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Some Space Successes

Despite the doom and gloom that gets expressed here at times, there is some silver lining in the gathering storms.

Just this past weekend, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, a private space launch company, finally got their fourth launch to low Earth orbit:

SpaceX’s Falcon 1 became the first privately built liquid rocket to orbit the Earth tonight, following in the footsteps of SpaceShipOne which became the first privately built crewed spaceship to fly suborbitally in October 2004. One other thing they both have in common? All the people who said it was impossible.

The live webcast swung their cameras around and zoomed in on SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s impromptu thank you speech to the dedicated employees who have worked countless hours over the long years to success. He was far away and had his back to the camera, but it made all the difference to share in that triumphant intimate moment.

“This is one of the greatest days of my life,” Musk said. Clearly buoyed by the huge win tonight, he also talked about their Falcon 9 rocket development program, “We are going to be taking over for the Space Shuttle when it retires.” You could hear the pride at the huge accomplishment of a U.S. company getting to the point where they could say that.

“A lot of people said this wasn’t possible— I mean a lot…” Musk went on. SpaceX, like many innovators in the industry, have had a lot of naysaying to contend with. Before SpaceShipOne’s flight, the naysayers said it wasn’t possible, after it they dismissed the huge accomplishment as trivial— that the real challenge was going orbital. You can expect them to do the same here. “Orbital space flight? I am still not impressed. It is just a little one engine rocket.” They will then move on to claiming that the Falcon 9 missions are impossible. My advice? Don’t listen.

Congrats to Musk and SpaceX and may you bring light to the darkness!

Somewhere Robert Heinlein smiles knowingly and Jerry Pournelle is sitting in his livingroom drinking brandy, smoking cigars, saluting Musk and smiles knowingly at Heinlein’s ghost.

Space Visionariers Prove Naysayers Wrong – Again


The success of the mission now shifts the focus to building the space station and plans to land a man on the moon, said Wang Zhaoyao, deputy director of manned space flight.

He said the program is looking to launch a new orbiting vehicle and set up a simple space lab by 2011. There are also hopes of sending unmanned and manned space vehicles to perform docking activities with the target vehicle.

By 2020, China wants to launch a manned mission to experiment with technologies that will enable astronauts to take care of spacecraft for longer periods of time, Wang told reporters at a briefing in Beijing after a parachute brought the astronauts’ capsule back to ground Sunday.

“After we have successfully completed these three steps, we will go to even more remote areas,” Wang said, adding China hopes to send a manned mission to the moon “in the near future.”

As bankrupt as our nation is, unless a private firm like SpaceX or VirginGalactic puts a mining base or hotel on the Moon, China will certainly beat us back there.

And nobody in America could care less. Sad.

China’s first spacewalk team feted with parade


Early this morning, the Sea Launch Company successfully delivered the Galaxy 19 satellite to orbit from its ocean-based platform on the Equator. This is the international company’s fifth successful launch from sea in 2008.

A Zenit-3SL rocket lifted off at 2:28am PDT (9:28 GMT) from the Odyssey Launch Platform, positioned at 154 degrees West Longitude. Just over an hour later, the Block DM-SL upper stage inserted the 4,690 kg (10,340 lb) Galaxy 19 satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit.

Operators at the Hartebeesthoek ground station in South Africa acquired the spacecraft’s first signals from orbit shortly after spacecraft separation. All systems performed nominally throughout the mission.

“Congratulations to Intelsat and to Space Systems/Loral for this morning’s successful mission,” said Kjell Karlsen, president and general manager of Sea Launch.

Sealaunch utilizes a specially made ship that is able to park anywhere on the Equator to launch low-cost rockets for communication satellite services.

Launching from the Equator lowers the cost because the inertia from the Earth itself at that latitude provides the extra ‘kick’.

Sea Launch Successfully Delivers Galaxy 19 To Orbit


“We’ve always been at war with Eastasia…”

Those famous words from Orwell’s ‘1984’ have received a lot of airplay and viral spreading via the ‘Tubes the past seven years, but they have stepped closer to reality than one would think recently as the Pentagon actually acknowledged finally that they’re planning ‘perpetual war’ for the next twenty to thirty years:

Under the auspices of the US department of defence and department of the army, the US military have just published a document entitled 2008 Army Modernization Strategy which makes for interesting reading against the current backdrop of deteriorating international fiscal, environmental, energy resource and security crises.

