Kentroversy Tapes: Interview with Michael Tsarion

In my ongoing commemoration and celebration of the life of esoteric researcher Kent Daniel Bentkowski ( Kentroversy ) who passed July 30, 2008 by posting some of his past podcasts with some of the big names in the field, none come much bigger than Michael Tsarion.

His research on ancient cultures, the Nephilim, UFOs, symbology, secret societies and their use by the NWO is second to none, except maybe Jordan Maxwell.

So enjoy this Kentroversy Tapes podcast Kent made with Michael on March 2005. The podcast itself was posted by Kent on June 25th, 2007.

Kentroversy Tapes # 05 – Michael Tsarion (June 25, 2007)

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  2. Yeah… see, Tsarion makes the same mistake as all the other nay-sayers that attribute Christianity to the work of infidels that are NOT Christians, they are pagans, and his childhood home is a hot bed of religious unrest, none of it having any real connection with the religion of Christ, only tradition – man’s tradition – that Christ condemned when he said that they worshiped him in vain, holding their traditions up in front of His law and righteousness.

    And again, I hear the same tired old rant against evil… WHAT evil??? Without God’s law, there is NO evil! In the evolutionary paradigm, there is nothing wrong with one person subjugating another, if he is the stronger, and the “intuition” that he speaks of as something central in our being, necessarily must be INSTINCT! He talks about the elitists having no RIGHT to subjugate the rest of humanity… well, they have every right, even a RESPONSIBILITY to rise above the rest, if the race is to survive, by any humanist interpretation of reality.

    He is saying that religion is the problem with society, and it is EVIL, yet he espouses eastern religions with no problem at all… clearly biased in favor of those very things that oppose Christianity, and always have. No mystery there, as they were set up to defy God, and Satan is at the heart and head of them all!

    He also seems pretty dogmatic about his beliefs, and that simply isn’t tolerated in Christians, (like me) so where does he get off waxing holier than thou, and I cannot? Calling a faith he cannot understand “nonsense” is dogmatic, in my view. It would be the same as me calling dad an idiot because he can’t see my argument, yet he (Tsarion) effectively calls me and my ilk idiots, and thinks himself justified through some arcane knowledge of his that comes nowhere near the voracity or historicity of Christianity in respectability or popularity!

    I’ll have to admit, Dad, I just shut him off when he got around to the metaphysical, as that is a confirmed New Age science that spawned all of this alien and reptilian business. I gave the alien intervention thingie plenty of consideration in my Von Daniken days, and I slowly reasoned it out, not being dogmatic about it, but being sure through my own research. This alien/reptilian business… well… it’s no easier to believe than angelic beings deceiving stupid man, c’mon! LOL! I’ve never attacked anyone for believing what they want, except when they attacked me for not being ‘hip’ like them in their beliefs. That’s when I get aggressive, and say naughty things!

    I gave my slant on the Atlantis story, and the history (condensed) of elitism, and though I may appear dogmatic about it, it is no less dogmatic as this guy!

    His affiliation and flirtation with disciplines and practices that are comparable with a religion, while denouncing the religion of Christ INDIRECTLY through criticism of rites (paganism/pseudo-Christianity) that aren’t even close to Christianity, in terms of content and spirit, is hypocrisy, bar none, IMHO.

    Let him produce his ‘evidence’ that he is right, and I’ll show him the Bible. Neither one of us will prove to the masses anything conclusive enough to convince them beyond any reasonable doubt… BUT… let him ALSO show me an attendant, life-transforming power, in his religion, that enabled many of meek and lowly status, throughout history, to defy elitist power and go cheerfully to their deaths without fear and ‘instinctive’ feelings of self-preservation holding them back from doing what was right!

    When his religion can mirror and/or compare with the track record of TRUE Chrisitanity, in the transformation and edification of humanity, other than just satisfy some selfish, self-promoting desire for arcane knowledge, I’ll listen. Up to now, I’ve seen many and have personally known many of his ilk, and I haven’t been impressed.

