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The Golden Balls of Casimir and Time Travel

Casimir stickiness, at present, is so imperceptible and tiny that it can be detected only by the use of special microdetection apparatus featuring solid golden balls. Nonetheless it genuinely exists. Indeed some boffins have previously speculated that one might – by the use of a cunningly crafted sheet of nanofabbed “left-handed metamaterial” – reverse the effect, fashioning a Casimir repellor platform and so causing objects to levitate on “literally, nothing”. This would be achieved using the fabled, perhaps infinite, potentially universe-imploding “zero point energy” which has been widely speculated upon.

But the possibly goldenballs-powered hover ship – or even the more realistic unbelievably-thin-bacofoil frictionless ice-rink solution – has remained in the realm of theoretical conceit thus far, for lack of backing.

Now, however, that has changed. Legendary US bonkers-boffinry bureau DARPA* has decided to fund research into manipulating or reversing the Casimir effect. It’s possible to theorise that the DARPA chieftains’ interest has been piqued by the implicit possibilities for levitating bakeware, which would be so useful for the agency’s known nutritional requirements.

However it has come about, DARPA has issued a request for proposals (pdf), in which it is said:

The goal of this program is to develop new methods to control and manipulate attractive and repulsive forces at surfaces based on engineering of the Casimir Force. One could leverage this ability to control phenomena such as adhesion in nanodevices, drag on vehicles and many other interactions of interest…

Curiously, DARPA seem not to rate the proven goldenballs route toward generating and measuring Casimir effects. Rather, they suggest:
Possible approaches … could include the development of composite materials, engineered nanostructures, mixed-phase materials, or active elements.

Sticky golden balls? Casimir force?

Here is one science-fiction foil that just might see the light of day, especially after DARPA gets a hold of it.

We can all count on good ol’ MIC funding when nothing else gets any. Not unless you’re Wall Street that is.

But here’s something striking, take a gander at these golden balls that’s used to measure the Casimir Force:

And now take a look at this “steel ball” that was found in two billion year old strata in South Africa:

Notice the similarity?

Okay, so it’s so much tinfoil, but maybe, just maybe, within the next ten to twenty years, DARPA finds a way to harness the Casimir Force and develops a sort of “time machine”. Then for some reason, we start to nuke ourselves into history and join the dinosaurs. Some government bigshots already saw it coming and already haveĀ the “chosen” in these underground bases that are all over the West.

What better way to escape than into the far, far past and recolonize the world?

Right there we have the source of all these strange ancient nuclear reactors, legends of demigods, ancient flying machines and human footprints being found in rock strata that have no business of being there!

Bostrum’s “Great Filter” and the Fermi Paradox solved too!

Okay, I’ll go peacefully now, gimme my meds! šŸ˜†

DARPA interested in Casimir effect

Grooved Sphere from South Africa (Precambrian)