The 2008 modernisation strategy, written by Lieut Gen Stephen Speakes, deputy chief of staff of the US army, contains the first explicit and official acknowledgement that the US military is dangerously overstretched internationally. It states simply: “The army is engaged in the third-longest war in our nation’s history and … the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) has caused the army to become out of balance with the demand for forces exceeding the sustainable supply.”

Against this backdrop, the 90 page document sets out the future of international conflict for the next 30 to 40 years — as the US military sees it — and outlines the manner in which the military will sustain its current operations and prepare and “transform” itself for future “persistent” warfare.

The document reveals a number of profoundly significant — and worrying — strategic positions that have been adopted as official doctrine by the US military. In its preamble, it predicts a post cold war future of “perpetual warfare”.

According to its authors: “We have entered an era of persistent conflict … a security environment much more ambiguous and unpredictable than that faced during the cold war.”

It then goes on to describe the key features of this dawning era of continuous warfare. Some of the characteristics are familiar enough to a world audience accustomed to the rhetoric of the global war on terror.

“A key current threat is a radical, ideology-based, long-term terrorist threat bent on using any means available — to include weapons of mass destruction — to achieve its political and ideological ends.”

Relatively new, “emerging” features are also included in the document’s rationale for future threats.

“We face a potential return to traditional security threats posed by emerging near-peers as we compete globally for depleting natural resources and overseas markets.”

Finally, an admission for planning forever wars and above all, wars over dwindling resources.

It doesn’t make one feel better having your fears confirmed, eh?

The elitists have certainly made it plain that Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ aren’t just great prescient works of fiction, the bastards are using them as blueprints for total control of the planet’s population and resources.

Right under our very noses!

Essentially saying, “You fools, here are two works of literature that are telling you sheep what we are doing, and you’re too stupid to do anything about it!”

And to that, just what are we going to do about it?

US military plans the future as ‘perpetual warfare’


Dragon Space and the ‘Impossible’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you know the Chinese launched their Shenzhou VII flight into Earth orbit yesterday for their first space walk mission.

Other than the usual Chinese government news blackout and rumors the “taikonauts” might be suffering some space-sickness, the objective of the mission is still on schedule for Saturday.

It is quite amazing to see the Chinese space program is advancing as quickly as it is. Of course all those electronic designs that got stolen and shipped over there during the 1980s and 1990s probably didn’t hurt either. Alot of people on both sides made some money doing that.

With that in mind, the Chinese have a huge opportunity with a rather esoteric technology the author of the following post claims will propel them to the lead of space technology:



Chinese researchers claim they’ve confirmed the theory behind an “impossible” space drive, and are proceeding to build a demonstration version. If they’re right, this might transform the economics of satellites, open up new possibilities for space exploration –- and give the Chinese a decisive military advantage in space.Emdrive” (short for “electromagnetic drive”) concept is controversial would be an understatement. According to Roger Shawyer, the British scientist who developed the concept, the drive converts electrical energy into thrust via microwaves, without violating any laws of physics. Many researchers believe otherwise. An article about the Emdrive in New Scientist magazine drew a massive volley of criticism. Scientists not only argued that Shawyer’s work was blatantly impossible, and that his reasoning was flawed. They also said the article should never have been published.

“It is well known that Roger Shawyer’s ‘electromagnetic relativity drive’ violates the law of conservation of momentum, making it simply the latest in a long line of ‘perpetuum mobiles’ that have been proposed and disproved for centuries,” wrote John Costella, an Australian physicist. “His analysis is rubbish and his ‘drive’ impossible.”

Shawyer stands by his theoretical work. His company, Satellite Propulsion Research (SPR), has constructed demonstration engines, which he says produce thrust using a tapering resonant cavity filled with microwaves. He is adamant that this is not a perpetual motion machine, and does not violate the law of conservation of momentum because different reference frames apply to the drive and the waves within it. Shawyer’s big challenge, he says, has been getting people who will actually look into his claims rather than simply dismissing them.

Such extravagant claims are usually associated with self-taught, backyard inventors claiming Einstein got it all wrong. But Shawyer is a scientist who has worked with radar and communication systems and was a program manager at European space company EADS Astrium; his work rests entirely on Einstein being right. The thrust is the result of a relativistic effect and would not occur under simple Newtonian physics. Many have dismissed his work out of hand, and British government funding has ceased. He has had some interest from both the United States and China. Now the Chinese connection with the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in Xi’an seems to have paid off.

