Daily Archives: September 21st, 2008

AC/DC: In Your Face!

It has been said during the almost 40 year career of the Young Brothers, Angus and Malcolm, that their band AC/DC plays the same stuff over and over again. To that Angus responded: “…it´s something I´m very proud of. You know what an AC/DC album is going to sound like when you buy it, but I think we always provide just enough new twists to make the fans happy. We´re just not a very clever band, what can I say?…”

So after an eight year hiatus the Boys from Oz have put out a new album dubbed “Black Ice”. The following song, “Rock n Roll Train” is the first release from it.

So to all those old 1970s rockers like me who still appreciate the old stuff, ‘We salute you!’

Rock n Roll Train