The coming Star Trek XI movie

Being a “Trekkie/Trekker” from waaaay “back in the day” before the term was even thought of, I was curious how J.J. Abrams ( of ‘Lost’ fame ) was going to pull off the so-called beginning of one of the greatest fictional friendships/partnerships of media history, the story of James T. Kirk and the half-Vulcan Spock.

The movie was supposed to come out this December around Christmas, but like all big budget flicks, editing, money, egos and other film releases pushed back the date to the summer of 2009.

But that’s not what I’m writing about. My interest is piqued by the official Paramount trailer and the appearance that the original Star Ship U.S.S. Enterprise is being constructed on the ground.

Yup. On the ground. In a shipyard much like the ones in Newport News, Virginia and Groton, Connecticut.

WTF! Is Abrams counting on the average movie goers ignorance of how spaceship construction would work in the future and risk the ire of engineers and technicians who grew up watching the original series ( which prompted them to take up their professions to begin with ) for dramatic affect and license in order to tell a story?

That’s what it appears like anyway.

Of course, I could be wrong and the trailer is just performing its function as an attention getter. The construction of the Enterprise itself in the film would be portrayed correctly.

The following is a combination of the official Paramount trailer and a fan-based “addition” of the Enterprise.

Judge what you see on its merits and form your own opinion if Trek canon is being violated or not.

It matters not to me. As Star Trek ‘Liberty’ fan-fic author Joseph Manno notes, “All Trek canon is canon…”.

Make it so Number One!

Star Trek XI Trailer w/fan extra


Tomorrow ol’ dad2059 is taking the day off from posting, just ’cause.

Have a good week people!


7 responses

  1. Seems to me I remember the Constitution Class ships being constructed on the ground in San Francisco, before the later versions, which were constructed in space. I don’t know how they got those bulky things up off the ground, but they never really got into that in the books or the series.

    It ought to be a good one, this show, though I’m sequel-weary.

  2. Now that I remember, the San Francisco Construction yards were supposed to be the first place where Constitution Class ships were built.

    I dunno. In one of the classic Trek shows, the Enterprise is shown flying through the atmosphere because of an accidental collision with a singularity throwing the ship back to the 20th Century and one of the fan-flics made by James Cawley’s company a few years back showed a Constitution Class ship flying through an alien planet’s atmosphere to a Guardian of Forever.

    In the fan-flic, the explanation was that although Star Ships weren’t primarily made for atmospheric flight, they were capable of it.

    Maybe that’s the premise here.

  3. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    As many other folks, I have enjoyed the Star Trek series from its infancy, but the last few movies sucked as far as I’m concerned.

    William Shatner, born March 22, 1931 now age 77 is too fat and old and Leonard Nimoy, born March 26, 1931, age 77 although not fat is simply far too old looking even with makeup and is beginning to look like Yoda the Jedi Master of Star Wars fame. /: )

    Bill Shatner has become an annoyance to me with his Priceline commercials which almost seems to me like a “mercy contract” to help the guy make a buck in his old age. Is he trying to portray “Porky Pig as Secret Agent Man” or what? I always “mute” the commercials or do a channel flip to something that I can stomach. I posted birth dates since I found it fascinating that they were born the same year four days apart per Wiki profiles.

    They need to fade from the big screen with dignity. Hopefully their last great voyage will end up with their starcruiser incinerated by a pissed off supernova that’s had enough of the sequels too… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. This new ST movie is with totally different and younger actors Nemo.

    Much criticism has been levelled at Abrams claiming that the new movie looks like a combination of the CW’s ‘One Tree Hill’ and the Apple iPod’s Genius bar!

    I’m willing to give it a shot. Nimoy has a cameo as an elder “Yoda-like” Spock, probably telling the story.

    Billy Shats was offered the same, but stories differ about how it went down. Abrams has one version and Billy has another take.

    Consider the sources I guess on which story you believe.

  5. Funny thing is
    no matter how ‘cute’
    I just don’t think that shape could withstand warp speeds
    but hell, who cares – it is only a movie

  6. “William Shatner, born March 22, 1931 now age 77 is too fat and old…”

    LOL! Careful, Carl… you’ll get yourself ostracized like this old gear-jammer did in the Liberal blogs for sounding Conservative! Dad’s more open-minded than most, and in defense of my fellow countryman, Bill Shatner, I believe, is probably one of the most realistic men I’ve ever known. He often chided his groupies that they needed to “get a life” over their swooning over the Star Trek series. Now, he’s no longer the physical specimen that he once was, (and he was an exceptional athlete) and he knows it, but he keeps moving on.

    I do not hold with the idea that the Star Trek scenario will ever come to pass, and despite it’s slant toward the humanist philosophy, I find it not only entertaining but mind-expanding. It does make one pause to think, and did it’s part to help bring social reforms in the 1960’s. The episode where Kirk and Uhura shared a kiss, was very risque in the racially-divided America of that time.

    Like Q-9, I still like it for it’s entertainment value. I’d never quote it for a scientific or technical treatise, but it’s moral and philosophical value is definitely measurable in practical terms.

    And, I like Kirk better than Picard… Picard’s too stiff and politically-correct!


  7. God Bless the Enterprise. I am so looking forward to this movie. Usually I wait until movies come out on DVD since I’m a member of Netflix, but aside from having to take my daugther to High School Musical 3, I’m seeing this one in the theater. I think it would be nice to see Kirk rigging the Kobyoshi Maru (sp?). Live long and prosper.

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