The Universe: God, VR Simulation or Boltzmann Fantasy?

Uh oh, Mac Tonnies is at it again:

A god-like intelligence wanting to understand the workings of our civilization might not be content with occasional “reconnaissance missions” or eavesdropping on our broadcasts. Perhaps nothing less than a robust, interactive simulation — with the aliens playing the roles of indigenous inhabitants — would suffice. In this case, for the simulation to bear anthropological fruit, it would behoove the aliens to think they really were Earthlings, complete with artificial memories. Only upon exiting the simulation would they remember their actual nature.

So maybe Earth as we know it is actually an alien virtual reality constructed as a sort of “Jurassic Park” in which to observe human society from the inside out. Or maybe, less glamorously, we’re all amnesiac participants in a vast nonhuman chat-room or first-person video game.

I go for the Boltzmann brain hypothesis myself and is just as valid IMO.

If we are simulations in VR with false memories, we could be Boltzmann brains with false memories too.

Or as my Christian friends Highwayman and James Essig would say, “Go for the enchilada and say a supernatural God willed the Earth into existence 6,000 years ago and created Mankind to be the center of Creation in order to be worshipped by angels, sinless ETs and the rest of the Universe.”

That is the ultimate tin-foil belief as HW is wont to say. If one is going to have false memories, have the biggest one there is!

The only thing I can say to that is “been there, done that, didn’t get a tee-shirt.”

And I don’t want my next set of false memories to be as grandiose as HW’s or Jim’s.

I just want a beach-house stocked with an infinite supply of Coronas!

Children of the Singularity


14 responses

  1. Boltzmann Brains — I need to write a post about those! Thanks for reminding me! 🙂

  2. The Boltzmann brain hypothesis intrigues me because of the false memory thing Mac.

    It questions the very existence of reality itself!

    Who, or what, observes the observer? ❓

  3. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    The Boltzmann Brain makes for great sci-fi material, but doesn’t hold up in the physical reality of the universe as we know it now or as we witness on planet earth but to this point in time no where else in our solar system or “out there”.

    We are not alone at least on earth and share the planet with millions of other species from bacteria to the highest lifeforms such as us. We are not the only creatures with brains so the thought of etheric consciousness floating about in space is an example of thinkers possibly thinking too much while doing drugs … :))

    When Boltlzmann postulated such a theory he lived in a scientific world that supported a steady state universe that did not account for the “Big Bang” and expansive one going from a super-heated cosmic glue of almost infinite density and thermal energy to one that goes “BANG” and then proceeds to evolve into an ordered cosmos teeming with billions of galaxies and trillions of stars.

    Granted entropy seems to contradict the appearance of organized; ie., “ordered” lifeforms, but entropy is best linked with closed thermodynamic systems rather than that of evolutionary driven lifeform based systems that are driven by meiotic and mitotic cellular replicative mechanisms that work against a feedback loop of environmental stimuli over a great period of time; ie., evolution that allows the organism to best match its environmental conditions or to simply perish.

    Here’s a link that should help folks clear the Boltzmann hypothesis from their free-floating etheric brains that are operating in an alien theme park on planet earth… / : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Hi dad2059…

    I posted one that should have come up as #3, but Aski evidently doesn’t even like subjects like the Boltzmann Brain and considers it SPAM too… :)) Your assist would be appreciated.

    Nemo **==

  5. Aski definitely doesn’t like you Nemo, maybe you ought to bring him a “bone” once in a while to distract him! :mrgreen:

  6. Yeah but the Boltzmann hypothesis is that through random fluctuations in the Universe, or even now-a-days in modern physics where there are multiverses or other new universes being created, the number of Brains would outnumber others:

    The expansion of the universe seems to be accelerating, making galaxies fly away from one another faster and faster. If the leading dark-energy suspect, a universal repulsion Einstein called the cosmological constant, is true, this runaway process will last forever, and distant galaxies will eventually be moving apart so quickly that they cannot communicate with one another. Being in such a space would be like being surrounded by a black hole.

    Rather than simply going to black like “The Sopranos” conclusion, however, the cosmic horizon would glow, emitting a feeble spray of elementary particles and radiation, with a temperature of a fraction of a billionth of a degree, courtesy of quantum uncertainty. That radiation bath will be subject to random fluctuations just like Boltzmann’s eternal universe, however, and every once in a very long, long time, one of those fluctuations would be big enough to recreate the Big Bang. In the fullness of time this process could lead to the endless series of recurring universes. Our present universe could be part of that chain.

