Week of December 14th, 2008

The economy has been in the news most of the past week (so what’s new, right?) and we all know the Big Three automakers are swirling around the toilet bowl pretty fast, just hanging on by their fingernails.


As of this writing, the US Senate denied funding a $14 Billion bail-out because the United Auto Workers’ Union refused to take a pay and benefits cut.

While it is hard to feel sympathy for the corporate-criminal executives and the UAW, it’s still sad to witness a change of this magnitude finish off what’s left of the American civilian manufacturing base, eliminating the remaining blue-collar middle class paying jobs. And I’m not even bothering to mention the domestic support chain for the industry, those jobs pay better than the national average also!

So what to do? Do the taxpayers bail these guys out, only staving off the inevitable demise for a short time?

Or do we let them die a horrific, but natural death?

And what makes them any different than the criminal banksters, who precipitated this debacle to begin with?

I don’t know what the answer is, but I’ll make a suggestion to Mr. Obama, ‘why not have the automakers build mass-transit vehicles, like buses that run on fuel cells, mag-lev trains and other forms of efficient transportation?’

If Mr. Obama truly believes in anthropocentric global warming (as per his recent visit by The Gore-acle), green tech and rebuilding American infrastructure, he will do well to heed such advice.

Failure in this matter shouldn’t be an option, our very culture hinges on decisions this man makes.

Yeah, I know, Americans expect him to fix the Bu$hco criminal family’s destruction and he shouldn’t be held to a higher standard than the other guy.

Well, to that I respond, “Hey, he wanted the j-o-b and he was groomed, screened and picked for it by the same globalists who picked the previous patsie.”

We Americans, like the Roman Senate did 2000 years in the past abrogated our responsibilities of citizenship long ago.

We shouldn’t be surprised to receive our just desserts.

Now is the time the piper comes calling.

Update: White House considers Use of Funds to Aid Automakers




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  • CNN correspondent Miles O’Brien, who had been reporting intensively on ET- and UFO-related subjects, was fired this week
  • Richard Hoagland says this piece on the Mars ‘worm’ is what got O’Brien into trouble.
  • “The ‘fossil worm’ looks very similar to images pointed out to us by Henry Deacon of an ancient collapsed tunnel construction on Mars.”


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Dad2059’s Weekly Recommended Classic: E.E. Smith, PhD.: “The Galaxy Primes”


I’m a little early posting the ‘zine this week folks, ol’ Dad’s feeling the pinch of the economy, so his InnerTubes pathway got cut due to lack of Federal Reserve Monopoly Money Notes, with no offers of a bail-out either.


So I have to post when I can until I get my connection back on, probably after the holidays.

Have a good coming week!


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  1. […] of December 14th, 2008 Posted in December 12th, 2008 by in Uncategorized Week of December 14th, 2008 Update: White House considers Use of Funds to Aid Automakers … Ghosts of the Cold War […]

  2. Yo, you hard-nosed old flat top…

    Yes, isn’t it nice how the fucking banksters always get bailed out, even though they are the cause of everything going belly-up in the first place, and now they refuse to lend (like I’d borrow from those pricks, anyway! Ha!) what they’ve been given… just like the totalitarian bastards they are!

    And you’re right, we’ve had this coming, and now we can just buck up and live with it for being so damned self-serving and materialistic, and empowering said assholes to do what they have done to us. Like you said, the piper’s wanting his wages, and he’s collecting!

    This is the beginning of the long slide, Marine. Weeping and gnashing of teeth to follow!

  3. … and make sure you get your ugly girene ass back online real soon, ’cause we all misses ya!


  4. Well, these are really weird times, as I find myself agreeing with the Repugni-can’t senate. Not because of the wage increase, but because of the neocorporate tentacles that are sucking the juice out of the industry. Let the criminal banksters bail them out, their the ones who extort all the benefits.

    Obamarhama might have a tough time promoting real energy solutions, while Bu$hco is still doing what it can to promote LNG. The new catch phrase is “The Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition”.

    NGVAmerica 😎

  5. @ Highway

    Thanks bro, hopefully I can reconnect after the first of the year, unfortunately it’ll have to be slow ol’ dial-up, cheap-cheap-cheap like the canary y’know! 😆

    Yeah, the f’ing banksters have the fix in, especially with Helicopter Ben Bernanke printing more Monopoly Money to make sure of more slaves for the next 60 some-odd years! 👿

    @ Geez

    Actually, Obamarhama and Bu$hco have something in common, the pushing of the “clean coal” meme on the sheeple: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean_coal_technology

    Science daily recently posted an article that wind, water and solar are better and more economically viable than “clean coal”: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/12/081210171908.htm

    But the same criminals who run the banks and oil companies also run the coal industry, and thusly the politics of the US.

    Guess which “green industry” is going to get funded IMHO? 8)

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  7. Hmm lets see, according to the swag system its… King Coal


  8. […] 2008 by » Week of December 14th … Posted in December 12th, 2008 by in Uncategorized Comment on Week of December 14th, 2008 by » Week of December 14th … of December 14th, 2008 Posted in December 12th, 2008 by in Uncategorized Week of December 14th, […]

  9. Best irate revelation of dysfunction has to be at Politics ‘n Poetry. Nuke tech takes a proper lambasting there.
    One of the Texas blogs was writing about radioactive sand being used for fraccing an aquifer bitched from seismic : that’s pretty well everywhere. I’ve posted a link re poisoning the aquifer.
    I won’t bother ranting over DU as I’m sure you’re up to speed : Global Research has such a lovely reference section.
    On your topic I noted an oddity : China and Australia are going into train building. North America . The superroad system linking Mexico-US-Canada. WTF ?
    My pick for personal conspiracy theory ? A real oldie : Hydraulic Empire. Except this time everything related to necessities of life is in the hopper : thank you Monsanto.
    Levees.org puts a lot together. International Rivers Network’s PDF on the Himalyan dams adds to the international aspect. Three Gorges ? I have a hard time envisioning a bigger fuck-up than that – though Iraqi wetlands and Russian seas are impressive.
    India supplies farmer free fuel for irrigation : the aquifer is depleted a looong way down.
    Then there was the latest : where Gulf of Mexico wetlands are host to a non-native prolific pest which kills the marsh. Lovely.
    That hasn’t even started on decaying infrastructure going to be a cause of disastrous flooding ( Bush pumps going into NO are trash BTW ) : Levees.org picks up some of that.

  10. I came across this site when I was looking for http://ufo.whipnet.org/xdocs/alien.aids/ I’m “SG”, one of the US servicemen inoculated with the vaccine/cure for the HIV/AIDS virus.

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