“NPU started their research program in June 2007, under the supervision of Professor Yang Juan. They have independently developed a mathematical simulation which shows unequivocally that a net force can be produced from a simple resonant tapered cavity,” Shawyer tells Danger Room. “The thrust levels predicted by this simulation are similar to those resulting from the SPR design software, and the SPR test results.”


I don’t know the physics of this technology, but I do know of the law of the conservation of energy that states, “…the total amount of energy in any isolated system remains constant but cannot be recreated, although it may change form…”

Now by looking at the device, I can’t see where it could get any working reaction mass that’ll make it go, unless it uses the entropy of the actual material of the device itself to convert electricity into microwaves.

But as Shawyer states, the device uses relativity, or possibly quantum effects ( my guess ) as frames of reference.

Perhaps some of my more learned readers can tell whether this guy is full of shit or not.

Like it or not, the Chinese are taking this research seriously and the potential pay-off could be huge.

Unless the Pentagon has something better already.

Chinese say they’re building ‘impossible’ drive

Shenzhou Astronauts Brace For Space Walk

Conservation of Energy




Solar “Square Dance”

It has been running around in the astronomy circles that this past August was the first time in more than a century the sun didn’t have any sunspot activity.

Sunspot activity is linked to climate cycles of Earth, much more so than the vaunted “anthropic global warming” we are supposedly experiencing.

Now according to Ted Twietmeyer of , the resumption of Sol’s sunspot activity is perhaps a little odd:

For years I have publicly announced that manipulation of our nearest star has been taking place. It was announced in August, that it had been more than 100 years since the sun did not manifest sunspots for an entire month. Now we’re almost into two months…until now:

What’s quite amazing about this sunspot (which no one is talking about,) is that this sunspot appears to have a square geometry as shown in the enlargement below:

In the upper left corner a dark feature is visible. Only a few of these objects were visible across the entire surface when this image was taken. Superheated plasma dancing randomly can be seen everywhere in this image. Each of these tiny peaks are actually hundreds to thousands of miles high.

Yet this lone, square sunspot appears out of nowhere.


I’m not an astronomer or a solar scientist, but a square sunspot is definitely different by any stretch.

It kind of goes along with the hexagon storm at Saturn’s North Pole , but who am I to say?

Twietmeyer’s premise if I’m reading this right is that the sunspot might be intelligently controlled, by us.


Weird stuff. And the mainstream scientists either deny the evidence of their extented “eyes”, or ignore it altogether.

Take some magic ‘shrooms boys and lighten up! 😆

First Sunspot in Two Months is SQUARE


Interstellar Dreaming and Photonic Long Bets

A fellow blogger of exotic science, Jim Essig, is a thinker of great thoughts.

He is a regular commenter on Centauri Dreams and has his own blog. His thoughts he posts on his site I think might scare some people away in their complexity, but he dreams of manned interstellar travel like Paul Gilster and others do.

Maybe one of Jim’s ideas will come to fruition, he literally thinks outside of the box at times.

But when it comes to rockets, I seriously doubt humanity will ever use them for interstellar flight, because of the limits on travel times and the cost and weight of the fuel necessary to accomplish the mission.

But that doesn’t stop Jim from coming up with some pretty far-out schemes:

I had an interesting idea regarding optimized photon rockets.

The first idea involves the concept of simply an ordinary photon rocket chamber with a blackbody emitter which is anywhere from the temperature of a tungsten filament of an incandescent light bulb (about 3600 K) to that of some exotic yet to be developed black body emitter at say 100,000 K.

The idea is augmented by the concept of a nuclear fusion reactor power source that powers a turboelectric steam driven generator wherein all of the waste heat or almost all of the waste heat is captured and used to drive lower transition temperature material based steam turbines. The whole ship could be enclosed by highly conducting if not superconducting outer walls in order to keep sub millimeter IR and microwave energy from escaping into the interstellar medium.

The beautiful aspect of such a machine is that the effective Isp at least for the exhaust stream would be 30,000,000 seconds commensurate with the speed of light in a vacuum. Another idea would be to power lasers which direct their energy in a beam that is essentially unidirectional for added efficiency over a non-coherent energy emitter.

