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Are UFO aliens really “aliens”?

I have written on extraterrestrial intelligence and the Fermi Paradox previously and how it often pokes its head up and throws water on the fire of ETI.

Mainstream scientists contend there is no direct evidence of ETI, now or ever, despite the circumstantial evidence of it from all over the world in the guise of credible eyewitness accounts from airline pilots, military officers, police officers and others of various professional backgrounds that require a sharp eye and attention to detail. Not to mention ancient accounts of various cave art, carvings and legends, oral and written, of beings that are superhuman with the ability to fly, read minds, perform feats of strength and fly vehicles of great power and destruction.

Their main contention is because according to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, which maintains that, “…material objects cannot obtain or exceed the speed of light…”. With that, mainstreamers argue that it would take infinite energy and many, many years for advanced ETI to build ships and cross interstellar distances. It would be more economical to transmit radio messages across these distances they maintain and thusly, we have SETI in its present configuration.

At face value, the mainstreamers seem to be correct because of our present level of engineering technology and social construct. The meme of “Because we can’t do it now and in the forseeable future, they can’t do it either” and thus, “they are not here” prevails in the media and academia.

In a way, I have to agree. If one holds to the Darwinian Evolutionary Paradigm, the chances that other humans exist is practically zero, even if there are other Earth-like planets in the galaxy.

But that doesn’t exclude the possibility of ETI. I invoke the words of Arthur C. Clarke in this instance, paraphrasing, “…of intelligences, there may be vast, cold and powerful, but of other men, there are none…”.

Are we missing something here? Michio Kaku, professor of physics at the City University of New York believes that civilizations a million years ahead of ours would be capable of physical interstellar travel:

One of the main reasons I was interested in talking to Professor Kaku was his openness to some of the more ‘heretical’ areas of science. One of those topics is the scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon, something which he has gone on the public record as supporting. Professor Kaku said that generally UFOs were subject to the “giggle factor” with scientists, because most assume that the distance between possible civilisations is far too great. But he thinks differently.

“Once you imagine a civilization a million years more advanced (which is a blink of an eye compared to the 13.7 billion year age of the universe) then new laws of physics and technologies open up,” Dr Kaku told me. “For such a civilization (a Type III civilization, according to the Kardashev scale), travel between stars might not be such a problem.” ( link )

Kaku makes a valid statement, as it concerns the mainstreamers. But my question is, ” Why would aliens a million years ahead of us want to visit just to harvest our DNA in order to splice it into their own?”

What would be the purpose? According to Darwinian theory, they could be walking carrots or slimy advanced squid. Just because they might’ve come from an Earth-like planet, doesn’t mean they would be anything close to mammilian, let alone human. Their DNA, or the equivilent, would simply be incompatible.

Chances are, any interstellar probes coming here would either be VR, remote viewing or nanoprobes anyways. Less energy intensive and economical. No organics need apply.

If the culture has any organics left that is.

So who, or what could be experimenting on us poor lab animals?

Mac Tonnies, a writer for aboutSETI.com and his own blog Posthuman Blues, posits that extraterrestrial aliens aren’t doing the experimenting, it’s something much closer to home:

…the notion that advanced aliens — presumably thousands of years more advanced than us — would rely on kidnapping unsuspecting humans to obtain genetic samples seems singularly clumsy.

It’s more likely that a civilization capable of traveling between stars (or burrowing through space-time itself) would possess a knowledge of genetic engineering surpassing our own. Indeed, it’s tempting to speculate that a civilization only a few hundred years in advance of our own would have mastered the fundamentals of nanotechnology, rendering the need for “punch biopsies” and forcible semen extraction — let alone craft with portals and landing gear — obsolete.

This leaves us to consider that the “aliens,” instead of hailing from some distant star system, are in fact closely related to us and may originate much closer to home. Their frequent allusions to outer space, such as the celebrated “star map” shown to abductee Betty Hill, may be a subterfuge crafted to further our collective infatuation with “space visitors” — a fascination set firmly in place by the controversial “contactees” who preceded the emergence of the modern abduction epidemic by at least a decade.

(Former Ministry of Defense UFO investigator Nick Pope deals refreshingly with the contactee movement in his book “The Uninvited,” questioning the conventional wisdom that all those claiming benevolent contact with human-looking ETs were hoaxers and cranks. Instead, noting the distinct vein of duplicity that accompanies the history of paranormal visitation, he proposes that at least some of the contactees may have been dealing with genuine “others.” That these “others” made their first appearance as space travelers shortly after the creation of nuclear weapons, while typically attributed to social factors, may belie their terrestrial origin: If you lived among savages with increasingly destructive devices at their disposal, it may prove all too tempting to intervene, but in a way than denies your own existence at the same time it propagates your message.)

If we share our planet with indigenous humanoids — and I think the case for terrestrial origin is at least as robust as the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis — then it would certainly appear that we’re numerically — if not technically — superior. The “others” would be forced to live at the periphery of normal human perception, perhaps utilizing techniques analogous to recent breakthroughs with brain-machine interfaces and “mind control.”

Tonnies goes on to say that these beings often go out of their way to change our perceptions, saying that, ” …so many encounters with apparent aliens involve exposure to chemicals and needles inserted into the victim’s head. Sometimes close encounter witnesses are asked to drink noxious-tasting beverages prior to conversing with the “crew,” or subjected to imagery that can be ascribed to psychedelic “conditioning.” It would certainly seem that the aliens — terrestrial or otherwise — prefer to alter our perceptions prior to establishing contact. Given the selfish motives attributed to UFO occupants by researchers like Hopkins, the most coherent explanation for these techniques is that we’re being compelled to participate without the luxury of trusting our senses… “.

Perhaps that is why various shaman from cultures ancient and modern use psychodelic plants, herbs and medicines to speak with the ” spirits “, ” gods ”  or ” others ” over the millenia. Our perception to this very limited three dimensional domain needs to be side-stepped to converse with these creatures who may be more evolved than us, but perhaps share a common genetic history because the Earth ‘birthed’ us both.

Does that make the abduction and ‘alien hybrid’ scenario more palatable?

In my view no. Because of the fact humans have a sordid history of how we have treated our fellow creatures on this planet and our willingness to mistreat them to further our ends.

If these beings are indeed related to us, why should they treat us any better than we treat ourselves or others?

Real aliens would just pave the equivilent of a ten lane highway over us!

Human-Alien Hybrids?