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Pre-Singularity Happenings

The following is a response to a question I asked Ignoranceisn’tbliss on his site concerning the elites’ quest for GooglePlex Cloud Artificial Intelligence and whether or not they believe they can control it:

With all they wish to gain from it I don’t think they care whether or not they can. They put forward silly ideas of creating “friendly AI”, but after years of thinking about this the only safe bet that I can see would be to connect majority of humanity into it neurologically, so that in effect it would be killing itself. Many of these mad scientists even admit that the only way humans would be able to dream of competing or staying even near par with the machines would be to enhance our own brains, but by the time you do that you’re pretty much connected to it just the same.

“Connect with it neurologically.”

What does that sound like to you?

If you said ‘The Matrix’, give yourself a treat.

I recommend you go to IIB’s site. He has done extensive research into DARPA, the MIC, Google and their links with the globalists.

You won’t be disappointed.

“An Un-holy Alliance”


Speaking of Google:

Google has fixed an a potentially devastating bug in its newly released Android operating system.

Some users of T-Mobile’s G1 phone found that typing any word on the phone’s keyboard — in any application — sent whatever they typed to the phone’s command line shell.

Those commands were then executed with root user privileges, meaning there were no limitations on what the commands could do to the phone. For instance, texting the word ‘reboot’ would actually cause the phone to do so.

“We fixed the bug on Oct. 31 and are currently rolling out the fix to G1 devices,” a Google spokesperson told Wired.com. Not all G1 phones may have been fixed though as T-Mobile is rolling out the patch in stages and there could be some phones still to be updated.

The bug affected almost all G1 phones and not just phones that had been “jailbroken” (hacked to work with unauthorized applications).

“This bug does affect users of G1 running RC29 and earlier,” says the Google spokesperson. “RC30 fixes this issue and it is not present in the emulator.” RC29 and RC30 refer to updates to the Android firmware.

I don’t own a phone sophisticated enough to run the Android software, so I don’t worry about this little problem.

But the Android Software is instrumental for the upcoming GooglePlex computing Cloud and eventual AI generation.

Are you an Android?

Google Fixes Embarrassing Android Bug


And now, a Singularity warning from Scott Adams: http://www.dilbert.com/fast/2008-11-11/

Charlie Stross isn’t happy about that, Scott beat him to the punch about the story concept!

And from a vet to all other vets out there, Happy Veterans Day to all and thanks!