Week of December 7, 2008 (Special Esoterica Issue!)

Today is the 67th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii bombing of the Pacific Battleship Fleet by the Imperial Japanese bringing the United States into World War Two, thus creating the world as we now know it.

Of course Pearl Harbor isn’t the only defining point in recent history, but it seems to be the template certain events have manifested themselves, such as the recent bombings in Mumbai, India; Madrid, Spain “3/11” in 2004, and the London Subways in 2005 ( referred as the “7/7” bombings) attest.

Sweet syncronicity, y’gotta luv it!

Some would claim this proves the existence of a ‘cabal’ of elites who think of themselves as latter day ‘pharoahs’, whose whims determine who lives.

And who dies.

On the other side of the coin, others proclaim that all is just coincidence, chaos and that the Universe in general is an ugly, violent place anyways, bad things  happen to good and bad people equally.

My old friend The Highwayman would say I am too ‘careful’ in choosing sides in this matter. I prefer ‘agnostic’ myself, but who knows for certain what the truth is?

Or if we’ll ever discover ‘the truth’ at all?

This weeks’ issue is dedicated to the folks who explore the “wild and the wonderful” side of the Universe as another friend, Opit would say. These people have alot more experience in cataloging the esoteric that I, and it shows to me how much I have to learn yet.

Does the Universe have a guiding intelligence that manipulates Nature and physics as we know it?

Or is it all chance and probability?




Binnall of America

Conspiracy Archive

  • Zeitgeist Addendum (Christian take on Zeitgeist: The Movie and against the Coming Modern “Techno-Utopianism.”)

Ignorance Is Futile!

Damn Data/Cabinet of Wonders

The Daily Grail

  • Saturn’s polar hexagon continues to mesmerize and polarize the lab-coats.
  • The government underground. Break glass in case of… contingency.
  • Rise and fall of empires and temperatures linked?


Science Fiction

Daniel Brenton

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show

Orion Arm’s “Voices/Future Tense”

Recommended Dad2059 Classic: “Last To First Men” by Olaf Stapledon, 1930. (Project Gutenberg, Australia).



13 responses

  1. Oh, great! Here’s at least ONE WordPress client that doesn’t have that stupid ‘snow’ falling on their page… it slows things down, too much! Check it out…


    Yeah, you ARE too careful, Jarhead… and stubborn, too, but that’s why I luvs ya! See the latest up here in Canada, where we continually offer an alternative to American moronicity in politics…


    LOL! They’ll never learn, will they? It’s just a game, and they’re the suckers! The elitists are in firm control, and politicians are just puppets. Oh well… it’s all good entertainment watching your neighbors come unglued over a script!

    It just keeps on going, and going, and going…

    … pass the Cheese Doodles, Marine! It’ll get even better!


  2. That’s good, ’cause I likes me some Cheez Doodles! 😆

    Maybe that should be a new blog HW, “ICANHAZCHEEZDOODLES”! 😆

    It certainly looks like the elites have the upper hand, does that mean that people who deny their existence are in the elites’ employ?

    Some would say yes, and some would say ‘huh?’ 😉

  3. GAAAAA! No “ICANHAZanything” for THIS cowboy! No blogs, nuther!

    The elitists have always had the upper hand, temporally-speaking, which is what we all tend to focus on. But, it is frustrating to see them so successful in duping the herd. We all of us are in the employ of the globalists if we are ‘in’ the system, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it, like you’ve pointed out many times.

    No, with some, it goes beyond just being in the their employ, they relish and worship the system, and think it the only salvation for man. It becomes a faith, or a belief-system, with them. They (the elitists) term it “Humanism.” I think one can use the system, or necessarily be dependent on the system, but when you try to defend it or promote it, you become LIKE it. Some of us have needs that only the system can provide, because so many are fooled into thinking that it is the only way or option open to us. The greatest option we have is to care for one another… and since no one is willing to do that, in a communal-type society, then what alternative is there, other than to live segregated in an individual-oriented, ‘climb-over-all-others’ society, like the one we have now?