Another option would entail a matter antimatter reactor to provide turboelectric power for the blackbody emitter or laser beam generator all else being essentially the same as the previous example given above.

Still a more efficient system would carry only antimatter fuel and collect the reactive normal matter from interstellar space. Can you imagine the gamma factor possible for a photon rocket powered by such a system wherein the end cycle efficiency in terms of the latent fuel energy to final kinetic energy transfer to the ship approached 100 percent, or even only 95 percent.

Jim talks a lot about gamma factors. I think it has something to do with time dilation. I have to ask him later.

The point is, despite Jim’s esoteric rocket tech, I believe it’ll only be used for the initial, primitive excursions.

Which brings me to Paul’s post yesterday about the bet he made with Tibor Pacher and that it might have already been lost :

In the midst of all this interstellar musing, in came an e-mail from the SETI League’s Paul Shuch, opining that the bet has already been won and, moreover, that Tibor is the victor! Let me quote Paul:

I would argue that the first interstellar missions have already launched, and that (with only a little imagination) they meet the conditions of the bet. They are not spacecraft, but rather streams of photons. Think about it: interstellar microwave transmissions probe other civilizations’ interest in dialog, and pass numerous stars, thus are “flyby probes” in a sense. They are transmitted specifically for the purpose of reaching other solar systems. They have been “launched” (transmitted) several times from Earth, which is clearly within the orbit of Neptune. Some have conveyed scientific information about Earth, which satisfies the condition that they “deliver data for at least one scientific measurement.” They travel at the speed of light, so within the 2,000 year mission duration, will reach stars within 2,000 LY of our own Sun. And they are widely supported by the public, as witness the large number of humans who have submitted messages to the various projects that beam them into space. So, congratulations Tibor, you win!

Remind me not to play poker with Paul, who in the following e-mail exchange added that his argument was a bit of a Kobayashi Maru — a more or less no-win situation, for those of you not familiar with Star Trek lore. The key word here is ‘deliver,’ for now that I read through our Long Bets terms, I see that the operative sentence is ‘As a minimum requirement for the mission the spacecraft shall be capable to deliver data for at least one scientific measurement.’ Now, slapping forehead with palm, I wish Tibor had written (and I had agreed to) ‘return’ instead of ‘deliver’ data! Although I’m not conceding, I do invite Paul to join us for Champagne in 2025, and maybe Ray Villard can join us as well.

Ray Villard is the science writer who recently wrote an article about the rocket engineers who lament the impossibility of interstellar travel via rockets, though the impression I get is he thinks the concept is possible.

The common link between these two posts is the use of photons to carry out the mission, though in different ways.

After reading these ideas, my own concept would require the use of quantum entanglement of photons between here and the target being investigated in order to perform a variation of “remote viewing”. No fuss, no muss and no rockets to fuel up.

Of course it would require advanced computer tech and extreme software, the very thing Gilster admits that he didn’t take into account enough.

We are at the stage where we have our own contemporary Tsiolkovskys and Bernals putting forward advanced theories of interstellar travel and how to conduct it like they did for interplanetary rocket flight one hundred years ago.

All we need are our own versions of Goddard, Oberth and Von Braun.

Without the wars and genocide of course.

A Multitude of Interstellar Space Travel Concepts, PART 1: The Possibility of Highly Isp Optimized Photon Rockets, Rapidly Orbiting Extremely Electrically Charged Black-holes Regarding Electrogravatic Effects, Musings on the Indefinate Human Life Expectancy Extension Regarding Moderately Relativistic Manned Interstellar Space Travel Through Space, The Possible Use of Paralell Histories to Provide Fuel to Enhance the Yield of Thermonuclear Devices, Cold Dark Matter Analogues of Fusion Pellet Runways for Powering Manned Interstellar Space Craft, and Musings on the Distant Future Construction of Particle Accellerators of Cosmic Dimensions

Interstellar Flight in Context: A Bet Already Won?



AC/DC: In Your Face!

It has been said during the almost 40 year career of the Young Brothers, Angus and Malcolm, that their band AC/DC plays the same stuff over and over again. To that Angus responded: “…it´s something I´m very proud of. You know what an AC/DC album is going to sound like when you buy it, but I think we always provide just enough new twists to make the fans happy. We´re just not a very clever band, what can I say?…”

So after an eight year hiatus the Boys from Oz have put out a new album dubbed “Black Ice”. The following song, “Rock n Roll Train” is the first release from it.

