Week of December 1, 2008

Opening Editorial:

To all of my regular visitors, hi, and thank you for your continuous patronage and support, without which I couldn’t have done this. Again, thank you my friends!

To any new visitors, greetings and welcome to Dad2059’s Webzine of Science Fiction, Science Fact and Esoterica.

This project started out as a personal blog, but soon started to take on a lifeforce and personality of its own.

Partisan politics was the primary purpose of the blog and many of my friends still participate in that endeavor, but I soon discovered a “world” behind the world, and all isn’t quite what it seems.

So partisan politics started to take a backseat to studies of the New World Order and its various incarnations throughout the past – ancient and present.

Science, and science fiction were always my first “loves” however, and has had a continuous presence on the old blog since its inception. Despite all of my research into parapolitics, I always came back to what I always wanted to do, write my own science fiction.

I don’t claim to be the next Stross or Egan, those authors are already considered Hugo and Nebula Award Hall of Famers for their generation and I could never hope to compete on their level.

In fact, I consider them major influences on my own writings, amongst others like Niven, Bear, Pournelle, Clarke, Stapledon and of course, Asimov.

Famous science fiction author/ufo researcher Daniel Brenton, “discovered” my short story “fiblets” I posted on the old blog and suggested I shop them around to various webzines and regular magazines like Locus, Asimov’s, Analog, Interzone and others. While I don’t quite have the faith in my writing yet to shop them around to legitimate concerns, I told Daniel I will give it a try after the beginning of the New Year and I intend to pursue it, despite my reservations about it.

To Daniel I say, “Thank you for your faith and encouragement.”

You don’t know how much that means to me.

In the meantime however, I’m going full speed ahead with a goal I had set for myself at the beginning of this past year, establishment of a sci-fi/sci-fact webzine to post classic stuff, up to date science, transhuman research, Singularity updates and of course, my own fiction.

Hey, self promotion can’t hurt, right?

In closing, I would like to thank all who have patronized the old blog the past two years, hopefully the updates I instituted will pass muster.

To all old partisan political folk who are no longer patrons, or haven’t been this past year I say, “You will always be welcome and I wish continuous success in your own endeavors.”

Sans personal attacks of course.

To everyone else I say, “Welcome and enjoy the show!”

The Editor


P.S. If anyone has any suggestions or concerns, please contact me at dad2059@yahoo.com



Wired Magazine/Wired – 16.12

Physorg – “Anti-Asteroid Defense” – November 26, 2008.

New Scientist (Disclaimer: Most New Scientist articles require subscribing to the ‘zine.)

Space Daily


Science Fiction

EOS Books

The Thunder Child (Classic Sci-Fi)



Daniel Brenton

(Check out Daniel’s “Round Files” at Alien Worlds Magazine. Requires subscription)

Binnall of America

This is Tim Binnall’s fourth season as a podcast interviewer. His voice takes a little getting used to, but check out his archive if you’re into esoterica, you won’t be disappointed!

Red Ice Creations

I love this site! It is one of the best in esoteric research. Check out their audio archive too, good stuff!



Jeff Rense

Prison Planet



Geezer Power

Norse Berserker



4 responses

  1. Yep, I don’t blame you, Jarhead, the esoteric can be a drain, and it doesn’t get you many friends. I’m convinced (now) that people are pretty much into whatever they’re going to be into, and anything else is superfluous junk to them. Nothing wrong with sci-fi, either, I’m still wearing out my VHS “Star Trek” movie series! I’ve had to have watched it enough to write the script, by now, but it still entertains me.

    Myself, I have neither the time or the inclination to blog, anymore, but I still get around to commenting on other blogs, now and then, some of whom are hoping I’ll eventually be abducted by aliens, I’m sure! 😆

    Btw, I watched “Close Encounters of The Third Kind” at my brother’s, last night… I remember hating that show, and guess what? I still do! 😆 I’ve always liked Dreyfuss’s acting, though. He’s pulled many a flop movie out out potential obscurity, with his talent.

    That new “Iron Man” movie looks interesting. I haven’t been to a moving picture in an African-American’s age… might check it out, some weekend.

    Good luck with the writing!

  2. Hey HW, if you’ve got the extra time, read the rest of the links.

    I didn’t give up on esoterica altogether, I’ll probably mention some on the weekly editorial, if I can keep up.

    Thanks for stopping by bro, I’ll catch ya around! 8)

  3. Shucks, BAB … you say the nicest things. And thanks for the link.

    Keep pluggin.’ I’ll be around.

  4. …zzzZZZ*Ezine? Kewl venue, the place where I come for science happenings, and especially, the tinfoil. Sometimes I scratch my head and say ‘no way’, but after cruising the tubes for a while,have another profound revelation and say ‘oh.

    I’ve got to admit the whole thing about the Builderburgers and all that has taken a toll on my political views, but I have, after all, been seeking the truth. Now, if I can just get anyone to listen to me.

    Thanks for the plug Dad, I never dreamed I would ever be included on an editorial page…G:>~*

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