“What’s the matter with him sir?”

Ismir had entered Lamont’s quarters after not hearing anything from him for about four hours.

And discovered him frozen in his “lotus” position.


Without the actual cold.

Colonel Gryzbowsky was just as puzzled as Ismir was, even though he knew about Lamont’s little “idiosyncrasies.”

Four hours is the longest Lamont has gone “under” so to speak.

Ismir was visibly rattled. “Look at his nose sir!”

Out of the corner of Lamont’s left nostril, dark blood trickled slowly down toward the crook of his mouth.

Ismir, being from Turkey wasn’t too comfortable being around nanotech engineered super-soldiers ( or Marines ) such as Lamont.

One would think that seeing blood would make Lamont more human in Ismir’s eyes, but that wasn’t the case.

There were still stories and myths about super-human “djinn” in Islamic cultures in the 21st Century.

And such beings were considered demigods or angels.

Most of the time though, they were labelled demons.

“At ease Captain, Lamont is performing his duty and I suggest we should do the same!”

Gryzbowsky’s gruff admonishment snapped Ismir out of his fugue, clearing his head enough to get a grip on his emotions.

And superstitions.

“Aye aye sir!”, Ismir snapped out Marine-like. At least he still sounded it.

But he couldn’t help looking at Lamont, blood still trickling down his face, now toward his tee-shirt collar.

“So…what…do we do sir?”, asked Ismir, still gawking at Lamont.

For Colonel Gryzbowsky there was only one answer.

And he had no choice but to trust Lamont’s abilities and the technology of the Northern Hemisphere Union.

“We wait.”


2 responses

  1. …..zzzzzZZZZZ* The Northen Hemisphere Union? Surely you push the envelope Dad, but that goes without saying after reading about Lamont frozen in the “lotus” position, indicating maybe, a spiritual consciousness.

    Excellent stuff, and well worth waiting for…G:

  2. More’s the asking Geez, glad you like it!

    There will be history about the Northern Hemisphere Union coming later.

    Let’s just say the NHU makes Bu$hco look like pre-schoolers!

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