Happy New Year Folks!

As 2008 comes to a close and it seems like the world is crashing down around our ears (egged on by the mainstream-corpo media of course, at least here in ‘Amurrika’ anyway), one must learn to keep things in perspective.

Whether one believes in a world-wide conspiracy or not, the world needs thinking people now more than ever; folks who question the status quo and find the courage to study and scrutinize situations that seem illogical and out of place.

We Americans have bred an entire generation of young people, who were born during St. Ronnie Raygun’s “Morning In America” and coming of age in the twilight of Bu$hco II’s “Ownership Society”, deny the existence of the real world in all its ugliness and beauty and take anything the corporate controlled media pipe into their heads at face value.

Thus as a result, we have the most brain-washed and and uninquisitive generation of young people ever spawned; lacking any propensity or interest for scientific study at all.

Global studies are worst yet, most kids in school today can’t find Iran or Iraq on a world map if their lives depended on it (most American adults can neither, for that measure) and could care less!

I can provide stats and links to prove this hypothesis of course, but I won’t waste my time doing that; I’m ranting and blowing off steam and I trust my audience is intelligent enough to use the GooglePlex to find all the proof they need.

So how do we Americans fix this?

Well, Mr. Obama has promised to finance states in need of science and math teachers, mainly career changers:(http://news.yahoo.com/s/csm/20081229/ts_csm/abeaker).

I’ve considered this myself, if for no other reason than to work off my student loans I’m already enslaved to. And blue collar factory work is a fast dying way of life here in Amurrika, it’s only a matter of time before the owners of the company where I work closes its doors and ships out to China or an East European country anyways, so why not try out something different?

Unfortunately, most of these grants, scholarships and loan reductions depend on what I call an “enlistment” (usually three years) to teach in a “high needs” area, where the schools are generally under-funded and dangerous to begin with, where normal folks wouldn’t go into even armed with assault weapons!


Oh well, it all goes along with the scheduled teardown and rebuilding of our society (the worlds’ also) into a more structured, fascistic/socialist/corporate entity in which the population can be controlled more easily, i.e., to further usher in the Panopticon Singularity IMHO.

I wonder if they’ll monitor what kind of science I might teach these “high needs” kids?

Do you think I’d be able to “enlighten” them?





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9 responses

  1. And a happy future for U2 and all the folks who hang out here. As we imagine a new government that answers to the people, Obamarhama expresses undieing support for Isreal and their colonialization of gaza and the West Bank, even mentioning that he supported Israel when they wreaked unholy vengeance on Lebanon.

    Separate reality seems to be more profound as the shadow government hangs names on any truth seeking agendas and divides the masses through misinformation. As long as the dogs are smarter than the sheep the herders will have no problem getting enough wool to keep the Elite warm and enough mutton to keep a little profit for themselves…G:

  2. I hear that Geez, us poor ol’ sheeple are flocks for the slaughter and that’s exactly how these sons-a-darkest perdition see us.

    Until the sheeple figure that out and stop giving the elites the power they crave, it’ll continue ad nauseum.

  3. They’ll always need truckers, Marine… c’mon up north, I’ll take you under my tattered old wing! 😉

    You can’t tell these kids squat, Dad. At the risk of sounding like my own pa, when I was growing up, they’re just too head-up-the-ass to register anything you tell them, that doesn’t come over a Blackberry or a cellphone text message. By the way… can YOU figure out that shit they type? I can’t!

    Just like ancient civilizations, the people became fat and complacent, and then the axe dropped. That’s where “Amurrika” is headed, the way of Rome, Babylon, Egypt, etc. People don’t change. Technology changes all of the time, but people don’t.

    Ancient or modern, a dumbass is still a dumbass!

  4. Happy New Year from Europe! We’re already in 2009!!! YEEAAAAH!!!

    dad, they wanted to cut my leg, but I refused. Radiotherapy was what they wanted to use against it, but first on the surgery table. I don’t trust doctors! Now I’m using this plant for making tea
    Clinopodium vulgare

    Recent discoveries of a Bulgarian scientist proved that many kinds of cancer can be destroyed with large concentration of Clinopodium vulgare injected in the tumor. He had a success by healing several different cancers through injecting 10 times greater concentration directly in the ill place and – 100% success ❗ Right now I’m drinking 3-4 glass per day with 2 soup spoons/ a glass. I’m doing it for a month already and feel much better. After several months and a diet I’ll be healthy again. I believe it!

