Entering NWO Space, Raise Shields!

As the US election heats up, aspiring presidential candidates have turned their attention to Florida, where the shuttles are launched, and are pressing to clarify their positions on space exploration.pdf) on Sunday, outlining his commitment to Constellation, NASA’s shuttle replacement programme, and to sending humans to the Moon by 2020. The move may put pressure on presumptive Republican nominee John McCain to release a more refined statement. For his part, McCain met with aerospace executives in Florida on Monday.

Both candidates are battling for votes in Florida, which boasts NASA’s main launch site and stands to lose some 4000 jobs when the space shuttles retire in less than two years. The state carries 27 electoral votes, and recent polls show voters there are closely split between the two candidates.

Earlier in the campaign, Obama’s position was in favour of trimming money for the Constellation programme to fund early childhood education. Such cuts would have delayed the programme by years, further extending the anticipated five-year gap between the last shuttle flight in 2010 and the first flight of Constellation’s capsule, Orion, in 2015.

But Obama has since said he, like McCain, supports the original Constellation plan, the cornerstone of President Bush’s ‘Vision for Space Exploration.’ some worry about the safety and practicality of flying the 30-year-old craft much beyond 2010.While waiting for Orion, NASA is hoping to extend a contract with Russia to send astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard Soyuz rockets. But relying on Russia for space access may become politically untenable and impossible to negotiate, as US-Russian relations are strained by the conflict in Georgia. At yesterday’s meeting with aerospace leaders, McCain said access to space is a national security issue and relying on Russia is “unacceptable”, according to the Orlando Sentinel.”


That’s okay, the asshole pig-fornicating NWO zionist scumbags have that covered, the Pentagon has orbital weapons that would probably make the Cylons green with envy!

Presidential hopefuls discuss space


“The satellite named Omid (Hope) has been designed and built by Iranian specialists and was orbited by an Iranian carrier rocket.

In February Tehran successfully launched the Explorer-1 research rocket, which is capable of carrying a satellite into orbit, and unveiled the country’s first domestically built satellite, Omid.

The achievement has drawn much attention from around the world, specially from among Muslim nations, as Iran is under heavy sanctions by the West and the UN Security Council making it develop the technology and build every part and equipment needed in the field of aerospace.

The satellite was sent into orbit today on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of Shiites’ 12th Imam (May God Hasten His Reappearance). “


Great, more apocalyptic bullshit. The NWO must be beside themselves in orgiastic come splattered glee over the prospect of funding both sides in another arms build-up and subsequent bloodshed.

Dirty bastiches.

Iran sends first satellite into orbit



Here then are the parts of the UFO equation we need to address. It’s not necessarily a look into the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, meaning that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, but instead a look at ourselves and certain phenomenon that are with us on a daily basis, tons of documentation to support them, yet never addressed by mainstream science and the media. So let me get metaphysical on our butts for a moment. These two phenomena that need to be looked into are OBEs short for Out of Body Experiences and past life phenomena. I can hear the old school UFOlogists grumping and groaning because how dare we use science to look into the spiritual. Everyone knows science says there’s no God or spirit, but if that’s the case, why do six billion or more people still believe? Even when they’re starving and under weapons fire they still believe. Even when massive disasters wipe out tens of thousands they still believe. When men’s war machines wipe out millions like during the Holocaust, people still believe in the spirit. I’m reminiscing of the scene from the classic Dr. Seuss story “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” where the green old Grinch puzzled as to how the citizens of Whoville still believed in Christmas after he’d stolen their presents. We’ve had well over 100 years of study of OBEs and past lives study. It’s simple to prove if it’s real or not yet no major media source nor scientific body has yet to leap onto TV and declare so. As usual some psychiatrist comes into play and tosses someone in a padded cell or whatever new Frankenstein like restraints they use or the issue is shuffled off to the giggle factor factory. Bottom line is why not a look at it? Might this fill in some blanks regarding many of the phenomena associated with UFOs? Let me be brief here. The main reason science and news won’t touch the issue is because the datum is so overwhelming that we are more than just physical creatures that to declare such as fact to the mentally deranged war mongers and greed merchants would send these poor chaps over the deep end. How much would the world change if we discovered we, the real being, was indeed immortal? Silly as a March hare but immortal? Irresponsible and childlike, but immortal? That means the last guy you murdered would some day come back and might want to even the score. Or how about that assassinated witness showing up with the goods but in a new body? That’d change the criminal justice system for sure.


The criminal zionist NWO crowd doesn’t only hate Christianity, they hate any metaphysical belief system that expouses freedom from fear, dogma and lies.

The UFO issue is just one of many in their bottomless bag of dirty tricks and illusions.

They can play Pharaoh all they want, but they’ll get no devotion from me!

Only contempt!

Where does the real UFO threat come from?

