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Star Trek: The Return of the Domain

Family Reunion

The Danube-class runabout USS Amazon was clipping along interstellar space toward the edge of the galaxy inside its subspace bubble at Warp Factor 8.

The runabout was in stealth mode, its warp signature was stifled by the very configuration of the field itself. Other camoflaging technologies were also employed, but the erasure of the foot-prints itself was of utmost importance. The runabout’s destination’s existence depended on it.

The lone inhabitant piloting the craft, Star Fleet Captain Lynden Tyler Kraus was in a semi-meditative state. Although part of his consciousness was attentive to monitoring the nav computer, most of it was contemplating the Oneness of the All, readying his body to perform at its maximum and preparing his psyche for the upcoming meeting.The prospect of the meeting in of itself wasn’t troubling to Kraus, he had several with the being over the past three-hundred years. He knew it as well as he knew himself, almost. But the favor he was going to ask of the creature was what was causing Kraus a small amount of anxiety. He simply didn’t know how it was going to react to the question. And the answer he might get.

A soft, low ‘bong-bong-bong’ of the destination alarm brought Kraus out of his meditation as the Amazon was released from its warp field. He set the runabout’s speed to 45,000 kilometers per hour and started to signal his target with a pulsed graviton beam. The target, a small, burned out husk of a white dwarf star that circled a singularity in a neatly tight, close orbit of 10 million kilometers absorbed the beam and promptly pulsed a return signal. The signal was intercepted by the runabout’s nav deflector dish, which the computer translated into a special frequency that was beamed directly into Kraus’ nano-neural net that encircled his brain. “Kipi Polis acknowledging security code sent by Federation vessel USS Amazon. Welcome Lynden, it’s been a while since you’ve last visited, how have you been?”

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