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Happy New Year Folks!

As 2008 comes to a close and it seems like the world is crashing down around our ears (egged on by the mainstream-corpo media of course, at least here in ‘Amurrika’ anyway), one must learn to keep things in perspective.

Whether one believes in a world-wide conspiracy or not, the world needs thinking people now more than ever; folks who question the status quo and find the courage to study and scrutinize situations that seem illogical and out of place.

We Americans have bred an entire generation of young people, who were born during St. Ronnie Raygun’s “Morning In America” and coming of age in the twilight of Bu$hco II’s “Ownership Society”, deny the existence of the real world in all its ugliness and beauty and take anything the corporate controlled media pipe into their heads at face value.

Thus as a result, we have the most brain-washed and and uninquisitive generation of young people ever spawned; lacking any propensity or interest for scientific study at all.

Global studies are worst yet, most kids in school today can’t find Iran or Iraq on a world map if their lives depended on it (most American adults can neither, for that measure) and could care less!

I can provide stats and links to prove this hypothesis of course, but I won’t waste my time doing that; I’m ranting and blowing off steam and I trust my audience is intelligent enough to use the GooglePlex to find all the proof they need.

So how do we Americans fix this?

Well, Mr. Obama has promised to finance states in need of science and math teachers, mainly career changers:(

I’ve considered this myself, if for no other reason than to work off my student loans I’m already enslaved to. And blue collar factory work is a fast dying way of life here in Amurrika, it’s only a matter of time before the owners of the company where I work closes its doors and ships out to China or an East European country anyways, so why not try out something different?

Unfortunately, most of these grants, scholarships and loan reductions depend on what I call an “enlistment” (usually three years) to teach in a “high needs” area, where the schools are generally under-funded and dangerous to begin with, where normal folks wouldn’t go into even armed with assault weapons!


Oh well, it all goes along with the scheduled teardown and rebuilding of our society (the worlds’ also) into a more structured, fascistic/socialist/corporate entity in which the population can be controlled more easily, i.e., to further usher in the Panopticon Singularity IMHO.

I wonder if they’ll monitor what kind of science I might teach these “high needs” kids?

Do you think I’d be able to “enlighten” them?




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Week of December 21st, 2008

The economy remains much in the news this past week as the Big Three automakers are still holding their collective hands out to the US government for some Monopoly money. As of this writing, the White House is granting them a $17.4 billion bail-out from the TARP Fund.

Lucky them.

God forbid the CEOs running these dinosaurs are going to go without their golden parachutes at Christmas time, eh?

That won’t do, that wouldn’t be the American Way, would it?

In science news, scientists discover that Mars has mineral evidence of a past water environment; and could Mr. Obama’s Green Agenda be already starting?;

As always, Jeff Renses’ site has a take on the Zionist/NWO agenda; , and my pal gfish at Weird Things writes about NASA, bureaucracy and why US space exploration will likely languish during the Obama Administration;

Again, an early post, no ‘Tubes connection yet except for work or library. If anyone wishes to write me, use my GooglePlex account, or leave something here. I will try to respond in an appropriate time during the week, Monday through Friday. No weekends until I get reconnected.

Have a good week and Yule folks!



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Week of December 14th, 2008

The economy has been in the news most of the past week (so what’s new, right?) and we all know the Big Three automakers are swirling around the toilet bowl pretty fast, just hanging on by their fingernails.


As of this writing, the US Senate denied funding a $14 Billion bail-out because the United Auto Workers’ Union refused to take a pay and benefits cut.

While it is hard to feel sympathy for the corporate-criminal executives and the UAW, it’s still sad to witness a change of this magnitude finish off what’s left of the American civilian manufacturing base, eliminating the remaining blue-collar middle class paying jobs. And I’m not even bothering to mention the domestic support chain for the industry, those jobs pay better than the national average also!

So what to do? Do the taxpayers bail these guys out, only staving off the inevitable demise for a short time?

Or do we let them die a horrific, but natural death?

And what makes them any different than the criminal banksters, who precipitated this debacle to begin with?

I don’t know what the answer is, but I’ll make a suggestion to Mr. Obama, ‘why not have the automakers build mass-transit vehicles, like buses that run on fuel cells, mag-lev trains and other forms of efficient transportation?’

If Mr. Obama truly believes in anthropocentric global warming (as per his recent visit by The Gore-acle), green tech and rebuilding American infrastructure, he will do well to heed such advice.

Failure in this matter shouldn’t be an option, our very culture hinges on decisions this man makes.

Yeah, I know, Americans expect him to fix the Bu$hco criminal family’s destruction and he shouldn’t be held to a higher standard than the other guy.

Well, to that I respond, “Hey, he wanted the j-o-b and he was groomed, screened and picked for it by the same globalists who picked the previous patsie.”

We Americans, like the Roman Senate did 2000 years in the past abrogated our responsibilities of citizenship long ago.

We shouldn’t be surprised to receive our just desserts.

Now is the time the piper comes calling.

Update: White House considers Use of Funds to Aid Automakers


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Week of December 7, 2008 (Special Esoterica Issue!)

Today is the 67th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii bombing of the Pacific Battleship Fleet by the Imperial Japanese bringing the United States into World War Two, thus creating the world as we now know it.

Of course Pearl Harbor isn’t the only defining point in recent history, but it seems to be the template certain events have manifested themselves, such as the recent bombings in Mumbai, India; Madrid, Spain “3/11” in 2004, and the London Subways in 2005 ( referred as the “7/7” bombings) attest.

Sweet syncronicity, y’gotta luv it!

Some would claim this proves the existence of a ‘cabal’ of elites who think of themselves as latter day ‘pharoahs’, whose whims determine who lives.

And who dies.

On the other side of the coin, others proclaim that all is just coincidence, chaos and that the Universe in general is an ugly, violent place anyways, bad things  happen to good and bad people equally.

My old friend The Highwayman would say I am too ‘careful’ in choosing sides in this matter. I prefer ‘agnostic’ myself, but who knows for certain what the truth is?

Or if we’ll ever discover ‘the truth’ at all?

This weeks’ issue is dedicated to the folks who explore the “wild and the wonderful” side of the Universe as another friend, Opit would say. These people have alot more experience in cataloging the esoteric that I, and it shows to me how much I have to learn yet.

Does the Universe have a guiding intelligence that manipulates Nature and physics as we know it?

Or is it all chance and probability?



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