Week of December 21st, 2008

The economy remains much in the news this past week as the Big Three automakers are still holding their collective hands out to the US government for some Monopoly money. As of this writing, the White House is granting them a $17.4 billion bail-out from the TARP Fund.


Lucky them.

God forbid the CEOs running these dinosaurs are going to go without their golden parachutes at Christmas time, eh?

That won’t do, that wouldn’t be the American Way, would it?

In science news, scientists discover that Mars has mineral evidence of a past water environment; http://www.reuters.com/article/scienceNews/idUSTRE4BH7IV20081218 and could Mr. Obama’s Green Agenda be already starting?; http://blogs.reuters.com/environment/2008/12/18/green-jobs-really-on-the-way-new-us-solar-plants-announced-this-week/.

As always, Jeff Renses’ site has a take on the Zionist/NWO agenda; http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2008/12/talmud-stock-market-and-bernie-goniff.html , http://www.rense.com/general84/d22er.htm and my pal gfish at Weird Things writes about NASA, bureaucracy and why US space exploration will likely languish during the Obama Administration; http://worldofweirdthings.com/2008/12/18/nasa-vs-the-bureaucrats/#comments.

Again, an early post, no ‘Tubes connection yet except for work or library. If anyone wishes to write me, use my GooglePlex account, stardad9591@gmail.com or leave something here. I will try to respond in an appropriate time during the week, Monday through Friday. No weekends until I get reconnected.

Have a good week and Yule folks!



Science Fiction


The Thunder Child


SCI FI.com


Astroprof’s Page

Centauri Dreams

James Essig

(James may come off like a wordy kook, but he has some real good ideas at times)


(More esquisite astrography!)


Graham Hancock


The Paracast

  • Dec 7 08 :Noted anomalist and UFO historian Jerome Clark talks of UFOs as possible extraterrestrial visitors and possible expressions of a larger reality that we do not fully understand. Clark has been involved in researchng such anomalous events for over 45 years. 


  • Dec 14 08 : A UFO and Paranormal Roundtable featuring T. Allen Greenfield, Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni. Greenfield is asked about a claim he made, during his previous appearance on The Paracast, about a possible major UFO-related event that might occur in or near Houston.


Red Ice Creations

  • John Anthony West – Ancient Egypt
  • David Livingstone – The Dying God, The Illuminati & Bloodlines
  • Frank Albo – Freemasonry & Western Hermeticism


This is the last issue until after the holidays. Hopefully I’ll be independent again and possibly with my own ‘Tubes domain. Until then, Yule, Winter Soltice, Christmas, Hanukka or what ever floats your boat!

Later! 😎

9 responses

  1. Renses always reminds me of Patricia Pulling. He takes isolated incidents, combines them with misquotes, allegations and material from highly questionable sources (most anti-Semitic conspiracy sites where one can find evil quotes purported to be from the Talmud are usually either made up or edited from their actual content) and then tries to spin it into some grand theory involving religion. Hiding terrible research or lack thereof and thinly veiled contempt and hatred for an ethnicity under eloquence doesn’t remove them.

    Let’s be honest here. Jews were hated in Europe because their religion didn’t place a stigma on handling money, they made loans that overly indebted Christians couldn’t pay and the Christ killer doctrine was in full swing until Pope John II declared it to be erroneous in the beginning of this millennium. The stereotype of the evil, holier than thou, money grubbing Jew is an invention of bitter debtors and Christian zealots. American Evangelical Zionists are actually using Jews as sacrificial lambs since the whole reason they helped fund the new nation of Israel on a British partition in the Middle East was so the Jews start WW3, reclaim the Temple Mount, build the Third Temple and then, the end of the world can begin and the evangelicals can be whisked away to heaven.

    Jews are like any people. Some of them can be greedy, foolish and dishonest. Madoff is a great example. But to project his follies into an indictment of the Jewish faith, to willingly believe and play up sordid caricatures of the Talmud for the pleasure of countless anti-Semites who were brought up on negative Jewish stereotypes… No wonder he calls his site Revisionist History. Might as well call it Revisionist Fact or BADD. Both would work.

  2. Nicely stated, spot-on analysis gfish concerning Rense.com. I find most of the material on the site both a “root canal” to read and comprehend. I guess it works for Rense and his followers, but most of the material is simply “chewing gum” for ever-needy psyches concerning conspiracy theories and for the convenience of projecting hatred and negative feelings upon “targets” of convenience such as the Jews et al.

    For the most part, at least from my viewpoint, Rense.com is a zzzzzuh….zzzzuh…zzzzzz I-) site in terms of content; mostly with minimal import.

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. The main reason I link to Rense and other “Christian” conspiracy sites is for the information on elites, not necessarily because I agree with Renses’ view on Judaism, which I don’t by the way.

    gfish makes a very accurate description historically on the situation and the Christian Fundie/Dominionist Faction in the country almost got their wish of WWIII and “Rapture” with the Bu$hco Criminal Enterprise, but that wasn’t the goal of the BCE anyway and the Fundies were only a means to an end, of which they still don’t realise.

    In the end, we give the elites all the power they crave because we are unwilling to assume responsibility for our own actions, to wit, our failure to vote and to kick out the teaching of civics in our schools.

    We “want” somebody to make decisions for us and to have a “Daddy” to bail us out of stuff when we screw up.

  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays wish to our site host dad2059 and his ardent site followers… : )

    It’s been a tough year, but the electorate made both a correct and pragmatic choice concerning the election of President Obama (elect).

    We’d surely have been long-faced if we had elected the other “aged” guy and his rambunctious, redneck partner from the North.

    So we have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Those of us that are still alive are still “kickin'” and the dead no longer have any problems to address.

    With that thought…”party hearty”, enjoy the good grub and still give thanks that we still live in the safest, best nation on earth, bar none this Christmas 2008.

    If you drink, don’t drive and have a designated driver.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Yeah… Happy Pagan Winter Solstice Observations to you, Marine, and the best of what time we have left to us in 2009!

    And you’re right about us being our own worst enemy, but that’s what “we” employ politicians for, right? To blame everything on, because it’s unacceptable to think that we, ourselves, could be bad. That, of course, is a sideline to the primary purpose of elitists just wanting us to THINK we’re in control. 😉

    About the only thing that we control in life is the time and frequency of our bowel movements… and some of us don’t even do THAT very well!


  6. And…

  7. I stumbled on this video – it’s the only reference I’ve found, to date, that talks about the dual economic system of the world. It is a very cursory overview, but Dad knows that I’ve touched on this subject, before, but never got into it in detail.

    Pay particular attention to how the current system is referred to as the “Bible of business on the Earth.” The spiritual context is unmistakable, and is referred to in scripture as “Babylon.”

    Also, note that we all have a monetary value to the elitists, and that we are registered at birth as negotiable instruments of trade.

    Bought and paid for doesn’t even begin to describe the predicament we’re in!

  8. Free energy and antigravity technology MUST be revealed and people from the world MUST be freed from this Illuminati-Masonic slavery once and for all ❗

    Let us build this!


    Let us build our future!!!

    Best regards and Merry Christmas,


  9. Hey and a hearty thank you to all who patronize my site here!

    Nice to hear from you once again Lubo my Euro-Zone friend, how are your legs feeling? Better and on the mend I hope.

    Yup, I had a good Pagan Saxon Holiday this time around HW, I had my daughter and grandson to share it with! 😉

    As I stated earlier folks, posting might be sporatic for a while, maybe into the spring due to lack of InnerTubes access at home.

    Have a Happy New Year folks and may we all survive the tough road we have ahead of us!

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