The Fed Takeover of Freddie-Mac/Fannie Mae: Did Benjamin Fulford Know This Before It Happened?

The US federal government take-over/nationalization of the mortage giants Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae over the weekend was not a big surprise to government people and insider world financiers. The world stock markets breathed a temporary sigh of relief this morning as the markets in Asia and the EU opened; The US economy, still the largest on Earth was not going to tank and take the rest of the planet with it, not today anyway:

World stock markets soared Monday after Washington announced a bailout of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — a move that could help bolster a shaky U.S. housing market and renew global investor confidence.

By afternoon in Europe, Germany’s DAX jumped 3.45 percent to 6,338.89 and France’s CAC 40 climbed 4.83 percent to 4,399.55.

Trading on the London Stock Exchange, Europe’s oldest independent exchange, was halted in the morning because of a computer fault but Britain’s FTSE 100 had risen 3.81 percent to 5,440.20 shortly after 9:00 a.m. local time (0800 GMT), and remained at that level midmorning.

“It was a very broad rally,” said Lawrence Peterman, investment director at Eden Financial in London. “All the banks are up strongly on the back of the U.S. news at the weekend.”

Shares in HSBC Holdings Plc, Europe’s largest bank by market value, advanced 5 percent. HBOS Plc, one of Britain’s biggest mortgage lenders, rose 12.98 percent, and Barclays Plc, the country’s third largest bank, 11.90 percent.

Over in Asia, Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 index surged 3.4 percent to 12,624.46, while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index advanced 4.3 percent to 20,794.27. Seoul’s Kospi rose 5.2 percent.

Ordinary folks had no idea this was going to happen, even tinfoil hat wackos like me.

Until Saturday when I was surfing the ‘Tubeways and checked out the Project Camelot site anyway.

Now Project Camelot collects all kinds of esoterica, NWO and UFO stuff all of the time and Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy interview various people who have inside knowledge of these subjects.

One of these people, Benjamin Fulford, is a regular there and is a person I have flamed in the past for being a possible NWO disinformation agent. Mainly because of the fantastic claims he has promised and failed to come through on.

The guy has an impressive resume though and you can read some of it here. He also has a Wikipedia entry if one is inclined to believe Wiki posts.

The point I’m getting to here is that Cassidy/Ryan post that during an abbreviated phone interview with Fulford on September 4th, he refers to September 8th, 2008 as a date when something very important is going to occur:

We had a telephone interview scheduled yesterday with Benjamin Fulford which was unexpectedly canceled at the last minute. It appears he’s very concerned over the latest turns of events, and would only say that we should be aware of 8 September. We know nothing more than this, other than he stressed that things are constantly changing.

Two weeks previously he publicly stated that he had learned from his own sources that 30 September would be important, being the end of the US Fiscal Year. It was then, he had been told, when US bankruptcy could be announced, with various complex major consequences.

Could he be referring to the FMac/FMae take-over? This is vague at best, but Fulford is an economist by trade, supposed NWO fighter by choice. Could he have foreknowledge of this?

As you can see by the above excerpt, the Japanese market sky-rocketed and the dollar is propped up further by this development.

Fulford also has an article explaining why the US Government is trying to pick a fight with Russia, and it concerns the end of the US fiscal year ( September 30th ):

The US war-mongering and talk of World War 3 is nothing more than a desperate negotiation tactic aimed at staving off US bankruptcy, according to two sources affiliated with US intelligence agencies. The Bank for International Settlements has demanded that the Bush/Nazi cabal that has taken control of the US pay back trillions of dollars they stole from the rest of the world by September 30th, the sources say. The money was stolen during the Reagan presidency by George Bush senior to finance the collapse of the Soviet Union. This money must now be returned to its rightful owners,  the sources say. As the deadline approaches, the cabal has threatened to impose martial law on the US and launch World War 3 unless they are given a reprieve.

Hmmm, won’t the sheeple be surprised after Monday Night Football, eh?

Gas rationing, food rationing, heating fuel rationing, round-ups of people of Middle East descent, searches, jailings, progroms. 

Not to mention radiation from Russian and Chinese nukes lighting up the Northern Hemisphere like a billion Christmas trees.

And where do you think Bu$hco, Cheneyburton, Sweet Candy, the neo-cornholers, the Rockefellers and most exclusively, the Rothschilds are going to be?

Not enjoying the light-show outside, you can bet your ass on that!