  3. Yo Highwayman…

    Although we have divergence concerning our core beliefs, I found listening to this guy a virtual mind-based “root canal”… : |

    To me he’s simply a disenfranchised Northern Irishmen that’s found a decent way to make a living by pedaling his dogmatic version of hippie voodoo “mumbo jumbo”…!

    I first listened to it in its entirety and damned near had to terminate the interview because after a bit it seemed sorely juvenile, at least to me.

    Then I decided I’d listen a second time, but this time I’d slowly clicked on the forward slider function taking just sound bites and after a bit I realize his entire thought processes were just so much soporific “pink noise”…!

    Hopefully the man is making a good living at what he’s doing, but I do feel sorry for the ever-seeking searchers that get sucked into such pseudo-metaphysical, again, mumbo jumbo…!

    I also noticed that the run up to the interview was intensely focused on selling Mike’s wares. : ))

    In my opinion…it was a zzzzzuh….zzzzzzzzzuh …snork snork …zzzzzz! I-( listening experience.

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. I never listened to the end of the interview, Carl, but I had a feeling that it would end like you say. That’s what disillusioned me about many of Art Bell/George Noory’s guests. Coast to Coast AM was one of my favorite shows, in the old days, before it got so commercialized and into New Ageism. I have more respect for guys like Arthur C. Clarke and Von Daniken, although they’ve made some $$$ off of their stuff, too, and I know we all have to make a living. My main beef with Tsarion is his condemnation of something that he clearly doesn’t understand, because he admittedly associates false Christianity with the real thing.

    One thing I learn from interviews of this sort, is to always be aware of how I could be perceived, and try not become so dogmatic. If I am dogmatic, it is more for myself than others. However, if someone challenges me in a condescending way, I’ll respond, because my opinion is as valid as the next guy’s, or so I like to think.

    Still, I support his right to air his opinions like I do yours, Dad’s, or anyone else’s that may or may not agree with my thinking. The surest sign of the elitist (Satanic) mentality is coercion… whether physically, or of thought.

    I never want to be like them.

  5. That is the problem I have with Tsarion, he has a “I don’t suffer fools gladly” attitude, if he considers someone who doesn’t agree with him a fool. And he does have that new agey bullshit down.

    But I don’t listen to him for the dogma, he like everyone else who studies the elitists of the NWO and their inner workings has a unique take on it and has good information to be taken into account.

    Bentkowski had a library of 49 podcasts stored on iTunes and was an excellent researcher. I plan on rebroadcasting all of his works, once a week or bi-weekly at least.

    As far as I know, I’m the only one doing this. The Palmgren Brothers of Red Ice Creations plan on archiving his records at their site in the future, he was in pretty tight with them. It’s probably a good idea if I shoot them an email and let them know what’s up before they cut me out.

  6. Highwayman, what are you talking about the true Christian. You think you know the true Christan? Explain it to us please if you ARE the pure Christian you think you are. I wonder if other Christian would agree with you please explain, you seem to think you know it. I think its bad to have beef with Tsarion because of this strong belief you have, are you even right it seems its just another opinion of another Christian of what a Christian is suppose to be, if you dont like something about a Christian, you say its not part of Christian, if you like it you agree and accept it, is that really the true Christian, maybe your not even a Christian if you feel so differently from what people like Tsarion say about Christian. I think the Christian most intelligent and knowledge seeking people know are the true Christian, and that is the Christian you dont like. If you can prove you know what a True Christian should be, then i can understand your beef with Tsarion otherwise i think i know why you feel that way as i explained.

  7. All very good comments above.

    Tsarion is as much “comfort-discomfort” as the Daily Mail or the National Enquirer, but if you listen past the pink noise he does point the way.

    The way is the spirit, not the flesh.

    And yes – for me – that spiritual way is “Christ”, whatever that is. I follow no church, no dogma, no Pagels, no guru: I point my ship at a personification of Light that I can just see on the horizon.

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