Analog Science Fiction/Fact Cover Art II

More days of future past from the 1970s with my favorite sci-fi magazine at the time, Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact.

What Skylab was supposed to look like.

This issue featured Pournelle’s “launching laser” concept.

This might actually happen if Musk or Bigelow get their way.

This issue reassessed John W. Campbell’s support of the Dean Drive

and featured one of Orson Scott Card’s early “Ender” tales.

*Sigh* Hard to believe the 1970s can be nostalgic, but hey, compared to Bu$hco’s dystopia, it was Wonderland!



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  2. This last week, I was covering some ground that I hadn’t been since the early 70’s, and man, was I nostalgic! I really, really pity the youth of today, for they have absolutely no clue as to the relative simplicity of life and freedom from stress that the 60’s and 70’s afforded, when compared with these insane times.

    People were more considerate and… well… human, in those times. There were no goddamned cell phones to rule our lives, no Kyoto-friendly, ugly pieces of shit for cars, no political-correctness, etc., etc. People, generally, were just happier and content.

    I remember a show called “Here Come The Seventies”, where they forecasted all manner of improvements in science and technology for the then coming decade. Virtually none of those ever came to fruition, though. I was looking forward to having my own private space car… now, I hate driving anything!

    Having lived in those times, yes, I can believe that they were nostalgic. The New World Order blows, big time, and any asshole that says that these days are superior in ANY way, is just that… an ignorant asshole, that hasn’t lived long enough to know much of anything.

    My forecast for the 21st Century blows about as much as the accuracy for the Seventies turned out to be.

  3. Even sci-fi authors like Charlie Stross aren’t too happy with the way things have been turning out.

    He was a computer geek ( or guru, depends on your take ) during the boom time 1990s and he said in an interview he would’ve been the first one back in those days to wire a jack into his skull so he could link up with the growing Internet.

    Now he says he prefers a good firewall!

    I have to agree with him.

  4. Yeah, I was as ‘techy’ as they get, too, in those days. Had to try out anything and everything. ‘Course, there wasn’t the complexity that there is today, either.

    I don’t think there is an expert for anything, anymore, because the technology is advancing too fast. How can anyone keep up with all of the advancements at the rate they’re changing?

    The world is going mad.

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