So to all those old 1970s rockers like me who still appreciate the old stuff, ‘We salute you!’

Rock n Roll Train


The Golden Balls of Casimir and Time Travel

Casimir stickiness, at present, is so imperceptible and tiny that it can be detected only by the use of special microdetection apparatus featuring solid golden balls. Nonetheless it genuinely exists. Indeed some boffins have previously speculated that one might – by the use of a cunningly crafted sheet of nanofabbed “left-handed metamaterial” – reverse the effect, fashioning a Casimir repellor platform and so causing objects to levitate on “literally, nothing”. This would be achieved using the fabled, perhaps infinite, potentially universe-imploding “zero point energy” which has been widely speculated upon.

But the possibly goldenballs-powered hover ship – or even the more realistic unbelievably-thin-bacofoil frictionless ice-rink solution – has remained in the realm of theoretical conceit thus far, for lack of backing.

Now, however, that has changed. Legendary US bonkers-boffinry bureau DARPA* has decided to fund research into manipulating or reversing the Casimir effect. It’s possible to theorise that the DARPA chieftains’ interest has been piqued by the implicit possibilities for levitating bakeware, which would be so useful for the agency’s known nutritional requirements.

However it has come about, DARPA has issued a request for proposals (pdf), in which it is said:

The goal of this program is to develop new methods to control and manipulate attractive and repulsive forces at surfaces based on engineering of the Casimir Force. One could leverage this ability to control phenomena such as adhesion in nanodevices, drag on vehicles and many other interactions of interest…

Curiously, DARPA seem not to rate the proven goldenballs route toward generating and measuring Casimir effects. Rather, they suggest:
Possible approaches … could include the development of composite materials, engineered nanostructures, mixed-phase materials, or active elements.

Sticky golden balls? Casimir force?

Here is one science-fiction foil that just might see the light of day, especially after DARPA gets a hold of it.

We can all count on good ol’ MIC funding when nothing else gets any. Not unless you’re Wall Street that is.

But here’s something striking, take a gander at these golden balls that’s used to measure the Casimir Force:

And now take a look at this “steel ball” that was found in two billion year old strata in South Africa:

Notice the similarity?

Okay, so it’s so much tinfoil, but maybe, just maybe, within the next ten to twenty years, DARPA finds a way to harness the Casimir Force and develops a sort of “time machine”. Then for some reason, we start to nuke ourselves into history and join the dinosaurs. Some government bigshots already saw it coming and already have the “chosen” in these underground bases that are all over the West.

What better way to escape than into the far, far past and recolonize the world?

Right there we have the source of all these strange ancient nuclear reactors, legends of demigods, ancient flying machines and human footprints being found in rock strata that have no business of being there!

Bostrum’s “Great Filter” and the Fermi Paradox solved too!

Okay, I’ll go peacefully now, gimme my meds! 😆

DARPA interested in Casimir effect

Grooved Sphere from South Africa (Precambrian)


Had Enough Yet?

How is everyone doing this week? Still have a bank account? Company retirement? 401K? Stocks? Piles of worthless paper?

To be honest, I haven’t had the balls to check my 401K at work, I think the shock would give me a stroke!

Not that it would matter, with my luck a stroke wouldn’t kill me outright, just paralyze me. And with the US Government printing presses running 24/7 to make enough Monopoly money in order to “bail out” banks and financial institutions, the idea that Social Security will be funded when the Japanese and Chinese start calling in their markers is just ludicrous.

So begging for alms looks like a real possibility for poor, disabled folk in the near future.

Great, isn’t it?

Very real possibility. But, if we keep printing funny money non-stop to keep Wall Street consolidating into ever larger and larger monstrosities, the world might not allow us to drop forever into the blackhole sewer, because we would either start WWIII, or drag the rest of the planet down the economic crapper with us according to Benjamin Fulford in this article.

And because the theory of “decoupling” ( disentanglement from various economies ) is proving to be so much bullshit as the UK and China start to experience the “pain” of the US with its over-inflated values of property and bogus fiat paper floating all over the planet:

Even in the case where the direct effect is small — the decoupling assumption — the U.S. slowdown still can have a substantial net impact on European exports because of its indirect effect on Asian imports from Europe.