But is that scenario going to play out? Are we going to dodge a very large bullet?

Stay tuned!

US war-mongering in Georgia; A Negotiation Tactic as Bankruptcy Looms

Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae Takeover

Project Camelot ( Fulford links are on main page )


8 responses

  1. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    Fulford’s prediction was really no big deal nor was the date. Most folks aren’t into “serious” cutting edge investing, but if they were and don’t follow the typical Wall Street party line hype, who’s main goal is to continually pump false hope for “buyers” into the failing stock market. The stock market is projected to fail/fall to the 7200 level by insiders that are in the know or even lower in the coming year.

    For instance folks that would have subscribed to the Weiss Safe Money Report or read their free daily report, “Money and Markets” they would have known about this coming scenerio for many months.

    In fact the Fed’s conservatorship FannieMae and Freddie Mac is doomed to fail. The eight years each of the Clintonistas and the Bushistas have virtually set the American people up for this crisis, buy allowing regulators to fall asleep at the wheel with virtually no accountability for their outright criminal lending practices.

    There’s 12 trillion dollars of public debt hanging over our heads in addition to 55 trillion in unsecured debt through programs such as Medicare, SS, government pensions etc. Banks both large and small are on the verge of failing with at least 200 billion in assets having gone up in smoke due to the housing debacle and this is only the beginning for the banks. Next is retail credit defaults etc.

    The hot money, unregulated derivatives market has a nominal daily “float” of 148 trillion dollars. These are unsecured, “Fantasy Island” sidebets between large center banks, brokerage houses, and even some governments. In the event any of the players in this insane off the books gambling defaults, it could cause a “black hole event” horizon for the worlds money system. I’m dead serious. Warren Buffett referred to these derivatives as “Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction” that overshadow the citizens of planet earth.

    Money is transferred with the blink of an eye via electronic fund transfers. If China, Japan and other major lenders to the U.S. decide to bail; then in the blink of an eye; we’ll be left for dead as a nation relative to our ability to borrow without having to pay ruinous vigorish; ie., interest.

    The reason Fulford might seem like a guru is that he has connections to big money guys via his past as an editor for Forbes/Asia. Even though he no longer works for the magazine he still no doubt has a large network of deepwater contacts that know what’ s up in the “great crooked casino”; ie., the worlds financial markets.

    Now for my warning. This debacle is only the tip of the tip of the iceberg and the markets are showing the extreme volatility of a solid bear market. The pros will be selling rallies to overhead chart resistance so any perceived rally is just that “smoke and mirrors” to lure chumps that always buy long back into the market so they can loose even more money. The pros don’t care whether markets go up or down because they can make huge amounts of money on the downside by purchasing puts , shorting stocks, or even buying the new inverse ETF poducts which are bought and sold like a simple long position in a stock. When the market rallies to overhead resistance these guys will load load the boat on the aforementioned instruments and when the markets go under the waves again they make a bunch of money and on an on this guys all the way to the “bottom”…!

    Note: Markets fall three times faster than they rise which is why people that know how trade bear markets are grinning ear to ear with their big “toothy” grins as they rake in a fortune with every market downturn post the subsequent failure of whatever the recent hype might be; like our failed government taking over failed institutions holding massive amounts of failed debt instruments…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. “guys all the way to the “bottom”…! ”

    Correction in paragraph eight: should read

    “goes all the way to the “bottom”…!

    My apologies!

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. […] The US federal government take-over/nationalization of the mortage giants Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae over the weekend was not a big surprise to government people and insider world financiers. The world stock markets breathed a temporary … More here: The Fed Takeover of Freddie-Mac/Fannie Mae: Did Benjamin Fulford … […]

  4. Nemo, where have you been my friend? Welcome back! :mrgreen:

    You seem to be well versed in this stuff, I’m ignorant when it comes to the ponzi schemes of Wall Street, so take it away!

    But the thing I’m interested in is the geopolitical element and the very real possibility that these gang of genocidal criminals would start a nuclear shooting war to stiff everyone with the bill and take out half the world’s population in one fell swoop!

    I might give Fulford a pass on this for that info alone.

    Being the former Forbes Asian chief probably did leave him with alot of insider crap.

    We’ll wait and see I guess.

  5. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    In the event they start a nuclear war either by calculated or misguided brinksmanship such as we are currently engaged in the former Soviet satellite state of Georgia or simply by a failure in command and control on the part of Russia, China, or the U.S.; the losers in the game will the majority of the cities in the Northern hemisphere. The white race will be destroyed. The Chinese have already gamed out nuclear war and realize they will be the premier survivors post a nuclear exchange and no doubt those in India too.

