The First Men In The Moon ( 1964 movie )

The First Men In The Moon, a 1901 story by H.G. Wells, was another treatise on the subject of imperialism and how future human societies might take shape.

The insect theme was prevalent then as it is now, over a hundred years later, hive-like societies in which individualism is subservient to the whole.

Many claim that human society is heading in that direction now, given the recent selection of Barack Obama as POTUS and his possible link with the bigshots running Google and the building of the GooglePlex Computing Cloud AI.

Also note the resemblance between the insect-like ‘Selenites’ and the ‘gray aliens’ that pervade the modern perceptions of the UFO experience.

First Men In The Moon trailer


First Men in the Moon[1964]-Mooncalf


FIRST MEN IN THE MOON–1964///// alien underground base



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  1. You might also have noticed the proliferation of crystalline rock formations. The crystal is one of the hallmarks of the “New Age” preceding the formation of the new world order. It figures highly in the occult, which is the government of the New World Order. One other movie that dwelt ponderously on crystals was Superman.

    Crystals, in the occult sense, are mediums for communication. That was their primary function in Superman. I have known spiritualists that use and still use the crystal as a medium. We, as a society, have been exposed to generations of careful programming and so-called social engineering, preparing us for an occultist society. That’s one of the things I’ve been talking about for years, that a one-world government/religion is planned for humanity. Spiritualism takes many forms… the worship of demons, E.T.’s, etc, are synonymous. It all boils down to diversification, and whatever works. What one crowd won’t accept, another will. All it takes is a different spin on the same old message, which is the Bible and God are bullshit.

    Subliminal suggestion is a common thing in advertising, and why wouldn’t the elitists utilize the same in their agenda? Watch a little TV, and you think you know what it was you were watching, but you come away with a lot of things you didn’t bank on, or even notice were there. The elitists aren’t dull or stupid, and they know us better than we know ourselves.

    Spend enough time in one camp, and the other ones do not look all that attractive or even relevant, anymore. By beholding, we become changed. It’s a fact of human nature that the power-brokers have always understood.

    Humanity is being set up for another fall.

  2. I haven’t read this book, but judging by Well’s book, From Earth to Moon, this probably deviates quite a bit from his original conception. The growling caterpillar was a sixties thing for sure,as are the Roswell looking dudes. If Wells indicated underground crystals in his book, he was postulating that there was underground superheated water, and being six sided they would most likely be a form of quartz. The fiction was cool but the science didn’t seem believable.

    The crystal tech thing is pretty interesting and maybe relates to Atlantis and Mu where advanced civilizations of that time could control their growth and even grew buildings.

    To me crystals are primitave entities of life because they always form in the same way within the laws of the universe. Different elements and compounds form from these same laws, the law of the octave, as described by Pythagorus. The periodic table of the elements show that every new element discovered is formed within these laws.

    Humanity may fall, as did the dynosaur, but maybe the universe (multiverse?) that we behold has always been here and always will be…or pretty close anyway from our mundane perception.

    As far as crystal power goes, I believe it but don’t practice it. It’s the old “absolute power corrupts absolutely” thing. I really feel that there is no power within us, except the energy needed to grow and the ability to increase our perception by observing the wonders that are always before us. The blatant use of power that we see being done by small people with big egos is what we see in the here and now and conversely…The use of power to combat it will decrease our perception of the big picture. Sometimes the ying yang can really put me between a rock and a hard place… 😆

  3. I don’t know much about crystals, their significance in esoterica or use as power sources, but the movie was full of symbolism, so it stands to reason that crystals would be part of it.

    I never read the original Wells book either, and I don’t know how I missed it, I think I read damn near every Wells book when I was a youngster!

    I think Wells message was that the hive mind might not be the pinnacle of evolution that many nowadays speak so highly about, that the death of the individual ego that is necessary for the societal whole could be a dead-end.

    Interesting times indeed. 8)

  4. “individualism is subservient to the whole.”

    It must be this way if the burgeoning world population is to survive. There’s no room for rugged individualists except for those that have muscled their way to the top by hook, crook or being blessed with a world class intellect that can be put to useful purposes…!

    The current world population is nominally about 6.8 plus billion people and growing by the minute. That’s a lot of mouths to feed and psyche’s to be entertained and placated when they aren’t shoving food into their mouths.

