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As you may have noticed…and When Worlds Collide!

Hey, the look and the content of the blog/ezine has changed!

This is part of the ongoing growth process and goals of which I have been negligent of late.

But as the saying goes…you get the idea.

This is still a work in process and other changes might be in order, but not to worry, none of which will be the background and type print format, due in part to the demographic my audience and myself belong to…the lasik surgery set!

So stay tuned for more of the “Wild and Wonderful” as my friend Opit says.

I’ll try not to disappoint.


George Pal’s 1951 film classic ‘When Worlds Collide‘ was one of the first sci-fi dramas that depicted planetary collision, and thus, the end of the world as a plausible scientific event, which was later coined during the 1990s as an “Extinction Level Event.”

The discovery of the iridium layer throughout the planet and the Chicxulub Crater off the coast of Mexico as the cause of the dinosaur’s demise helped cement the theory.

However, oddly enough, planetary defense against natural near-earth-objects is considered very technologically feasible, more so than any other threat against humanity.

Go figure.

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