The “Long War”, Obama, Neo-communism and the GooglePlex AI

Many people I have been in contact with during the past two years are good folk and mean well.

To most, President-elect Obama is seen as a vastly superior improvement over the fascist Bu$hco Regime and believe that the idea of the American Federal Empire will end.

Possibly for the former, not even close for the latter!

Is Dad a closet fascist? What’s his beef with Obama?

I don’t have a personal beef with the Obamanator. In fact, I’m glad a neo-communist-like Clinton Centrist got selected, it means the chances of some scraps falling from the elites banquet table onto the floor is vastly increased.

So that means even more corpo-government snooping into our stuff, but my family probably won’t be living under a bridge in the foreseeable future.

Call me selfish, but my family comes first, sorry.

But as long as the InnerTubes are still “free” to a certain extent, I’m going to post both sides to the story.

In that spirit, here’s a little news from Pakistan that’s not going to stop any time soon, even after Obama takes the Oath of Office:

At least 10 people are dead after the latest U.S. killer drone strike on the border region of Pakistan.

Four missiles slammed into a suspected Al Qaeda training camp in Kumsham village, in North Waziristan province. Casualty counts vary: Local reports say ten were killed; a Pakistani military official tells the AFP that “between 11 to 14 militants, mainly foreigners, were killed in the strike.”

On Monday, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari warned the new U.S. commander for Iraq and Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, that the attacks were “counterproductive” and could harm the battle for hearts and minds here…

Official sources, however, admit privately that successful U.S. strikes benefit Pakistan’s military efforts to eliminate foreign militants on its soil. ( link )

Like the centrist Clinton before him, Obama is going to wage Imperial War using AI technology instead of live soldiers. ( link )

Doubt me? Check this:

Let’s say you happen to be amongst the puppeteers who run the big show from behind the scenes. Like if you were one of the many deeply embedded in the Military Industrial Complex, the central banking scheme, the Big 5 Media, etc. You know, the people that steer (electioneer) and even rig the elections. The “Disaster Capitalists” whose portfolios are set to make profits off of any and nearly all disasters. The people who seek world government aka global domination, and who use the United States as the machine to make that a reality.

Well if you’re one of these people then you face a serious problem: you can’t control a system when most of its population doesn’t trust you. Likewise, you can’t control an alert population. Most importantly: you can’t maintain a system of quiet domination when the youth of it are angry, and are making noise in the streets. Enter Obama.

To maintain a hegemonic system of never ending perpetual war -bent on global domination- you need a subdued and dumbed down citizenry. In particular, you need the youth not only ignorant to the hard truth, but you also need them to believe in your government. Therefore, the more cult-like you can get them the better. ( link )

Crazy? Insane?

Here’s more:

US President-elect Barack Obama has appointed a team of high-level advisers including billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt to guide his thoughts on the economy ahead of taking office on January 20,” the Telegraph report stated.

The team, to be called the Transition Economic Advisory Board (TEAB), will meet for the first time in Chicago today to discuss the state of the economy and the prospect of taking early action.

Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, would participate through speakerphone in the meeting.

Further, the report stated that Obama might use this opportunity to appoint his first Treasury Secretary.

The advisory board has 17 members including former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, whose name has also been connected with the Treasury job, and former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who would also be at the meeting at the Chicago Hilton today, the daily said.

At present, Robert Rubin is Chairman and Director of the Executive Committee of global financial services major Citigroup.( link )

Volker? Rubin?

What change?

The only “change” is Schmidt and that’s for the GooglePlex component and usher in a Technological Singularity possibly.

We must always be vigilant and mindful of the bigger picture here folks, do not be sucked in by slick hucksters who claim to be Saviors and Messiahs.

Because in the end, there is no such thing as a free lunch and everything comes with a price.

4 responses

  1. Good post, Jarhead. Obama IS a cult figure with the Left, and they worship him as a saviour. The elitist scenario is probably correct, and the nation is getting so dumb-downed, that they scarcely know what is their will and what is the elitists’.

    The sheep are going to be greatly disappointed when their shepherd awakens them from their idealistic dreamworld that they call the shots, and that he is accountable to them. As I commented to a certain leftist deviant on his blog, who is overly-concerned with pushing his ideology down the throats of the sheeple, he will be better off practicing his perversions covertly, rather than inciting the wrath of a deceived nation anxious to alleviate the last days crisis, when they turn to the God they’ve forgotten and ask: “What should we do?”

    It’s like we’ve always TRIED to tell them, it doesn’t matter who gets into power, they all dance to the same fiddler. Well, they’re going to find out the hard way, as always.

  2. The thing is, Obama is considered conservative across the Pond.

    In the Eurozone, Amerika is viewed as extremely right wing, center-right at best.

    I know people here HW that make you look like Che Guevera.

    Amazing eh? 8)

  3. That’s about right. On a world-centric view,the citizens of the USA generally have a totally unbalanced concept of the arc of political systems:not that I find my countrymen much better.
    I posted link to Molly’s Blog half out of deviltry to see if I couldn’t light a fire under the conciousness of the blinded. Is one taker a success ?
    I do think ‘Western’ governments operate under a deception regarding their nature. GWB just ripped that veil rudely aside.
    Try that thesis on for size.It would explain a lot.

  4. I think it’s because North America, in the historical sense of the Northern European settlements, these folk were religious extremists, as in the case of the Puritans.

    But to be fair, most of Europe during that time was still going through the Protestant Reformation and continuing brush-fire wars with the Catholic Church, so quite a few emigrants were escaping, or trying to escape those conditions to get away from the ongoing pogroms.

    This is the basic foundation of NA culture, much to the detriment of the Natives.

    Yeah, I know the ‘Natives’ were emigrants too, but the inhabitants they displaced were meaner and had waaaay larger teeth!

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