    So there’s little room for those with less than sterling intellectual credentials and motivation to have free choices in the world to come. The unwashed masses are the Delta’s and Epsilons while the Alphas and Beta’s will enjoy the Soma, the good life, and endless, hot, “offspring” free sex as in Huxley’s “Brave New World”.

    Most individuals will have to knuckle under or succumb. It’s projected that the world population will be 10 billion by 2020. I personally it will be substantially lower than it is today due to nuclear war or pandemics, engineered or otherwise preempting the projections.

    There’s no way that spaceship earth and its inhabitants can survive with everyone pulling in different directions.

    Here’s an example of a nation and no doubt many others are going offshore to farm in order to stock their national larder.

    This is the handwriting on the wall; ie., a major scrambling and elbowing for the remaining readily available resources on planet earth. In fact if everyone on earth wished to enjoy the luxury and waste as expressed by the West then it would take four planet earths to do so. There’s no way with 10 billion plus mouths to feed that’s also sheperded by greedy NWO business thugs and their running dog “crimpols” as we have in our times. Massive societal forces are headed for a head on collision and it seems to be unfolding right now with the worlds crumbling financial system.

    World population counter with added realtime statistic. Click on lower right hand corner “Go here” prompt.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Would you be willing to give up your individualism, or life for that matter Nemo for the “whole?”

    I surmise that you would, but others wouldn’t be quite so willing, particularly said rugged rich individuals who profited so well over the years and people of various religions who greatly fear the loss of the individual ego.

    I admit I would be one who would find it hard to give up my individualism, after all, I was raised in the old school Christian way and by Conservative Roosevelt Democrats. ( Yeah, I know, Roosevelt, conservative? )

    But by way of my own personal experiences I found the individual ego is fragile and can be destroyed, or crippled without the person even knowing what hit them.

    After realizing that, the fear became inconsequential.

  6. Geez, those crystals are a link to power you DON’T want, believe me! I saw a skinny runt of a kid, one time, manhandle a room full of BIG orderlies, after they removed him from his trailer on a friend’s farm… he’d been ‘talking’ with the spirits, one too many times!

    And as for rugged individualism, that’s a term used disparagingly. Anyone daring to think for themselves is deemed a nut case, or a freak. Better to be a sheep/lemming/slave, and follow the herd, if you want respect in this world. I couldn’t be a lemming if I wanted to, and I don’t. But, one thing that is discouraging is being ridiculed for trying to help fools see their plight!

    Personally, there ARE too damned many people in this world, but the answer isn’t in bombing and starving them out. I feel it’s beyond man’s ability to deal with it, now, which is why I’m a Christian. If I weren’t, I dunno… maybe there would have to be a ‘final solution’ to rectify things. See why I don’t want to even go there?

    We’ve painted ourselves into a corner, and now we have to deal with it. Sucks to be us, doesn’t it?

  7. “Would you be willing to give up your individualism, or life for that matter Nemo for the “whole?””…

    I’m lucky to have lived my life in the “sweet spot” of the post WWII economic boom. Now the West is in decline. At age 63, I’ve had my turn in the amusement park of life and I better have damned well enjoyed my tickets worth. I’m soon to leave the amusement park with the next 20 years or less, but for the newly born and those still in their twenties or so, a “brave new world is acoming”. They will suffer the most during the transition period, but their children and then their offspring will not be kicking and screaming about the order of the day because they won’t have known any difference in their lifetimes.

    In fact if they are even to be revealed the true histories of the 19th thru the early 21st century post whatever paradigm shift that occurs they will possibly think of our lives as the “dark ages” by their standards.

    They’ll possibly reside in those futuristic bubble-domed cities where the young, nubile cognoscenti reside as in the series “Logans Run” and others of that genre’ and don’t live past 30. Then once their hand LED implant starts flashing; ie., meaning its their turn on the “carousel”, meaning termination so others may enjoy a short, but totally sybaritic life, just might come to pass.

    Outside these domes will be the fetid air, filled with ever-blowing red dust storms with little sunlight filtering through with what humanoids remain outside the dome living in squalid, subterenne type conditions or in cordoned zones; ie., outlands filled with flawed noncomformists.

    We’ve both been lucky to have lived in order to witness the cosmos through our eyes in a scientically emergent age and have been able to enjoy a bit of life of which only nobles or upper class enjoyed in times past. Even many of the most poverty stricken today in our society are living infinitely better than that of the squalor found in the Dark to Middle Ages, up to and including the 19th and early 20th centuries.

    Carl Nemo **==

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