    In fact 90 percent of the major cities in the northern hemisphere will be incinerated within two hours or less allowing for first and then followup secondary and few remaining “cleanup” tertiary strikes launched from our sub fleet.

    Russia’s fleet is rusting in the docks and they currently have no seabased nuclear fleet unlike the “Red Chinese” which are coming on like gangbusters. The Chinese are building a fleet of modern d/e’s (diesel electrics) that run super quiet and can stay submerged for quite a length of time unlike the old diesel stink boats of WWI and WWII. They use onboard liquid oxidizer for combustion purposes so they don’t need to use a snorkel or surface for air all that frequently.

    They are also armed with the Russian “Schval” supersonic torpedoes that travel at over 200 knots underwater after launched. They are virtually slipping through the underwater hydrosphere by a nose generated stream of bubbles creating a layer between the denser water and the torpedo structure. It’s as if they were teflon coated projectile plunging through a solid media. There is no known countermeasure for these torpedoes other than “reincarnation”… : |

    My point is a cheap to build Chinese d/e’s, about 30 million USD or about 250 million Yuan could easily sink our nuclear powered carriers or our expensive 1.2 trillion dollar Sea Wolf Class USS Jimmy Carter SSN23 the most recently launched and last of this class on the high seas. The Chinese could build a massive fleet of d/e’s for the price of one of our hi tech, MIC friendly;ie., $$, modern era nuke boats. In fact it’s questionable as to whether the U.S. still controls the worlds sea lanes at this point in time.

    As a note most of the worlds so-called hi-tech, civilized population lives above the equator.

    People’s living in neolithic societies or more primitive cultures south of the equator should survive fairly well. There’s only seasonal mixing of the northern and southern latitudes climatology wise during the hurricane/typhoon seasons. I’m not saying it would be a cakewalk, but at least they won’t suffer the intense, super dense infrastructure destruction like cities above the equator. Of course there will be atmospheric hazing for some time causing unseasonably cold winters for possibly as much as a decade or more.

    Most modern nukes have been cleaned up even those engineered by the former Soviet Republics now Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. Many of these former republics still have control of the weps that remained on their turf post dissolution of the Soviet Union. So there won’t be a monumental amount of residual airborne after a reasonable period of time. To launch highly contaminating cobalt encased nukes is counterproductive especially in a resource starved world. All they’d be doing is “salting” the earth with radioactive byproducts for millennia to come.

    If war breaks out the “genocidal criminals” might stiff people with the bill, but they won’t be eliminating the so-called “useless eaters” and the core “breeding” populations as Henry the K. likes to refer to people’s of the third world. So all of the infrastructure associated with a technological society will have been destroyed leaving remnant populations that would be sorely be pressed to make it back to our level of civilization.

    People that already survive in modern neolithic cultures stand a better chance of surviving because they live on the very edge of survival every day of their lives. Civilized types are too soft and weak for the most part and will simply perish.

    Hell, most so-called civilized people will die of constipation simply because they no longer have access to toilet paper… :))

    The bunkers that these greedy mattoids might hole up in will be good for some period of time, but after that what will they have?!
    Nothing, nada, no one to control, no one to tax, no one left for them to get their rocks off; ie., to “control them”.

    So the last laugh will be at their expense. I’m sure they have other plans to prune the world population that leaves infrastructure in place.

    If the American people gravitate towards “Mad John McPain” and his new partner “Boobs” Palin of the North this November then there’s a probability that an endtimes “bunker scenario” is quite possible. It is known that “John Boy” has a very bad, juvenile, now senile temper and likes to solve problems with a “fight”; ie., violence. If elected, let’s hope he doesn’t miss his daily meds… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. I hear ya Nemo, the nuke scenario certainly does sound self-defeating for these inbreds, but you have to remember they’re getting backed into a corner real fast, and they’re desperate.

    Also they’re crazier than a poisoned shit-house rat, so logic might not figure into anything.

    “Mad John McPain”. LOL! 😆

  7. Sugiarto Setiabudi | Reply

    Like or dislike,financial regulators have been failed in discharging their supervisory duties in financial institutions.
    Financial regulators should collaborate to deter negative impact of the government trouble entities.

  8. I rarely do not comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great article!!

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