internet… women were HOT in their mini’s, midi’s, cut-offs… hoo-boy, it’s gettin’ warm in here!

    A kid could walk through town with a .22, on his way to the field, and not be accosted by a SWAT team. NO political-correctness, you could fill your tank for five Federal Reserve bills, a Coke was 10 cents…

    *Sniff* *Blowing snotty nose*

    Man, do I hate the 21st. Century!

  2. Well, I was too busy chasing down and milking cows then to notice. But I did run away with a couple of older cousins to see Woodstock.

    I do remember seeing Country Joe McDonald and hearing that song.

    Man that place was nastier and muddier than shit.

    It was the first of my many acts of defiance, much to the chagrin of my poor backside and my parents.

    They didn’t understand my psychology, the more I got punished, the worse I became and my attitude never changed.

    It’s still that way, only I’m too tired at times to be too defiant.

    *Sigh* I hate getting old and sick.

  3. Well, I never got anywhere near the event, myself, and to tell the truth, I wasn’t very interested in it. I was just a kid concerned with what kids growing up in Cold War North American society concerned themselves with, which wasn’t much, by modern standards.

    Vietnam was something I saw on the 6 o’clock news, but it never really registered with me as something real. Being a Canadian, and somewhat insulated from it all, probably didn’t help. News traveled slower, in those days, and the folks never talked about it, nor did anyone in our town… that I was aware of, anyway. Small town Saskatchewan didn’t concern itself with things of that nature. Farming and local politics was all you’d hear about, or the old-timers talking about settling the Northwest Territories, as Saskatchewan was called, prior to 1905.

    The older generation was brought up on the idea that you trusted your leaders and authority figures, and hard work and religion was all one need concern themselves with. I was always a ‘why’ person, who questioned why things had to be a certain way. I was the last to do anything that seemed to me as purely trendy or fashionable, and don’t think that I didn’t pay a hefty social price for it!

    Even the hippie movement was scorned by me, because suddenly we all HAD to wear our hair long, smoke dope, and be rebels… or else! I dug in my heels like those stubborn, pudgy little butchy-type kids in striped T-shirts in stereotype, and said NO! I was sporting crew-cuts when everyone else was looking like Neil Diamond, et al, and listening to Hank Snow and Wilf Carter when that kind of thing was considered taboo with “hip” types. I respected my parents, when everyone else’s parents were stupid or “square”, and “not with it”.

    Not all change, authority, or sociology is bad. Eventually, my hair reached my shoulders, and hard rock became a part of my collection. (I still like most kinds of music… except Rap, which is for assholes!) I don’t follow the crowd in any camp, liberal or otherwise, and I’ve always maintained that. The ones you and I used to hang with dealt in absolutes, not me. To them, you were either Liberal or Conservative… no in-between, and God help you if you didn’t agree with them! I see now that many of them aren’t even speaking to one another, anymore… what does THAT tell you? I’m not the black and white guy that some (even you) say I am, but I do see simplicity in things others seem not to see, or wish to see. This world seems to thrive on complexity, nowadays, and I simply don’t subscribe to that notion. I think, most times, we make things more complicated than they need to be, or are.

    The sixties, to me, were simple times by comparison. I’ll always have fond memories of them.

  4. LOL Hay Dad, I feel better now, The old Canned Heat jerked me right out of the here and now, and put me back in Santa Cruz. There were no politics with us in those days. You were either hip or lost in the illusion,and we knew by eye contact that we shared a different reality.

    You might have liked my ride in those days Highway. A 66 Dodge van named Henry, with the pie pan headlights. He was only two years old when I bought him, and I was still driving him in 1986 here in Oregon. I would still have him if my son hadn’t fell through the floorboards. The engine was still running but the body wore out.

    I didn’t vote or do politics in those days, it was mostly about raising consciousness in various ways and worrying about the environment, re: Mother Earth News and The Whole Earth Catalog. The issues we were addressing are the same as those that aren’t being addressed today. One of the more interesting hippies in the area, was an overeducated colered dude named Marcel. You couldn’t tell by looking that he wasn’t straight out of the Congo, wearing a loincloth, wild hair, etc…He loved to come across somebody like McCane and really screw with their head…G:

  5. Hey Geez, just for you my man!

    I bet your old pal Marcel would’ve loved to make mince-meat out of what’s left of McLame’s brain-housing group, LOL!

    The Native and First Nation Americans had the Mother Earth spiel down pat. The women did all the hard work like the farming, making clothes, getting water, raising the brats, etc. The men just hunted, fished, played games, raided the neighbors once in a while, made peace smoking the Pipe and get high to talk to the great Spirit.

    Then the white man came along to fuck things up and ruin a good deal!

    The Hopi are right, the white man’s civilization is going to go down hard!

  6. Yip…Whiteman shitum in well…G:

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