Chart of Change

For all of you US Government junkies who are fascinated with how much of our fiat funny-money is pumped into the military-industrial-congressional complex, here’s a handy-dandy historical chart that in fact traces our change from an isolationist republic during the 1940s into the globe-spanning neo-communist proto-world state we are now.


Wall Death and Taxes

Hat tip to Ignorance Is Futile!


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  1. Hi Dad2059;

    Interesting graph!

    Although I am personally cautious not to put to much focus on conspiracy theories, in the event that there is a Global Conspiracy to keep the general public dumbed down such as a preperation for the comming of the alledged Anti-Christ as is the subject of certain Evangelical Clergymens’ services and even, if I am not mistaken, some of the reported modern day apparitions of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the powers that be could not have pulled such off more effectively.

    The loss of respect for life at all stages of its development, the seemingly intractable fixation with ever more powerful military technologies, even far out ones that are publically discussed such as the 747 ABL laser weapons platform, the developement of the U.S. Army’s gunship mounted tactical high energy laser which supposedly is being designed to literally burn through tanks and other armoured vehicles and which most certainly can be used as an antipersonell weapons system, and the like, not only have the natural corrupting evil forces within humanity and perhaps the same from some unscrupulous ETI influences behind it, but must also have some diabolical backing or strong influence from the eternal and bodiless pure spirit beings commonly referred to as fallen angels.

    The state of civilization here on Earth and the debasement of life and the virtue of truth which is completely sub-verted in any global conspiracies ultimately, I feel must have the backing of Satan Himself behind it. The Devil and His minions would have a party and a field day of “laughing with delight” should mankind destroy himself with the now humiliatingly powerful and destructive ever growing nuclear arsenals on Earth based on simple mid 20th century physics.

    I do not mean to get too religious here, but I see the work of the Evil One behind any global conspiracies.

  2. You sound like my buddy Highwayman sometimes ( whom I have frequent arguments with regarding religion ).

    While I don’t believe supernatural beings, or evil aliens are behind global conspiracies, I do think there are people in various positions of governments and corporations who believe they are ‘elites’ and think themselves better than ordinary folk.

    They use various methods of control; financial, governmental, industrial, media and yes, religion, to set their agenda and meet their goals.

    Whether they pray to Lucifer or reptilian aliens and these purported creatures appear to them and bestow them ‘power’ is another matter, and I don’t think that happens.

    The important thing for these elites however, certain people believe that happens, and that plays into their control games.

  3. Hi Dad2059;

    Thanks for the above wisdom and response.

    I think a good example of these “elites” using the economy for control are those who run the petroleum, coal, and natural gas industry. I heard that Exxon had a record profit for the last quarter year while we were paying nearly $4.50/gallon at the gas pumps here in Northern Virginia.

    With all of the solar, wind, and ocean wave power available, a total quantity of potential power within Earth’s biosphere of 10,000 times greater than the output of human civilization, we could run our civilization on Earth for 5 billion more years. We would not even need recourse to exotic proposed technologies such as zero point field energy extraction. Simply collecting the ambient real energy within our biosphere could could probably be used to support well over 10 billion humans on Earth.

    The solar output of 4 x (10 EXP 26) watts is about 4 billion times the solar power that falls on Earth. This is a great source to power intestellar high gamma factor beam driven ships. If some method of using broken symmetry to convert matter into antimatter very efficiently is developed, than we could have all of the antimatter rocket fuel we could ever need to sport about the Milky Way with high to ultra high gamma factor photon rockets. Even if a lack of such a symmentry exists, the use of plain old space based accellerator technology could produce more than enough antimatter to accomplish the same interstellar space faring tasks.

    The really cool thing about antimatter, especially with regards to broken symmetries, is the potential to use antimatter for novel space time distortion effects that might exist in certain macroscopic supplies of antimatter at ordinary temperatures and pressures such as those of STP range values.

    Note that my brother John and I work in the field of renewable energy and disaster and humanitarian relief technologies and have about 7 issued U.S. patents and 4 issued patents abroad as well as numerous additional patents pending abroad for the simple basic technology we have developed, which in a nut shell, involves nothing more exotic than high school physics and simple ambient energy resource and materials collection.

    Thus you can see the reason why I am enamoured with the renewable energy ever present within our enviroment. With such a large total solar output, it seems a big shame not to go completely renewable.


    Your Friend Jim

  4. Do you and your brother have the business together?

    That’s great if you do. With patents also. Pretty impressive.

    ‘Renewable’ energy ( if the Second Law of Thermodynamics has any validity, there isn’t such a thing ) is a misnomer, I prefer the notion of more ‘advanced’ energy, i.e., satellite transferred solar, hydrogen fusion, windmill, geothermal that will enable humanity to attain the K-Type I civilization that is the next step in intelligent civilization ( Technological Singularity also? )

    I think nanotechnology that allows us to ‘mine’ old landfills would be great too.

    You ought to see if you and your brother could find a feasible way to develop that.

  5. Hi Dad2059;

    Thanks for asking.

    My brother John and I have been envolved in development of our IP portfolio for about 10 years now. My brother John has had a Company called Essig Enterprises Inc. and has funded much of the patent attorney fees for applications where we have had legal represention as well as any administrative costs before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the few applications for which we were applicants prose. I have also spent much of my savings and have worked outside of our joint efforts as needed to supply money to help keep the IP afloat.

    Note however, that we currently do not have joint ownership of a company. We had perhaps a good opportuinity to market or at least pitch a completely different form of technology for which another family member and an inlaw were coinventors, and for which some other family members would have been consultants within the fields of business management and development and also within the infromation technology field, however when we all showed up, or at least some of our team showed up at a formal business meeting with a prospective corporate partner, we seemed to have overwhelmed them with Essigs.

    Nonetheless, my brother John and I are seeking some form of revenue or return on our current IP portfolio efforts. Licensing, royalty sharing, joint venture funding, angel investor funding, partial or full contingency agreements, out right IP rights purchasing etc., in short, anyway that we can obtain a return on our investments of time and money would be more than welcome for us.

    In case you are interested in simply learning more about our IP, I can
    and would be more than happy to provide more information on the subject for you.

    I am not attempting to do a brag session here, but when our first patent application issued, I was happy that I had contributed to humanities permanent depository of knowledge with the seal of approval of the U.S. government, via the US PTO. Inventing is fun, but now we need some financial backing to bring the technology to market.

    Regarding mining old landfills, that would be a very useful concept to develop. The ability to tap current landfills for methane collection and combustion to power turboelectric generators I think is cool also.

    Regarding the use of the word renewable energy, I have to agree with you. Advanced energy especially the self contained nature of nuclear fusion reactor based energy would be a great development, not only for energy generation here on Earth, but also to power large fusion powered interstellar colony ships.

    We have a lot of firewood in the back yard and I sometimes am tempted to think of the possibility of using wood and other simmilar biomass to produce energy in commercial electrical power plants. The problem of how to regrow the copious quantities of wood in a timely manner without depleating the soil based nutrients may be a problem. Also, the smoke from wood burning, at least from typical domestic fire places, as you know is quite thick. Perhaps some sort of scrubber technology could capture the particulates generated in any wood fired commercial power plants.

    Either way, I find it neat, although obvious, the sunlight can potentially drive biofuel production on Earth for as long as the Earth’s biosphere exists.


    Your Friend Jim

  6. In case you are interested in simply learning more about our IP, I can and would be more than happy to provide more information on the subject for you.

    Intriguing Jim, I might give that invitation some thought, thanks!

  7. Sounds like another candidate to review
    A kid recently isolated bacteria which reduce plastic.

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