    P.S. I won’t die before I ride on an element 115 driven flying saucer at least 10 times ❗ ❗ ❗

    Best regards to all,


  5. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    It’s traditional that we all wish each other a happy new year or at least to engage ourselves for such an outcome, but the rate of change concerning the downward spiral of this once functional nation is truly mind-numbing to say the least.

    Many folks are no doubt hoping for Obama and his administration to pull their bacon out of the fire, but I have a strange feeling that although we won’t be victims to the blatant in our face corruption that we’ve collectively suffered under eight years of the Bushistas, it will be more of a Clintonesque style of screwing “we the people” over ala NAFTA, more outsourcing etc.

    During the Clinton era we enjoyed the tech boom that eventually became the “tech wreck” due to the minimal oversight that existed during that period as well as into the eight years of the Bushistas.
    It all started with Reagan and his “blue sky”, free market policies theoretically allowing the marketplace to regulate itself. We see where his “voodoo economic” scheme/scam policies hav gotten this nation.

    Trillions have already been handed over to investment bankers and brokerage houses and mega-insurance companies without accountability and with nothing to show for these handouts on main street.

    The big three automakers although saddled with many years of systemic problems were basically given the “finger” by Congress. They had lots of questions for Detroit, but little to none when it came to the aforementioned recipients of Congressionally sponsored tax-debtor largesse.

    Soon after Obama ascends to his office, he along with a complicit, out of control “spendthrift” Congress are going to give us all another tax-debtor “shafting” bigtime and again the money will disppear into the pockets of the same gang that’s been ripping off the U.S. government for many years; ie., the “$600 toilet seat” crowd for B52H bombers etc.

    My best unsolicited advice for Americans is to start planning on how they are going to survive on an individual basis without having any hope of respite coming from their failed government and its perennially corrupt leaders.

    Provision well both in terms of food, functonal clothing, tools and arms, radios, communication gear etc. If you only own cars then consider getting a used four wheel drive pickup. You can at least make some money hauling stuff for other people; ie., for local relocation, landfill trips or simply hauling away their junk for a fee. For those that are handy, consider purchasing a small wire welding machine so you can do repairs for others etc. It’s these basic, types of services that will allow savvy survivors to put a buck/Amero or two in their pockets in a pinch. Consider learning how to sell items on e-Bay and Craigs list for others who aren’t computer savvy and don’t have a clue on how to list items and to hook up with prospective buyers. In other words become a broker for their “stuff”.

    I also have feeling that Obama along with the Fed~Treasury funny money banksters are going to try to pull of some fancy currency shenanigans in the next four years that are going to benefit only the extremely poor and the very rich while disenfranchising the remnant middle class. For those of you that can do so, then I advise for you to purchase at least 5-10 percent of your net worth in gold bullion coins in tenth ounce demonination. As gold rises in a nova like fashion as people holding currencies run for the exits, the value of a 10th ounce could balloon to a very large number regardless of the currency in which it would be converted back to cash. Gold, although commoditized still stands as the true store of wealth throughout the ages especially in bad times and it seems we are surely headed for times far worse than they are so now.

    With that I close and to dad2059 and his loyal participants and readers wish you including myself and happy and survivable 2009…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Last paragraph “and happy” should be “a happy”… :))

    If yur happy, I’m happy, then I guess wez all happy…no?! 😀

    Nemo **==

  7. Good to hear from you Lubomir! I hope those tea and natural treatments work for you! Maybe you will get to fly via anti-gravs yet my friend! 8)

    Hey HW, be careful of what you wish for, it just might come true! 😉

    Good advice Nemo, I plan on doing some of that myself this year!

    I hope.

    To one and all, Happy New Year!


  8. Well, it’s New Year in the Great White North too – and a merry ho-ho.
    I think the New Year’s Grinch must have got hold of me along with the stories from Gaza. Greenwald can analyse the hell out of past mistakes – but I think I’ve added another piece to the puzzle.
    2 Jan ‘Fresh Start’ and deployment to Afghanistan
    30% of Afghans are at risk of starvation too. Brrr. There’s more than one kind of cold chill.

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