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A Political Rant From An Unusual Source

I wasn’t going to post anything significant today, due to the fact that I have ranted conspiracy stuff about the elitist take-over of much of the planet for the past two years and I felt I really didn’t have much to add.

Other than more rants of course.

But as I was trolling the ‘Tubeways this a.m., I found a rant from a most unusual source; Whitley Strieber:

Yes, indeed, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have just been bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billion dollars of debt that has been transferred right onto the backs of us, the American people. And now Lehman Brothers, after making–and pocketing–billions of dollars in profits by securitizing mortgages and other consumer loans, is about to be rescued to the tune of at least another thirty billion dollars of your debt.

You think you owe Visa! You owe Wall Street a whole lot more, because these federal guarantees are based on your future ability to pay your taxes. And, believe me, if you should become unable to pay, you won’t get any bailout. They’ll come in and throw you right out of your house in the clothes on your back, and your family along with you.

When an American gets in financial trouble and can no longer pay his loans, he doesn’t get a bailout. Far from it, he gets an immediate, and gigantic, bill from the IRS. Here’s how it happens. Say you have excellent credit and a prime 30 year mortgage. You haven’t played any games, you’ve paid a good down payment and you are on time with every payment.

Then you lose your job because your company is outsourcing to India. So you can no longer afford your home and you decide to sell and move into a smaller place.

Problem is, the house you bought in 2002 for $300,000 is now worth only $180,000–theoretically. And, if you have tried to sell a house recently, you know just what I mean by ‘theoretically.’ Your real estate agent will tell you that it could be six months to a year before you find a buyer. Or longer. Or never.

So now you can’t move because you can’t sell your house, and you can’t wait much longer or you’ll be destitute.

You’ve discovered that there are no jobs in your town at anything like what you were getting. Guys in Mumbai are doing the same work for a third what you were paid. And this is not blue collar work. You were a white collar employee with a hundred thousand dollars invested in your education. You were a pillar of the community, your kids are making good grades in school, and you are, in every way, the finest America has to offer.

For those of you who don’t know who Strieber is, he’s the author of ‘Communion‘, a book about his experiences with supposed “grey aliens.” He has written other books; ‘The Wolfen’ and ‘The Hunger’.

He has since appeared on many podcasts and Internet TV webcasts as well over the past few years. He claims to be still receiving visits from these grey beings, who seem to possess almost supernatural powers, like moving through solid objects like doors and walls. But I digress.

And I’m surprised he is a self-professed paleo-con and a fan of the John Birch Society. Truth is stranger than fiction I guess.

He makes valid observations though and he uses historical perspective to bring his point across. But his solutions will never happen because the elitists will never allow it. They have the upper-hand now, why should they give up their power?

Maybe Strieber realizes this, but it’s hard to tell from where I sit.

If a person can see grey aliens, how can he not see the NWO?

Happy Days Are Here Again–For Wall Street