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The First Men In The Moon ( 1964 movie )

The First Men In The Moon, a 1901 story by H.G. Wells, was another treatise on the subject of imperialism and how future human societies might take shape.

The insect theme was prevalent then as it is now, over a hundred years later, hive-like societies in which individualism is subservient to the whole.

Many claim that human society is heading in that direction now, given the recent selection of Barack Obama as POTUS and his possible link with the bigshots running Google and the building of the GooglePlex Computing Cloud AI.

Also note the resemblance between the insect-like ‘Selenites’ and the ‘gray aliens’ that pervade the modern perceptions of the UFO experience.

First Men In The Moon trailer


First Men in the Moon[1964]-Mooncalf


FIRST MEN IN THE MOON–1964///// alien underground base