UFOs and MIBs of the South Pacific

Serious investigation of the UFO phenomenon over the past sixty-some-odd years is anything but. There has always been an air of the carnival act and circus vargus quality about it and very little, if any attention has been given at all to formally investigate how the flying vehicles (?) operate, people who suffer indignities when abducted from their homes and the public at large witnessing and recording objects that defy all known laws of Newtonian physics ( they might defy Einsteinian physics as well ).

Of course there was Project Bluebook ( 1952 – 1970 ) which determined the phenomenon wasn’t a danger to national security, but that never satisfied the people who take the position the US government has a partnership with aliens and that the government will do anything to keep that secret.

Enter one of the most enduring myths(?) of Ufology; the MIB, or Men In Black. The MIBs job is to discredit UFO witnesses and do other “unsavory” operations for the US government. Or for the aliens themselves.

The MIB myth/legend/meme has been around as long as the Roswell Incident, or earlier possibly. The main feature of the MIB of course is they dress in black. If the purpose is to remain stealthy, well, I think they haven’t been very good at that. But maybe that’s part of the deal, to spread a meme of “warning”.

Anyway, Paul Dale Roberts of The Alien Seeker News recently did an interview with a supposed Man In Black in which no new relevations were revealed, just some stuff the meme-stream of Ufology has had for years:

Paul: Good afternoon. May I use your real name in this interview?

Mr. Q: No.

Paul: Can I call you Mr. Q or a name of your choosing?

Mr. Q: (Chuckles). Yeah, Mr. Q sounds good.

Paul: Why did you select me for this interview?

Mr. Q:You are the most accessible paranormal investigator on the web. You have your cell number right out there for the world to see. When I call, you answer. Plus, you are not just a ghosthunter, but you investigate all things of a paranormal nature. I like the fact that when I call, I get a real person. How many times have you heard that?

Paul:Why are you disclosing your status as a former MIB? (Men in Black).

Mr. Q: I am tired of the lies of our government. It’s time for disclosure. We are not alone.

Paul: Did you get fired or did you quit?

Mr. Q:Yes, you can say I got fired. I fell in love. The aliens that control American Intelligence MIBs have a way to manipulate our emotions. One of those emotions is love. Somehow I overcame this obstacle and actually fell in love. I was rejected from the MIB program.

Paul: Who did you fall in love with?

Mr. Q: Move onto the next question.

I guess Mr. MIB doesn’t like personal questions about his love-life, but who does? Other than the folks who go on the Jerry Springer Show anyway.

But further on in the interview, Roberts notices that Mr. MIB is of South Pacific origin, which segues nicely into this little post from Greg Bishop of UFOMystic:

William B. Gill, an Anglican priest with a mission in Bosinai, Papas New Guinea, observed craft-like UFOs — one with Humanoid figures on top — on two consecutive evenings, June 26-27, 1959. About twenty-five natives, including teachers and medical technicians, also observed the phenomena. They “signaled” the humanoids and received an apparent response. This was one of sixty UFO sightings within a few weeks in the New Guinea area…

What many may not know is that this event took place about 1200 miles from the United States military installation in the Kwajalein atoll, located in the Marshall Islands, which has been a semi-secret missile and rocket test facility since, coincidentally enough, 1959. Now, 1200 miles may seem like a long way, but in the geography of the immense South Pacific, as well as the distances covered by high speed aircraft and of course rockets, it’s a stone’s throw. New Guinea is also the nearest land that isn’t a micro-island in that area of the South Pacific (with the possible exception of Guam) which suggests that the object and apparent “crew” may have picked it in case they ran into any serious trouble with their equipment.

If you lend any credence to stories of unconventional aircraft (of the anti- or electro-gravitic type) and rumors about captured technology just after WWII, Gill and his fellow witnesses may have seen some sort of test flight stopover. Why the crew bothered to hover right over a beach in New Guinea in front of scores of witnesses is a question that remains unanswered.

Gill’s own account stresses the almost mundane nature of the encounter. There were no high-G or other strange movements made by the object. It apparently hovered over the small church complex and then slowly disappeared into the clouds. (There were two sightings on subsequent evenings.) During the second event, Gill went inside before the craft had left. While some investigators have expressed surprise that anyone would leave in the middle of such an extraordinary sight, Gill and his companions had been looking at the UFO for over four hours just the night before. After returning hand gestures and moving the object in answer to a flashlight, the “crew” had apparently lost interest in the witnesses as well, and repeated attempts to make it land were unsuccessful.

The key link here is the base at Kwajalein Atoll, which the MIB mentions in the Roberts interview and why he is of South Pacific origin.

The post in UFOMystic leaves the impression that the UFO is of human origin, which is very plausible. But the MIB interview keeps the ETI angle in play. Convenient, eh?

Just enough to keep things nice and muddy.

The meme must go on!

Interview with Mr. Q. Former MIB (Men In Black)

Was The “Father Gill” Sighting A Classified Aircraft?


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  1. I am most interested in the Kwajalein connection. One doesn’t get to visit Kwajalein without an invitation from the military or a defense contractor, or subcontractor. That’s how I got there and that’s where I saw my one and only UFO. The next day everyone played down and or denied we saw what we saw. Everybody. I will be following the Kwaj connection to this story for sure.

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