    The trick is not to become like the beast… live in spite of it, not for it or in awe of it. I live for it’s downfall, because I know it’s not in man’s best interests to have such a system. No fooling, I could live very well under it, but I know it destroys many more than it benefits. The figures are that there are probably 200 that live at the top of this system, overlooking BILLIONS of others. Clearly… this system works for only a chosen few.

    If this is the only viable option for our civilization to survive, then I’ve wasted too much of my life already, and I need to get on the bandwagon and grab up as much as I can, while I can, and hope they can find a way for me to take it all with me when I go. That’s the way that many think and live, today, apparently.

    Interesting times, my leather-necked buddy… catch you on the flip-flop! Keep the dirty side down, compadre!


  4. No, I don’t like the elites system, especially when I might loose my lousy wage-slave job in a couple of months anyways.

    Maybe the Obamanator will give me a public works job?

    I can be a good little socialist if I have to be. 8)

  5. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    Two days to remember in “Infamy”; December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001…!

    Although many historical accounts give Roosevelt a pass concerning his involvement in both allowing and the facilitation of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, my leanings based on my knowledge of the history of cryptography goes with Roosevelt and his advisors having pre-knowledge and were simply awaiting for the act to occur, no differently than Bush/Cheney concerning 9/11. Even if they didn’t facilitate the planning; they, Roosevelt as well as our modern era leaders had pre-knowledge of the unfolding events and simply let them occur for politically expedient purposes.

    “On 6 December 1941 at a White House dinner Roosevelt was given the first thirteen parts of a fifteen part decoded Japanese diplomatic declaration of war and said, “This means War (Toland 318).”

    The Enigma cryptographic system had been created in late WWI by the Germans with it’s extensive later useage up to and during WWII. The Germans did not realize that the code had been broken by the Polish Cryptogrphic Service as early as 1939. The Germans shared this methodolgy of encryption with their Axis associates; ie., the Japanese. Little did they realize we were reading their coded transmissions.

    We were basically reading both German and Japanese codes prior to our entry into WWII. If they had realized this, then they would have made summary and immediate changes. Later they added a fourth “code wheel” to the Enigma machine which we had the good fortune of retrieving from damaged, soon to sink U-boats which allowed our cryptographers to analyze the function of the fourth codewheel allowing us to continue to hack their codes.

    All I can say; Roosevelt and his associates knew what was to unfold just as Bush/Cheney knew what was to unfold concerning 9/11. Roosevelt had a higher purpose with his seemingly facilitated treachery in order to get our nation off our collective duffs to face Adolph Hitler and the Nazi war machine which was truly a world encompassing, immediate, realtime threat!

    In Bush/Cheney’s case it was simply to get a free pass to institute draconian controls over a once free nation; ie., the U.S. while engaging us in an engineered war in the Middle East, courtesy of “cooked” intelligence via the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney pipeline; ie., the “yellowcake uranium from Niger, along with tubes supposedly linked with enrichment which later were claimed to be tubes associated with rocket motors…!? I’m personally confident our intelligence analyists are a hell of alot smarter than this hokey analysis that was made public, but they were simply “dissed” concerning their real sentiments on these materials while Bush/Cheney pushed through with their evil agenda. Valerie Plame was also inconsequential collateral damage as far as they were concerned. Traitors have no limits…!

    In Roosevelt’s case 2400 lost their lives to facilitate our entry into WWII while Bush/Cheney’s engineered debacle brought us the Patriot Act, Gitmo, Homeland “Insecurity”, TSA (control of airports for police state purposes), elimination of “habeas corpus” and “posse commitatus” etc. along with the loss of 4200 servicemen and womens’ lives, not including the hundreds of thousands of lost Iraqi lives and millions of displaced citizens. Both are seemingly bad, bordering on monstrous activitiy; but I’ll opt for Roosevelt’s motives over that of Bush/Cheney’s in a NY minute.

