The Ultimate Doctor Who Title Mix and The Two Doctors (Time Crash)

This is for all of you Doctor Who crackpots like myself, of the Old Series ( 1963 – 1989 ), the Paul McGann 1995 movie and the present Series ( 2005 – present ).

If you’re a fan of the show, I don’t need to explain who the Doctor is. If you’re not, Google-plex it, you’ll be surprised with what you come up with!

The Ultimate Doctor Who title mix


The following was a 2007 Christmas Special starring Peter Davison ( Doctor #5 1981 – 1984 ) and David Tennant ( Doctor #10 2006 – present ). I believe this is a modification by the YouTube poster ReverseThePolarity, but it’s brilliantly done.

Davison by the way was Tennant’s favorite Doctor when he was growing up.

Doctor Who: Time Crash – Special Edition (Part 1)


Doctor Who: Time Crash – Special Edition (Part 2)


4 responses

  1. […] Read the rest of the post here: The Ultimate Doctor Who Title Mix and The Two Doctors (Time Crash) […]

  2. I was never really into Dr. Who, but my younger brother liked the show. British sci-fi, other than the Anderson’s works, was kind of an enigma to me.

    I did like the Sherlock Holmes, Scarecrow, Monty Python series, though. Who seemed a little… strange. Maybe eccentric would be a better term.

    Oh… and I liked Red Dwarf, too! LOL! Tons of laughs!

  3. Here’s some Moon Base eye candy for ya, Dad…

    Lt. Ellis Undresses

  4. Ahh, Lt. Ellis…

    Silver minis, purple wigs, British accents…

    To this day I still wonder what the purple wig thing was about. 😕

    As for the Doctor Who thing, I think I’ve been a fan of that longer than I’ve been a Trekker.

    It was on PBS in 1968 and on during a time when I was inside after doing barn chores, usually Sundays.

    Star Trek was still on prime time and my folks just hated it! Needless to say I got to see more of the Doctor than Captain Kirk! 🙄

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