As you may have noticed…and When Worlds Collide!

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George Pal’s 1951 film classic ‘When Worlds Collide‘ was one of the first sci-fi dramas that depicted planetary collision, and thus, the end of the world as a plausible scientific event, which was later coined during the 1990s as an “Extinction Level Event.”

The discovery of the iridium layer throughout the planet and the Chicxulub Crater off the coast of Mexico as the cause of the dinosaur’s demise helped cement the theory.

However, oddly enough, planetary defense against natural near-earth-objects is considered very technologically feasible, more so than any other threat against humanity.

Go figure.

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6 responses

  1. However, oddly enough, planetary defense against natural near-earth-objects is considered very technologically feasible, more so than any other threat against humanity.

    That includes stampeding Black Friday crowds, like the one that killed a Walmart worker this morning.

    (Well, maybe enough tear gas.)

    Unfortunately, in defending against asteroids and comets we’d be saving the entire human race, wouldn’t we?

    Everyone that subscribes to the Bodhisattva Ideal, of helping toward the spiritual salvation of the entirety of the human race has their work cut out for them.

    Don’t they?

  2. They sure do Daniel! 8)

  3. Asteroid defense is going to be one of those technologies we’ll try to develop when we desperately need it. But at least we do have some blueprints for possible ideas and we’re not planning to nuke whatever’s flying at us, making a whole bunch of irradiated little rocks that will hit us with the energy of a gigaton nuke each all across the hemisphere facing them.

    Though it sure would be nice to test them before we have to use them…

  4. Re: Post #1

    Spot-on cynicism Daniel Brenton concerning the saving of the human “ratrace” with which I concur.

    Unlike most people; I look upon “extinctor” class asteroids as a positive thing; ie., as the great planetary “recycler”. : )

    Humans as a species have been around for nominally 6 million years since we climbed out of the mud of deep time. I say we’ve proven ourselves unfit to continue and are a failed species. Just because we are sapient does not make us inherently better than any other lifeform that’s walked earth’s surface for the past 500 million plus years. As a result of misplaced technology and a skewed materialistic based social paradigm our earthly home has truly become paradise lost… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. I dunno how I missed this movie, unless It’s because I just got my drivers licence, and was cruising the drag in my 38 Ford, or that the science didn’t seem to be as real as the drama. The 1950’s views on science and authority were great, with the American way, suceeding in the face of impossible odds to a new world for the fortunate few, being a little hard to swallow. Especially with the Jehova Witness painted backdrop with everything but the lion and the lamb, as the chosen few walk fearlessly into the sunrise.

    I know I’m going out on a limb here, but has anybody considered that mankind is just a part of nature, and that perfection still exists. Like, always has and always will, with all and everything in perfect harmony and balance, and only our myopic reality percieves it as chaos. Mother nature keeps the whole thing in balance, otherwise it wouldn’t exist at all. For all the darkness going on there is an equal amount of light, it’s just more pronounced. The old planet is changing on an accelerated level, and I’m still here for the ride…G: ~

  6. @Carl (and Dad) —

    I must confess my comment was shortly after I learned about this Wal-Mart Black Friday business. A few hours later I felt compelled to post a short article about it — haven’t blogged as such for quite a while — but I came to a different conclusion than my tone here suggested.

    We are in this together — all of us. There really is no choice.

    The Buddhists speak about compassion, and looking upon the face of humanity that commits these kinds of acts requires the utmost of compassion.

    Compassion doesn’t necessarily mean tree-hugging. Might mean some tough love thrown in here or there.

    Maybe a few mountain ranges of it.

    Blame and condemnation isn’t going to solve this. Believing it can’t be solved isn’t going to solve it, either.

    Our work is cut out for us.

    @Wordgeezer —

    I suspect we are on a similar page.

    @To all —

    To swerve into Science Fiction references, remember The Questor Tapes? There is a wonderful line in this movie, that closes a discussion about the worthiness the human race. Questor, an android, gives us this wisdom: “It is not a question of what the human race is. It is a question of what it is capable of becoming.”

    (Thank you Mr. Coon and Mr. Roddenberry.)

    We’ve all seen the remarkable examples of humanity — the Gandhis, the Einsteins, the Lincolns. Then, of course, are the people who remain in obscurity but have changed our lives for the better. This is what we are capable of becoming.

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