So Europeans should not be tempted to think that they are somehow “decoupled” from America’s foibles and woes. Until recently, many Europeans thought they were insulated from the current U.S. housing and mortgage crisis. But in what has been a truly malignant “export” from America to Europe, the U.S. created “garbage debt” in the form of sub-prime mortgages, and Europeans — hungry for extra yield, and as reckless as Americans — bought it. Many European banks’ balance sheets are now as contaminated as those of American banks, and no one is sure who is holding — or hiding — the junk, and how to value it.

This is why European banks are now reluctant to lend to each other. They could be lending to an institution that is in serious financial trouble.

It is hard to imagine that higher interest rates and reduced credit availability will not lead to distress for Europe’s overall economy. Yet this is exactly the stance of the European Central Bank, which is treating the euro zone as if its financial sector was somehow decoupled from the rest of the economy — and running a different monetary policy for each sector at the same time.

By pumping in whatever liquidity the financial sector needs to alleviate the credit crunch, the ECB is effectively maintaining a deflationary bias for the financial sector, whereas it has announced an inflationary bias for the rest of the economy.

A monetary policy at war with itself cannot long endure…

( link )

Which is exactly what happened in the Eurozone these past two weeks as word of impending financial insolvency of Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae became apparent and word of Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy got around, all of Europe’s markets panicked, not just one or two. As soon as they got word the US government were either directly bailing out or loaning money to these places, the panic eased some.

And so it happened once again this week shortly after Lehman Brothers, AIG started to go belly-up. Thus, the Federal printing presses are cranking up full speed to loan Monopoly money to AIG.

So what can we take from all of this?

1.) Washington ’s Three Stooges:

Greenspan and Bernanke have not been alone in what will surely be remembered as America ’s Financial Apocalypse – the eventful period ushering in a decade-long depression, as predicted in my 2006 book by the same title. Certainly, President Bush did not create these trends. But his financial irresponsibility has accelerated their magnitude. In less than eight years, he has managed to increase the national debt by 90%. As the data shows, not only has he led the worst recovery since the post-WWII era, he has also positioned his successor with budget shortfalls for many years to come due to Part D Medicare, the Iraq War, and his tax cuts for the wealthy.

Combined with the staggering deficits for Medicare and Social Security , America ’s economy will be in the gutter for many years to come even after the banking and real estate troubles cool down. No one else is talking about these issues because they’re wrapped up in the daily drama. But save this article and others I’ve written because I’ve been mentioning the longer-term problems ever since writing my book. In a few years, more people will begin to address these issues once they are transformed into daily drama.

2.) President Bush’s attempts at a recovery:

…have been so horrendous they’ve actually led to the current recession, which will turn out to be the worst in decades. I would venture to guess he is desperately pleading with officials to come up with even more gimmicks to hide the full realities of the economy so the worst will be reported only after he leaves office. But I will guarantee you if Washington and the Fed continue this reckless game of applying band aids instead of letting things play out, we will see a much bigger crisis down the road, similar to what happened after Greenspan tried to mitigate the dotcom collapse. You can bet this is going to happen because Washington does not understand the meaning of preemption.

Altogether, we have had eight years of no gains in real median wages, flat stock market returns, and minimal net new jobs. Despite what you have heard, after adjusting for debt spending, population growth and realistic adjustments to the GDP deflator, there have only been 3 or 4 quarters of GDP growth since 2005. If you adjust for military, government and minimum wage positions – i.e. jobs funded by tax payers and jobs that don’t pay anything – there have been absolutely no net new jobs. Bush’s largest gains have been with inflation, oil and food prices, debt, trade deficits, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and healthcare costs. If an assembly of the world’s leading economic strategists were to design the most destructive economic disaster possible, they could not match the results of Bush’s tenure. Even the most loyal Bush supporters will admit he has been an absolute disaster – that is if they’re being honest. America is now more dependent on foreign nations than ever – not only for oil, but also credit and manufactured goods.

3.) America ’s “Resilient” Economy:

Many of the pundits flood the propaganda networks with repeated denials of the problems, boasting how resilient the U.S. economy is. You know who they are. I’m not quite sure what they’ve been smoking. But it appears to be some sort of hallucinogen because they seem to expect Superman to bend the economy back into shape. Ladies and Gentlemen, in case mommy never told you, there is no Santa Claus and there is no Superman. And if you think Bernanke’s printing presses have an endless supply of ink and paper, just wait until the real crisis appears. So you had better get ready because it’s coming. It is virtually inescapable. And it’s going to cause devastation around the globe. Of course I’m taking about the likely implosion of the CDS market.