6 responses

  1. Yeah you NWO sum-bitches, I’ve got a nasty attitude today.

    What of it? 👿

  2. Casper is just a hollow echo of the illigitami sons of she dogs Dad. The only thing keeping him going is a combination of Bu$h medication and embalming fluid. The fish (bass) tards don’t give a fig about space projects for the sheeple, just Raygun stuff.

    Interesting about the history of Georgia. Still waters run deep while the Con men lie about the tip of the iceberg. The cold war might have a little more to it they thought…G:

  3. Years ago I knew that our engineered cooperation with the Russians in space and other areas would end up for naught.

    They were flat, dead broke as a nation as we are now. Seemingly with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the former Soviet Empire along with its satellite states seemed like all was well going into the future.

    But to me, I realized that we would ultimately be played by them and our traitorous leaders knew so too.

    During the Clinton era the Federal Reserve was shipping 100 million dollars of freshly minted greenbacks shipped to the newly emergent Russia using Air Force transports. The purpose was to shor up the shaky new Russian nation. The fear was that anarchy would break out among their now out of work armed forces. In fact things had gotten so bad that they were paying the troops in “cabbage”…?!
    So in the interest of so-called stablization of our former enemy our NWO inspired leader at the time Clinton was stabbing we the people in the back bigtime.

    So the NWO crowd trying to play the self-imagined, mighty planetary engineers were using U.S. tax-debtor bucks to shore up our former enemy.

    Now with almost two decades having gone by we are going to get bit in the butt bigtime. Not our traitorous leaders who obligated and hypothecated our nations wealth without our permission, but “we the people” in the event we end up holding the bag in having to compete with this emergent, now oil an gas rich Russia.

    Russia in an ugly hybrid of communisim and neo-fascism aka as “corporatism”. It’s basically nation of pirate capitalists no different than China. They are still commie bastards to the core and would thoroughly enjoy destroying the U.S. and the West; ie., Europe in general.

    The Bushistas driven by their PNAC plans to create the equivalent of a Pax Romana (200 years of peace) with the imagined power of our military forces has instead virtually destablized the balance of power and represent a grave threat to Russia with our push to enroll all the former satellite states into NATO along with ABM launchers which also violate the formerly agreed upon ABM treaty that the Bushistas have decided to relegate to the ashbin no different than oldtime “ruskies” would have done with former treaties with them.

    We are over extended militarily and flat, dead broke as a nation and worse yet seemingly have a steady stream of corrupt madmen and women in Congress who are hellbent on steering this once great nation on to the rocks of destruction.

    Yep, dad they are “sums of bitches”, but they have a lifeftime pass to nuke proof/resistant bunkers whereas “we the people” do not.

    They’ll all be partying hearty watching an endless supply of great films, eating 5 star cuisine prepared by world class chefs and other dark pleasure that we could only imagine in our darket dreams while the rest of us outside are reduced to “shadows in green glass”…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    I have corrrection to paragraph four that’s quite important…

    “During the Clinton era the Federal Reserve was shipping 100 million dollars of freshly minted greenbacks shipped to the newly emergent Russia using Air Force transports.” … should read:

    During the Clinton era the Federal Reserve was shipping 100 million dollars “per week” of freshly minted greenbacks to the newly emergent Russia using Air Force transports.

    Yep, “per week”…!?

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Nemo and Geez: Yup, you guys nailed it real well, I don’t think there’s much I could add to the analysis.

    The only thing I could add is that only some of our “illuminated” Beltway “leadership” *cough-gag*, will survive a purge, which I predict will happen before too long.

    HW has been onto the NWO/zion crowd for decades and I agree that Musharraf the Sherrif won’t be the last NWO patsie thrown beneath the bus. There are plenty of other complicit useful idiots in our ‘government’ *puke-gag-rinsing mouth out with bleach* who believe they belong with the lofty pharaonic elitists.

    And they’re in for an ever-so huge surprise!

  6. “Yep, dad they are “sums of bitches”, but they have a lifeftime pass to nuke proof/resistant bunkers whereas “we the people” do not.”

    Carl, if you’re a Christian, you’ll know that those bunkers won’t do them any good where they’re headed. What’s frustrating, even for Christians, is watching these bastards prosper in this time frame, and when some of your ‘own’ are in cahoots with them, it gets even worse.

    Even if I’m wrong about my beliefs, (and I’m not! 👿 ) I’m dead in a few years, anyway, so if I go out surfing a mushroom cloud or by my own hand, via the Smith & Wesson Express, (from sheer disgust at having had to live in this fucked-up world) what does it matter?

    Point is, I don’t care. The NWO is doomed. Even Dad thinks they’ll cycle out, over time, but right now, we have to live in this bullshit, dumb-downed society, and maybe try to pound some sense into some people’s heads about the society they THINK they have. I’m getting the feeling from surfing the various Liberal blogs that their idol, Obama, isn’t measuring up the way that they thought he would. Well… DUHHHHHHH???

    I’d give up blogging, if it wasn’t so much fun…


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