The Outer Limits: The Choice (1995)

The Outer Limits (1963-1965 and 1995-2002) was a television anthology series that explored various social, psycho-social, technological and historical themes during both of its incarnations. I have posted some of its older episodes here before, but this is the first time I’m posting the later version.

The first season’s episodes seem to be some of the best and the following story puts forth the idea of how contemporary mankind react to beings who might well be our successors on the planet Earth.

Note the similarities to the later X-Men movie series, which took this very idea to the extreme.

I sincerely hope that any species that replaces us on the Earth not only be intellectually superior, but morally superior as well.

Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (1of5)


Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (2of5)


Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (3of5)


Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (4of5)


Outer Limits (1995) – The Choice (5of5)


4 responses

  1. I’ll just emphasize the epilogue at the end, where the narrator, in his uniquely ominous way, states that the little girl’s time might be a turning point…

    Think of a universe of endless existence, yet for one comparatively minuscule period of time, where one comparatively insignificant planet and it’s beings were an example of an alternate way of being. A turning point in all that constitutes reality. We are the participants in that turning point, and shall all share in the significance of that time. We were there, and we were.

    An indelible mark in the fabric of spacetime.

  2. Both Outer Limits series explored the human condition extensively, probably more so than Serling’s Twilight Zone, which was no philosophical slouch either.

    The thing I liked about the series was how the writers used more hard science and prevailing theories of its eras.

  3. Dad —

    I found the few episodes of the 1990s Outer Limits to be mean-spirited and sadistic (and predictably so), and I gave up on it quickly. Perhaps for the time the original series could be thought of that way, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it to yours truly.

    The first season of the original series had moments of brilliance, and moments that fell flat. The second season was pretty mediocre, with a few notable exceptions (“Demon with a Glass Hand” and “The Inheritors” come to mind).

    Mr. Stefano understood what he was doing when it came to the written word and the filmed image, and I grateful that I ran across his work.

  4. Hi Daniel. Actually, I didn’t watch too many of the 1990s Outer Limits, maybe three or four episodes, one that included Wil Wheaton of Star Trek TNG fame.

    That story had an O. Henry twist at the end of it and was probably more relevant for this decade than the 1990s. But like I said before, just from the ones I watched, I liked the technology and how it relates to people.

    So as far as mean-spirited, I can’t make a judgment on that, but I had the whole collection of the 1960s outer limits on VHS one time and some of those stories were pretty weird!

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