    In such a recurrent setup, however, Dr. Susskind of Stanford, Lisa Dyson, now of the University of California, Berkeley, and Matthew Kleban, now at New York University, pointed out in 2002 that Boltzmann’s idea might work too well, filling the megaverse with more Boltzmann brains than universes or real people.

    In the same way the odds of a real word showing up when you shake a box of Scrabble letters are greater than a whole sentence or paragraph forming, these “regular” universes would be vastly outnumbered by weird ones, including flawed variations on our own all the way down to naked brains, a result foreshadowed by Martin Rees, a cosmologist at the University of Cambridge, in his 1997 book, “Before the Beginning.”

    This is from your article Nemo.

    Also, “reality” as it concerns the Brains is subjective, if you were a ‘Brain’, how could you tell if you weren’t?

    Even what you refer to as evolution and environmental systems could be a false memory, there’s no way you can tell the difference.

    The Boltzmann brain hypothesis is about perception and everyone’s is different.

    I could be a product of your false memory and reverse.

  7. Hi dad2059…

    Too bad our bills and taxes both property and income aren’t a figment of our collective imaginations; ie., false memories, reverse or otherwise then we could skate on our obligations and tell the collectors and government enforcers that taxes and bills are nothing but the result of our mutually shared false memories having to do with Boltzmann based false realities…no?! ; )

    Since the collective mind of world societies have codified rules to live by there seems to be structure with expected outcomes otherwise humankind wouldn’t have made it out of the muck of time through shared thoughts with resultant inventions along with grand societal failures along the way. Every attempt at progress would have ended up with isolated thoughts with no collective beneficial outcomes. We as a species been struggling out of deep time for an estimated 5 million plus years which represents hundreds of billions of physical brains as opposed to etheric Boltzmann brains extant in a hypothesized undiscovered multiverse. We’ve gotten no breaks or a free ride when it comes to our collective progress as a species. It’s been a tough, circuitous road to travel indeed!

    To me Boltzmann type conjecture is nothing but chewing gum for the mind with little utility concerning anything in the physical world other than for entertainment and possible material for sci-fi novels.

    I’ll provide a Wiki link to Ludwig Boltzmann which will discuss his life’s work in statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. He was one bright guy and ahead of his time concerning the basis for modern atomic theory.

    Rest assured the thoughts that came from his brow were not the result of shared “false memories or realities”.

    I think therefore I am “miserable”… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. Too bad our bills and taxes both property and income aren’t a figment of our collective imaginations; ie., false memories, reverse or otherwise then we could skate on our obligations and tell the collectors and government enforcers that taxes and bills are nothing but the result of our mutually shared false memories having to do with Boltzmann based false realities…no?! ; )

    That’s the trouble with false memories, you can’t tell whether they’re false or not! LOL!

    Yeah, it is too bad we can’t tell the NWO that their taxes and bills are nothing but false memories, then we’d be put into false memory jail!

    But hey, Boltzmann invented the theory, I’m just pushing it because it’s so outrageous, it might be true!

    And it gives people something to think about.

    Plus it was a response to Mac’s post about the Singularity as it relates to ETI and the Fermi Paradox.

    I find it interesting that Boltzmann was a friend of Maxwell.

    Weren’t Maxwell’s theories the basis of Einstein’s? It seems that I read about that somewhere.

    I think therefore I am “miserable”…

    If you weren’t otherwise Nemo, you wouldn’t be you!

    Even if you might be a reincarnated Boltzmann brain from a previous Universe! 😉

  9. Hi dad2059…

    Btw, Boltzman was a “manic depressive”, modern terminology; “bipolar”…?! : |

    No doubt he had his good “daze”; ie. productive concerning statistical thermodynamics and mechanics, but then he had his bad “daze” concerning ethereal “Boltzmann Brains” in the multiverse too…! / : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. The NWO and all of it’s attendant garbage (i.e. taxes, regulations) are FICTIONS, that is, they are non-entities, and only non-entities (strawmen) are entitled to participate in the NWO’s pseudo-economy. That’s why every slave must be REGISTERED at birth, now, and you must register and SIGN for practically everything. Your all-capitalized ‘name’ on your driver’s license, birth certificate, etc., is the strawman I’m referring to. They (the NWO) have no legal or moral right to touch or otherwise enslave ANY human being, only the fictions they manufacture in commerce. Commerce is the religion of the New World Order, and to participate in that commerce, you must be registered and subsequently commercialized. I’ve blogged on this subject before, or have attempted to.

