Solar “Square Dance”

It has been running around in the astronomy circles that this past August was the first time in more than a century the sun didn’t have any sunspot activity.

Sunspot activity is linked to climate cycles of Earth, much more so than the vaunted “anthropic global warming” we are supposedly experiencing.

Now according to Ted Twietmeyer of , the resumption of Sol’s sunspot activity is perhaps a little odd:

For years I have publicly announced that manipulation of our nearest star has been taking place. It was announced in August, that it had been more than 100 years since the sun did not manifest sunspots for an entire month. Now we’re almost into two months…until now:

What’s quite amazing about this sunspot (which no one is talking about,) is that this sunspot appears to have a square geometry as shown in the enlargement below:

In the upper left corner a dark feature is visible. Only a few of these objects were visible across the entire surface when this image was taken. Superheated plasma dancing randomly can be seen everywhere in this image. Each of these tiny peaks are actually hundreds to thousands of miles high.

Yet this lone, square sunspot appears out of nowhere.


I’m not an astronomer or a solar scientist, but a square sunspot is definitely different by any stretch.

It kind of goes along with the hexagon storm at Saturn’s North Pole , but who am I to say?

Twietmeyer’s premise if I’m reading this right is that the sunspot might be intelligently controlled, by us.


Weird stuff. And the mainstream scientists either deny the evidence of their extented “eyes”, or ignore it altogether.

Take some magic ‘shrooms boys and lighten up! 😆

First Sunspot in Two Months is SQUARE


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  1. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    This anomalous sunspot activity shouldn’t give anyone concern because its the nature of the sun to vary in terms of the number of sunspots and its solar output over eons of time.

    Theory has it that sunspots represent convective cooling zones on the sun as witnessed in the form of sunspots. They look blackish to gray; ie., the umbra and penumbra only because they are cooler than the surrounding photosphere of the sun’s intensely hot surface.

    There is a phenomenon known as the Maunder Minimum that correlates to cooling periods on the earth and have been catalogued not only since they were first discovered but also corroborated by ice core samples and tree rings of both extant and felled ancient trees and by accounts of climatology in the written historical record.

    Solar output varies throughout the ages and it seems in the final analysis it will determine the conditions on earth regardless of carbon dioxide buildup in the earths atmosphere although these two effects working synergisticly will have possibly even a greater effect on earth’s climatology. Also there will be deviation from the norm over these great period so time that statistically mean little to nothing other than if it can happen it will!

    I’ll supply a link concerning the Maunder Minimum, the “Little Ice Age”, and the far lengthier Milankovitch Cycles that are tied to the precession of the equinoxes which is a 25,000 year cycle as the earth’s axis wobbles about like a spinning top giving ever different views of the heavens at key seasonal points in the nights sky as well as different exposure to the intensity of the heat generated by our star, Sol.

    I urge folks to read the content of these three links so they too can become subject matter experts about solar phenomena.

    People need to remember that humans have everso short lives, but the cosmos operates on a much greater scheme of things where cycles within cycles within cycles provide ever greater nestings within the greater cosmic cycle which is even our rotational path around the center of our Milky Way galaxy. It’s all working together in a chaotic, but synergistic fashion with each input having its own way on the grand scheme of things as it effects everso short-lived humans. : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. I don’t think it’s the sunspot activity itself Twietmeyer was writing about, but the shape of the sunspot.

    I guess it’s the first time in recorded history of solar study that a square sunspot has been observed.

    But we’ve only been recording such activity since 1749, so who’s to say that such things haven’t happened earlier than that.

    This essay is an extension of his premise that we’re currently in a shooting war with ET forces.

    Yeah, it’s tinfoil fer sure, but anything is possible, isn’t it?

  3. Hi dad2059…

    I’m sure there have been square sunspots in the past, but no one was around to record them. The ancient Chinese were observers of sunspot activity, but possibly due to visual limitations etc looking at the orb near sunset or sunrise through hazed skies did not allow them catalogue such a spot. Who knows maybe there is an account of square sunspots in the ancient Chinese records.

    Then again maybe it’s the square sunspot that appears just prior to the sun burping a huge solar flare that engulfs the earth and fries all the power transformers, and microelectronic circuitry in everything. The modern world as we know it will come to an halt no differently than if a one megaton EMP wep had been detonated over Conus at about 300km in altitude. A monster solar flare just might solve everyone’s financial problems… :)) All the money in the world goes “poof” because its no longer reckoned in d-bases anywhere every solid state device having been smoked. All gone forever as to how much anyone is worth except those holding gold and silver in their possession.

    Let’s say too in the entire life of the sun nominally around 5 billion years this is the very first “square sunspot” unlikely but possible. Hey no big deal, it’s simply number one. I wouldn’t worry about it and if my solar flare scenario occurs then we’ll have more to worry about than the preliminary square sunspot that warned us of such an upcoming event. : |

    My scenario is the worst possible as to what the sun can do to us rather quickly other than go nova which isn’t to be for another 5 billion years or so.

    I thought I’d mention something that’s quite fascinating about the sun. The heat we feel upon the earth on any given day is “old heat”. The fusion fires that generated the heat of this day was generated nominally about one million years ago in the core of the sun. The only particle from the reaction which allows us to check the sun’s core health is the neutrino which travels to earth within 8.5 minutes of the reaction. All the other byproducts of the fusion reactions takes a great length of time for it to meander ever so randomly to and fro towards the sun’s surface then to escape and make its journey to earth and beyond. The sun is one massive body for sure and it’s only a yellow “dwarf” in the main sequence of stars.

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. I dunno Nemo, maybe what Twietmeyer claims about the square sunspot does play into your killer flare scenario.

    In one of Arthur C. Clarke’s last novels he wrote with Stephen Baxter, ‘Sunstorm’, the Earth is being subjected to killer solar storms being wrought by the “First Born” who judge mankind unfit to exist.

    Be it man, gods, aliens or whoever, if anything deems me or anyone else unfit to exist just for existing, they can kiss my big pimply, hairy, disgusting ol’ Marine Corps arse! 👿

  5. Yo dad2059…

    I hear ya…! : ))

    Nemo **==

  6. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    Btw I forgot to mention I studied the so-called “square” sunspot closely and it seems to be four spots that have come together and have tornadic plasma mixing a their boundary layers creating the illusion of a somewhat squarish spot.

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. Hmmm, that makes sense. I could buy into that before the “square” theory.

    But wouldn’t that be just as odd to have four spots that close together? ❓

  8. Hi dad2059…

    I did some research concerning my speculation of four spots coming together into one super cell of interactive plasma and it seems to be true. Here’s two links referencing the phenomena and it could preface a large solar flare outburst hopefully not encompassing the earth with its main jet.

    I guess we can can consider the uniqueness of the square sunspot as just that; ie., a cluster of sunposts, possibly four or even five coming together to form what looks like a squarish supersunspot.

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. In the last paragraph of post #8: correcton “sunposts” should be sunspots… :))

    Nemo **==

  10. “In the last paragraph of post #8: correcton “sunposts” should be sunspots… :))”

    We all know what ya mean Nemo! 😆

    It does make for an interesting read and speculation, does it not?

    The Universe is a weird place. Phenomena that looks like intelligence is behind them could be natural and things that we take for nature could be made by intelligence.

    We simply don’t know enough yet to tell the difference!

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