    The derivative benefit for the Roosevelt’s plan is that it led to the ultimate defeat of a blight upon the world; ie., Axis hegemony whereas Bush/Cheney have not defeated worldwide terrorism and were instrumental in sending the price of oil and derivatives into the stratosphere while simultaneoulsy enriching the MIC, their buddies in the oil patch and thousands of “camp-following” contractors that have enriched themselves on this ongoing Gulf War debacle. They’ve also stirred up a previously nonexistent hornet’s nest of hatred from both radical and mainstream Islam.



    I rest my case… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. History has indeed given Roosevelt a pass, although on the surface the treachery was the same and whether he was more altruistic in his reasons than Bu$hco/Cheneyburton will be judged is another matter for historians to consider in the coming decades.

    It is hard not to discount the possibility the latter are tools for people higher up the food chain manipulating events to usher in a “new world order.” There are too many dots that can be connected and bread crumbs left behind to believe events were just chaos and chance.

    But the hagis is in the fire now as the Scots say, so events have to play themselves out.

    Let’s see how Obama deals the cards in the next four years.

  7. Hi dad2059…

    All politicians, worldwide, are nothing but “tools” for shadowy corporatists that seemingly control planet earth. There’s big bucks to made off wars, legitimate or otherwise… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. Hmph…Snow on the page indeed. This page must has gravity waves on it. Whooooahhgh*
    What I mean is, it’s kinda Heavy 😆

    I gotta admit, I’m part of the whole thing, mainly cause I’m hooked on my putor. Probably best that I prepare to bury a bus somewhere and prepare for the survival mode though.

    IMO, whoever it is that is controlling the duhbya puppet planned the whole 911 event and the methods used are beyond the comprehension of the general public.

    The reason Nancy Pelosi clammed up and covered for Bu$h, is that she was probably told something which filled her with shock & awe.
    To me, it’s the Star Wars factor that separates Bu$hco from the rest of the despots in history.

  9. I saw a shot of Pelosi’s face when GWB was close by that had the glazed look of absolute petrification of prey that was waiting for the kill…them. Just sayin’, though with Photoshop around, who knows ?
    I long ago came to the reluctant conclusion that, since Bush was a traitor in WW II – Existential Cowboy- style stuff, though I’m not at all sure it was Len – and funding for the Nazis came from the U.S. – that it is at least as plausible to believe WW II and perhaps even I were feeding frenzy for crime.
    Remember the story of Custer ? Film reports his end as much as a sacrifice against corruption as a folly of battle. That goes back a ways.
    Thing is, tools of empire and medieval control were preceded by empire after empire, God-King status, human sacrifice, you name it. If you check out the history of how the great Charter came about in 1215, you realize it wasn’t the serfs – slaves – that revolted but the nobility !
    What we have is the much-evolved system of controls laid upon Angles and Saxons in 1066 ” a system said to provide ‘the seeming of fairness without the actuality.’
    With the PATRIOT Act and the like, we have oppression of the people that was intolerable roughly 800 years ago.
    Futzing with peoples’ heads is as old as shamans and minstrels.

  10. @ G: High technology is playing a huge factor in the New World Order Scheme by the modern wannabe-pharoahs, you’ve read that Ignorance Isn’t Bliss guy Geez, scary shit coming in our future if we’re not paying attention!

    @Opit: Absolutely right my historical friend, you know the deal!

    Same shit this version of this cabal of self-appointed ‘gods’ has laid upon us ‘mere mortals’ for millennia.

    For our own ‘good’ of course!

    Screw ’em, they can all bite my arse! 👿

  11. Heh. No problem, I’m sure !
    Go read the Joe Bageant blog. Best new find for a while.

  12. Yep, I’ve read some of the Ingnorance isn’t Bliss guy, and now realise why some of us seniors, me not included of course, wear pampers. I’m keeping my eyes to the sky and my feet in the mud. btw,…zzzzZZZ, I’m having a hard time imagining Duhhbya as a self-appointed ‘god’…


  13. …zzzZZZ but I digress…):

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