    There is no reason for any North American to be enslaved to taxation or registration, it is a mindset that the elitists have programmed into us. “Oh… we simply HAVE to pay taxes, serve in the military, jump off a bridge holding an anvil, etc., etc.” Bullshit! We don’t have to do anything that we don’t want to, but we’ve managed to convince ourselves that we’re obligated. We outnumber the NWO bastards a million to one, and they lead us around like dogs on a leash, and rationalize while they do it.

    How is it that I have been able to clear up credit card debt by offers at settlement, (debt made before I was wise to all of this) escape from other so-called civic ‘duties’ and census and polls, when others have been fined and/or imprisoned for trying to circumvent the system while remaining in it? We are where we are BY CHOICE, folks! Slaves are obligated, free men are not, nor can they be made to submit except by other free men acting as slaves under the delusion that they are free men.

    The Bible is more than just a document of religious sayings, it is a treatise on economics, and it states quite openly and emphatically; “Choose you, this day, whom you shall serve… if mammon, (commercialization, materialism) then serve mammon, if God, serve God, but not both, as you will serve one and hate the other.” (Paraphrased)

    Unfortunately, the masses will never catch on to this simple fact of life. We are slaves, because we wish to be slaves. Humanity was never intended for slavery of any kind.

    If you want the so-called ‘benefits’ (and there appear to be some) of living in a homogenized, sterile, artificial construct of a world, then sign on up, and prepare to take what comes in the fine print. The only price for security in the New World Order are your God-given sovereign rights and freedoms… no big deal, right? Must not be, the entire fucking planet has sold itself down the river, so it can eat, drink, and be merry!

    There are ways you can survive in both worlds, for a time, but eventually, you’ll be forced to choose which one you want. It’s all a matter of simple economics… what is the most equitable solution.

    Personally, I’m saving for a rainy day.


  11. The Lord counseled the religious leaders of the day to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” The NWO’s concept of commercialization existed then, as now. They had embraced commercialization, and were attempting to trap Him into uttering subversive statements that would get Him imprisoned or executed.

    The Lord never entered into contract with the system, as most of us have. Humanity was created as free moral agents, accountable only to God and His moral code. In short, if it doesn’t hurt your fellow man, or violate God’s law, (set up to prevent us hurting one another) you’re free to do whatever your little heart desires. Not under the elitist pseudo-economy, though, where hundreds of thousands of laws and statutes supersede the ten basic principles for happiness. Satan (and his stooges) had a ‘better’ way, and boy-howdy, is it working or what?

    We’re all still waiting, with bated breath, for the IRS to deliver to us the statute out of their voluminous manual, where it shows where any human being is required to pay taxes. (CRA, here, in Canada.) Under the construct, there is an obligation for strawmen, (willing participants) to pay taxes, and if people want to pay taxes, they are fully free to do so. I’m fully free to flush my fiat notes down the nearest head, anytime I wish! It’s my ‘money’ to do with as I please, isn’t it? Perhaps, though, there are some that would like to use it for other more personal applications, but they really don’t seem to have any say in matters, do they? Not without the inevitable ‘publick’ backlash from know-nothing slaves, who feel that everyone should be as ignorant and miserable (and poor) as they!

    Anyway, life is what we make it.

  12. Anyway, life is what we make it.

    It can be, but we can feel trapped at times by obligations to ourselves and family.

    Now, some people might not see it that way, but I do.

    Some would say, “Do what you want anyway, who’s to stop you?”

    Again I’m going to ask the hard question of “Can (a) man be moral without subscribing to the belief of a Judeo-Christian God?”

    I say yes and can give examples of Confucius and Gandhi. I could give myself as an example also, but I’m in no way a virtue of morality.

    But I do know my duty to myself and family.

    I don’t think a just “God” would condemn people to eternal “hell” or “death” because they didn’t believe in a certain Christian sect’s version of their perceived true.

    The key word is “perceived”.