Let’s take a look at America ’s “resilient economy.” Let’s see…the entire financial system is in the process of blowing up. Already there have been over $500 billion in bank losses, with over $1 trillion more to come. Over one dozen banks have failed, with hundreds on deck. A handful of large hedge funds have blown up, with hundreds more on the way. Already, over $1 trillion has been transferred from the Fed to the banking cartel. But I estimate another $1.5 trillion will be needed to maintain liquidity as banks de-leverage over the next few years. Unemployment is now over 6% and inflation is over 5%, even with Washington ’s manipulation of the data. Virtually every metric in the housing market is at multi-decade lows, except for foreclosures which are hitting new highs.

Taxpayers are now on the hook for billions of dollars of potentially worthless debt held by Fannie and Freddie. It’s now official. America ’s free market economy is really a socialist system for corporations. One could argue this to be a form of Fascism. My best estimate for losses due to the Fannie and Freddie taxpayer bailout are between $200 to $500 billion. The worst case scenario would be $800 billion. If this economy is resilient, I can’t wait to see how it magically bounces back. When Superman fails to show up, Washington might consider giving David Copperfield a call. But this would be one illusion he won’t be able to pull off. Get the popcorn ready.

( link to full story )

So there you have it. Ain’t too pretty, is it?

I think this is going too fast for the Builderburglers to keep up with, the victim…er…patient has severed an artery instead of a vein and it’s in danger of bleeding to death.

And guess what, China wasn’t ready enough yet to take the reins of world economic super-power.

Too bad, so sad as Highwayman is wont to say.

So you say you don’t believe there’s an NWO, Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission or Council of Foreign Relations or any form of shadow government running anything? That’s your right I suppose.

But unless you’re a billionaire or work for the oil companies and the military-industrial-congressional complex, you’re resigned to a pretty shitty life for the coming decade if you didn’t prepare right.

Had enough yet?

Baseball and Freemasonry?

In the past two years, I have run across many interesting things that come to the esoteric; syncronicities between mundane subjects that one could never have put two and two together to equal four ( or if you’re into neocon-fascist philosophy, two plus two equal five and the sheeple believe such ).

One such subject is the supposed American past-time, baseball.

In history, Abner Doubleday is the father of American baseball and the first game was played in Cooperstown New York in 1839, the reason the Baseball Hall of Fame is located there.

According to Todd Campbell of Through The Looking Glass however, “baseball” has a more “basic” reason for being:

“Shortly after posting “America’s “PAST” Time?” earlier this afternoon one of the most active Masonic based blogs out there [The Burning Taper or perhaps the HOT COCK] picked up on my article and posted the following response…it would seem that Masonry and baseball for that matter have more to do with Sex Magick than my supposed preoccupations with “numerology” and all things “conspiracy” related. Well duh…thanks for the ENLIGHTENMENT guys. I’d love to see the Burning Taper give us the “ins and outs” of Masonic sex practices on a more regular basis.

Yesterday’s Sports Illustrated ran a story, and the BBC posted an interview with historian Julian Pooley, indicating that “America’s pastime,” the game of baseball, may actually have been imported from England.

A diary entry from 1755, 84 years before Abner Doubleday mythically “invented” baseball, suggests that it was commonly played in the British Isles. (I found no evidence that Doubleday, the U.S. captain later promoted to general who fired the first Union cannonball at Fort Sumter which began the American Civil War, was a Freemason, but he was a prominent member and president of the Theosophical Society.)

During this time period in Britain, a “new” group called the Freemasons was also became popular way to wile away the hours.

