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The Universe: God, VR Simulation or Boltzmann Fantasy?

Uh oh, Mac Tonnies is at it again:

A god-like intelligence wanting to understand the workings of our civilization might not be content with occasional “reconnaissance missions” or eavesdropping on our broadcasts. Perhaps nothing less than a robust, interactive simulation — with the aliens playing the roles of indigenous inhabitants — would suffice. In this case, for the simulation to bear anthropological fruit, it would behoove the aliens to think they really were Earthlings, complete with artificial memories. Only upon exiting the simulation would they remember their actual nature.

So maybe Earth as we know it is actually an alien virtual reality constructed as a sort of “Jurassic Park” in which to observe human society from the inside out. Or maybe, less glamorously, we’re all amnesiac participants in a vast nonhuman chat-room or first-person video game.

I go for the Boltzmann brain hypothesis myself and is just as valid IMO.

If we are simulations in VR with false memories, we could be Boltzmann brains with false memories too.

Or as my Christian friends Highwayman and James Essig would say, “Go for the enchilada and say a supernatural God willed the Earth into existence 6,000 years ago and created Mankind to be the center of Creation in order to be worshipped by angels, sinless ETs and the rest of the Universe.”

That is the ultimate tin-foil belief as HW is wont to say. If one is going to have false memories, have the biggest one there is!

The only thing I can say to that is “been there, done that, didn’t get a tee-shirt.”

And I don’t want my next set of false memories to be as grandiose as HW’s or Jim’s.

I just want a beach-house stocked with an infinite supply of Coronas!

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