    But like I told Nemo, your version of reality could be just as valid as any future Singularity/VR super-simulation, Boltzmann brain or Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    How could you tell? Nobody could.

    No matter the belief system.

    Unfortunately, the NWO has been successful imposing their version of “reality” and people are buying into it, giving them more power than they would otherwise get.

    And “that” is what we’re fighting against.

  13. That is the hook, where we are trapped by our affiliations with and to others. Christ did make a statement where any man who considered his friends and family over his Creator, wasn’t worthy of Him. That is considered as one of the hardest statements made in scripture, and that was uttered post-Pentateuch. The Old Testament God, though the same as the New Testament God, is considered to be harsh and unapproachable, and that latter statement throws some folk for a loop.

    Consider the alternative scenario, though, and I had to mull this through, the same as I’m asking you to do, as I know how serious this sounds. The evolutionist – what hope does he have? Is it not as harsh a reality to know that once you’ve lived out your normal lifespan, you die… forever? There is no eternal punishment, so to speak, and neither is there any in scripture – that is a pagan belief, not Christian, but Christianity has adopted it for some reason. But, either way, there is a possibility that you’re dead, forever, with no chance of return. I find that scenario every bit as depressing as anything you could find in your version of the Gospel. Yet, scientists do not seem apologetic for their assertions, so why should Christians apologize for their beliefs? At least they offer SOME hope, whereas the humanists cannot, unless they somehow find a way to extend life indefinitely. And if they could, what about all of those already gone? Like I said… depressing!

    A man can live a moral, upright life, and not claim to be a Christian, but they are still under the Spirit’s influence. The natural man is not prone to behave in a moral or just manner, if you go by the scriptural evidence. Again, morality has no place in the evolutionary paradigm, where survival is the paramount concern, and anything is permissible toward that end. There is, nor can there be, any right or wrong, just survival. The two schools agree on this, that we are essentially self-oriented, self-absorbed creatures, and we, ultimately, are concerned with what is best for ourselves, whereas other’s concerns are secondary. The Spirit’s influence enables us to even consider the feelings and wants of others, whereas the natural man is concerned only with himself.

    The Gospel teaches duty to family and fellow man, but that even those are secondary to a man’s relationship with his Creator. After all, he or his family would not even exist without God. There is no such requirement in the evolutionary paradigm, only survive, even if you have to kill your parents and siblings to do it. Now, which sounds harsher to you?

    There is a law that governs the whole universe, and it cannot be broken, the same as you or I cannot expect the law of gravity to reverse itself, if we decide of our own volition to walk off a cliff. God is that law, and He designed His universe in a certain way, and to run contrary to that law results in extinction. God is bound by His own moral law, as well, and cannot make exceptions for those that do not agree with His law. We have been given a choice, though, and that is more than we’re given here, in this life, under totalitarian rule. People, essentially, save or condemn themselves. Provision has been made, through Christ, for salvation. God doesn’t twist arms.

    Again, in answer to your question; “How can we know?”, there is no definitive answer that will satisfy everyone, because the essence of the Gospel is faith. People exercise faith, everyday, in many applications. Evolution requires faith, as scientists do not have all the answers, in fact, they are always having to adjust their theories to suit new evidence that comes along. In the end, one’s own intuition speaks loudest, and for me, the idea of divine intervention and design happens to make more sense than any scientific explanation for life, and believe me, I’ve looked!

    The Good Book says that our warfare is against “principalities and powers”, and that would describe the NWO quite well. That’s why I got into blogging, to share what I know about the NWO and how it pertains to the great controversy. My message has hope, whereas my detractors have none to offer, and you’ve seen the evidence of that in those that we used to associate with, online, and many have now given up in despair over the recent events of this century.

    There is no easy ride for any of us, in either reality. One has to look ahead, down the line, and understand that these are only the beginning of sorrows. I have a family, too, like you, Marine, and I worry about them. Join the club!

    One thing I can say is that things have a way of working out, so don’t sell God short. Forget the rhetoric and fundamentalist mumbo-jumbo, and concentrate on what is logical and sensible…

    “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

    That is the essence of what the Gospel is.

  14. Alternate realities might be a fact or myth,but whichever reality we belong to there are some consistent and uniform truths,like, most people follow the doctrine of expediency and practice hedonism(the sea wolf).

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