Multi-generational debt

Not since the time of WWII and Roosevelt, and of course St. Ronnie of the Raygun, has the national debt has been this high in proportion to the Gross Domestic Product:

Cheneyburton says that deficits don’t matter.

It doesn’t if you’ve already pocketed billions of dollars worth of play-money, converted it into gold and stashed it in the Cayman Island vaults!

National debt topped $10 trill this week



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  1. As of six a.m. today, the Asian and Eurozone markets are nose diving.

    Oh yeah, buy up Wall Street bankster debt, that’s the ticket!

    👿 !

  2. Okay, we know we are in a mess. The market is already down 500+ points. What is the solution?

  3. You’re a debt management company and you’re asking me?

    Well, first off, giving people who caused this mess to begin with isn’t working, hell, when the Asian markets opened, brokers rejected the offer because they believe a recession is going to happen anyway.

    I would say recall the $700 billion because it’s not doing any good, pay off struggling home mortages, give loans to small businesses and credit unions and give everyone who makes below $200,000 a year a $7,000-$9,000 stipend to get by during the winter and to buy Christmas stuff.

    It’ll free up some credit and get cash flow going for the real business people, not corporate criminals like Paulson, Bu$hco, Cheneyburton and the whole lot of them on Wall Street that deserve to go belly-up!

  4. Yo Christian Debt Management…

    If possible high interest debt needs to be liquidated first by either debt consolidation or using any line of lower interest home equity credit that may be still be available to folks that negotiated such lines of credit. Most institutions have cut off equity lines of credit even if they’ve been pre-negotiated.

    As far as the market is concerned no one should be in the market at this time and should be flat in U.S. Treasury only Money Market funds or safe rated short term; under one year bank CD’s not to exceed 100g’s per account. Granted the yield isn’t very good, but in these times as Will Rogers once admonished during the Great Depression…”People shouldn’t be so concerned with the return on their money as the return of their money”…! : |

    In the event one feels they must be in the market then there’s a large number of inverse ETF’s; ie., down market Exchange Traded Funds. Some are even double leveraged meaning if the market goes down 10 percent the reverse ETF increases by 20 percent etc. The way to trade inverse ETF’s is to buy them on frenzied rallys towards previous market highs then to liquidate the position once the market drops to new lows which is when they will have acheived their greatest price as a function of the drop to new lows. But one must be nimble and be ready to sell out these inverse instruments upon market close of a major down day; then wait of the next ralley to overhead resistance to buy more of these inverse type ETF’s etc.
    There’s inverse ETF’s for the DOW30, most market sectors as well as World Indexes. Bear markets demonstrate incredible volatility on a day to day basis; ie. very choppy waters indeed.

    As far as bank accounts are concerned people need to go to or to find out the safety rating of their bank, S&L, credit union, insurance companies and health care orgs. People should keep their money in institutions with a B or better rating up to A+ which is extremely rare in these times. Also its important to continue to monitor the safety of one’s banks, credit unions etc.

    As a last resort then bankruptcy is the avenue to follow although financially traumatizing it provides relief for debtors and a way for them to start anew. Corporations do it so all the time, folks can too. : ) There’s no shame in it. It’s a time honored process and totally legal other than the social stigma that unenlightened peasants might suffer for having done so.

    I am not a financial advisor, but am a lifelong investor and am self taught in the markets from having having traded stocks, commodities and options traded against these type instruments.
    Do not trade with money you cannot afford to loose. It is recommended that a person have a fundimental knowledge of the markets and how to trade stocks before getting involved with ETF’s either straight (long market) or reverse (short market) instruments.

    My advice is to stay away from options since all they will do is enrich your broker in terms of commissions. You are not only trying to call the price right, but the market direction too, along with fighting time decay of the option which causes it to decrease in value on a daily basis to its expiration. The most important thing to study if one does buy options or complex option positions is to study the underlying instrument against which they are struck and base your option play on the underlying action rather than foolishly buying out of the money options and hoping for a single much less a home run. It will be like watching paint dry with the end result the speculator having lost their investment in the option.

    I hope my suggestions help.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Hi dad2059…

    Thanks for the great graphs! One thing we can notice for sure is that the Bush family is anathema to the financial well-being of this seemingly now failed experiment in freedom once known as the United States of America. : |

    Reagan was senile and easily manimpulated by H.W. Bush to spend trillions arming ourselves against a failing Soviet Union. Reagan failed to either read or was excluded from reading the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) that said clearly that the Soviets were ready to topple even if we hadn’t wasted a plugged nickel on “Star Wars” bullsh*t schemes etc. Surely the MIC guys were grinning ear to ear!

    Clinton was nothing but a holding regime until Bush/Cheney could come on line courtesy of Diebold voting machines and the SCOTUS override to finally issue their death blow to the U.S. by engaging us in a war based on cooked intelligence courtesy of the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney rogue intelligence pipeline along with the creation of the most expensive boondoggle of all time; ie., Homeland “inSecurity” along with TSA etc.

    When Reagan took office the Public debt was 800 billion dollars. Now 28 years later and having been done by two “rethuglican” regimes we now owe 11 trillion (11,000 billion) bucks to the big bad international bankers. So these criminal sob’s managed to slap 10 additional trillions of debt on our tax slave backs with “we the people” having absolutely nothing to show for it other than national misery.

    I rest my case against the Bushistas!

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Maybe because I’ve focussed on US economics for so long my antennae went ‘whinnnnng’ talking about bankruptcy. The act was Bu$hCo’d so as to allow stalking of creditors where before bankruptcy would have provided protection.
    I didn’t want you to miss a chance to get some Brit sense.

  7. Re: #6

    Thanks opit for the vid clip. If the end result of this criminal debacle weren’t so dark, it would be a “hoot and a half”… 😀

    I plan on watching a few more of the clips associated with these guys. I’m an angliophile so to me this “dry” Brit humor is truly the best. Simply too old guys in dark suits exchanging spot-on incisive wit about what’s happened in the housing markets not only in the U.S., but the Eurozone, Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

    It’s my understanding that Canada did not get involved in this scam and has been relentlessly paying down it’s public debt and has had a treasury surplus for the past seven years. It’s also resource rich and the Chinese are heavily invested in Canada as well as Australia as natural resource plays.

    Carl Nemo **==

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