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Recent New World Order Updates

Whatever hopes the George W. Bush administration may have had for using its post-9/11 “war on terror” to impose a new Pax Americana on Eurasia, and particularly in the unruly areas between the Caucasus and the Khyber Pass, appear to have gone up in flames — in some cases, literally — over the past two weeks.

Not only has Russia reasserted its influence in the most emphatic way possible by invading and occupying substantial parts of Georgia after Washington’s favourite Caucasian, President Mikhail Saakashvili, launched an ill-fated offensive against secessionist South Ossetians.

But bloody attacks in Afghanistan, and Pakistan, about 1,000 kms to the east also underlined the seriousness of the Pashtun-dominated Taliban insurgencies in both countries and the threats they pose to their increasingly beleaguered and befuddled U.S.-backed governments.

And while U.S. negotiators appear to have made progress in hammering out details of a bilateral military agreement that will permit U.S. combat forces to remain in Iraq at least for another year and a half, signs that the Shi’a-dominated government of President Nouri al-Maliki may be preparing to move forcefully against the U.S.-backed, predominantly Sunni ”Awakening” movement has raised the spectre of renewed sectarian civil war.

Meanwhile, any hope of concluding a framework for a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority by the time Bush leaves office less than five months from now appears to have vanished, while efforts at mobilising greater international diplomatic and economic pressure on Iran to freeze its uranium enrichment programme — the administration’s top priority before the Georgia crisis — have stalled indefinitely, overwhelmed by the tidal wave of bad news from its neighbourhood.

”The list of foreign policy failures this week is breathtaking,” noted a statement released Friday by the National Security Network (NSN), a mainstream group of former high-ranking officials critical of the Bush administration’s more-aggressive policies. And a prominent New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, argued that the Russian move on Georgia, in particular, signaled ”the end of the Pax Americana — the era in which the United States more or less maintained a monopoly on the use of military force.”

As Rense.com’s Karl Schwarz likes to put it, ” another crappy Bu$hco dirty diaper got made.”

And this one is particularly smelly because Pakistan is already nuclear armed and primed.

Got ” lead-lined basement?”

POLITICS-US: A Really Bad Couple of Weeks for Pax Americana


Speaking of Schwarz, here is his latest take on the US/Israeli/UK/Georgia debacle:

Did you know that Central Asia Georgia was part of the coast of the United States? A United States COAST GUARD ship has docked in the port ofBatumi, and has pulled back on its announced intention to dock in Poti. A wise choice.
What are we Americans to think? Is Central Asia Georgia now our 51st state of East Georgia? Does George Bush have a clue what he is doing? Don’t answer that. Will Central Asia Georgia have a mascot like the Georgia Bulldogs? Will the bulldog have to eat both a Kosher and non-pork diet to satisfy the Muslim-Zionist Israeli thugs who control the government of this aberration of East Georgia?
Are we watching a really strange remake of ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ and Batumi, Ajaria, Georgia is now Savannah as in ‘Gone with the Wind’ on Quaaludes? Damn, does Savannah, Georgia know that their US Coast Guard protection is on the other side of the world? IsBatumi about to be renamed ‘Savannah’? BBC said the US Coast Guard ship decided to not test the Russian navy and armor that is in the Poti area, so they docked at a third breakaway region of Georgia.
Most Americans do not know that Josef Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia. There are many former Georgian Christians now living happily and peacefully in Russia. That city of Gori is very close to the New South Ossetia and the protective zone Russia
established to insulate the Russian Orthodox Christian citizens of South Ossetia. Yeah, Georgia was part ofRussia for centuries and now this moron Saakashvili thinks Central Asia isEurope. He must have learned that in the US where he went to school.
Evidently, the diaper meister lunatic in the Oval Office thinks Central Asia Georgia is on the East Coast of the US. Mick Saakashvili thinks Central Asia is in Europe and accuses Russia of trying to force the boundaries ofEurope to change by force?
Are all of these people on massive psychotropic drugs?

 The short answer to the last question in this post should be, ” yeah, these arseholes are on drugs.”

Unfortunately, madness comes naturally to this selve-delusional crowd.

And that’s what makes this so dangerous.

Stupid is NOT going to end until there is a huge crash


And now for you Benjamin Fulford fans (and you know who you are), here is a podcast from August 22nd, 2008 where Jason Bermas and Fulford discuss the NWO, Asian hitmen and ways to defeat the elitists.

I still say Fulford is a disinformation agent, but he’s anything but boring!

Benjamin Fulford – Friday August 22, 2008 – Click on ‘podcast’ link.