The numerology-and-conspiracy obsessed blog Through the Looking Glass today upped the ante with a reference to baseball’s origins being Masonic. Quoting Randy Lavello’s article on, they give us:

“Baseball was obviously created by Freemasons, as it bears the unmistakable marks of Freemasonry. The field, from home plate to the left and right field wall forms a compass; the entire outfield wall is the semicircle which this compass draws. Upside-down, overlapping this compass, the bases form the square. Thus, the baseball field is the emblem of Freemasonry. Three strikes and three outs were assigned because three is the principle sacred number of Freemasonry. Four is a number of significance because it represents a square (the shape) and deals with the four directions, thus: four balls, four bases. Nine is sacred because it is three squared… there are nine fielding positions and nine innings. This brings us to a total of twenty-seven outs per team a game…and guess what? Twenty-seven, along with eighty-one, are the only two sacred numbers greater than ten. Though eighty-one doesn’t occur in baseball, because of the presence of two nines (fielders and innings) it’s appropriate to mention the reason eighty-one is so revered: the multiples of nine, 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, and 90 form a mirror image between the numbers 45 and 54. Also, each one of these numbers equal nine when adding the two integers which comprise the number: 18- 1+8 = 9; 27- 2+7 =9; etc. Because of this, nine times nine was deemed a ‘high’ number. This further explains the near obsession with numbers surrounding baseball averages, home runs, ERA’s, etc. It is truly a game for numerologists.

The diary entry by English lawyer William Bray dated Easter Monday, 31 March 1755, reads like this:

Went to Stoke Ch. This morning. After Dinner Went to Miss Jeale’s to play at Base Ball with her, the 3 Miss Whiteheads, Miss Billinghurst, Miss Molly Flutter, Mr. Chandler, Mr. Ford & H. Parsons & Jelly. Drank Tea and stayed till 8.

Six women, four men, and jelly? Hmmm….

As most of us know, playing baseball has another meaning, a sort of code for sex...”


A Freemasonry site that admits that “baseball” is code for sex-magic?

It makes sense, as the post states, “Remember the first time you “got to first base”? Or “scored”? Or “drove it home.”

I guess the “play-offs” and the subsequent “World Series” are Masonic code for orgy and gang-bang?

Ooooh baby! Pass the Viagra and pine-tar!

Hitting a Homerun


Interstellar X-Prize

My man Paul Gilster of Centauri Dreams posts about Peter Diamandis who proposes an Interstellar X-Prize to help kick-start possible technologies applicable for a flyby of Alpha Centauri:

A future X Prize, Diamandis opines, might be focused on a colonizing mission to Mars. Or it might involve transforming energy into matter (here he recalls Star Trek’s transporters). Maybe we can take the prize notion to outrageous limits and suggest an interstellar component. Heck, we’ll even offer a head-start. In a recent post on his systemic site, exoplanet hunter Greg Laughlin offered an interesting comment on Alpha Centauri, one worth keeping in mind for would be prize designers:

We’re fortunate that we’ve arrived on the scene as a technological society right at the moment when a stellar system as interesting as Alpha Cen is in the very near vicinity. During the last interglacial period, Alpha Cen did not rank among the brightest stars in the sky. A hundred thousand years from now, the Alpha Cen stars will no longer be among our very nearest stellar neighbors, and in a million years, they will have long since faded from naked-eye visibility. At the moment, though, Alpha Centauri is drawing nearer at 25 km/sec, a clip similar to the Earth’s orbital velocity around the Sun. It’s as if we’re on the free trial period of an interstellar mission…

A free trial period is usually enough to quicken the pulse of consumers. So why not use it to tantalize potential prize donors with the prospect of a truly long-term, outlandishly expensive prize, one designed to spur efforts to put a man-made payload with the capability of returning scientific data into the Centauri system? The data returned could well prove less significant than the breakthroughs achieved to make the journey.

How about a prize of a couple of billion bucks? Gold of course. I could picture someone like Branson, Musk or even Google again putting up a prize.

It has to be something large like that to make it worth someone’s time, research for technologies alone needed for interstellar unmanned flyby would cost as much as Bu$hco’s return to the Moon and Mars charade.

Maybe private industry can bring the cost down and there would be several spin-offs ( advanced nanotech, quantum computing, real AI ), but in the end, the prize has to entice.

I propose a Buckyball nanotech package shot out of a linear accelerator from the Moon, or Phobos toward the Sun in a “sundiver/fry” manuever for a serious gravity assist. Once that was done, nanobots can deploy, or “spin” like a spider a light-sail/web a couple of hundred square miles in area to catch a laserbeam from the Moon or Phobos again as it passes by.

It should get 0.3c easily.

Forty years to Alpha Centauri? No problem.

Centauri Flyby: The Ultimate X Prize?