Week of January 5th, 2009

As this year is getting under way, national and world news offers little in change, yet.

This past Friday (1/2), Wall Street wonks give a positive, though cautious analysis about the new year’s stock markets around the world, giving a boost to Asian and Eurozone exchanges this morning; (Asia)http://www.cnbc.com/id/19832390/ , (Eurozone)http://www.cnbc.com/id/19794221/ .

I’m not buying into this meme, due to the fact that in alot of states, state governments are levying more taxes and cutting services to low, middle income folks and not raising taxes on the rich folk. According to New York State governor, David Paterson, raising taxes on the rich is “unpalatable” and to be used as a last resort; http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/21/nyregion/21millionaire.html.

Leona Helmsley would approve.

On the world front, Zionist Israel is continuing its pogrom on the Palestinians, killing hundreds of civilians in order to get at Hamas “terrorists”; http://www.wsws.org/articles/2009/jan2009/gaza-j05.shtml .

World opinion is against Israel, of course, and using civilians as human shields is a shitty way for Hamas to get their message across. And of course, the Israeli government is backed wholeheartedly by Bu$hco, who is raking up mega-monopoly-money via the military-industrial-congressional complex from the slaughter not only in Gaza, but world-wide.

So what’s with a little exit plan profit taking?

The incoming Obama administration’s meme of spreading fiat currency around the country for infrastructure, school and green tech is hitting rough ground as some in Congress say that there’s not enough time to get an economic plan together by the Inauguration, but by the middle of February instead; http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/05/us/politics/05spend.html?bl&ex=1231304400&en=99a6130dae16eb41&ei=5087%0A .

There’s plenty more news I can comment on, but I still want the focus to remain on science and science-fiction in this ezine.

Have a good week folks and remember to convert to gold!

BAB/Dad2059  8)



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4 responses

  1. Thanks Dad and a good one for U2 in every moment of it. That goes for the extraordinary nerds et al that comment here too. I won’t be buying any gold though, as I buy antiques and sell junk which is harder to detect by the elite. I don’t have a gun, except for a 22 derringer, which I keep locked up, I’d fell pretty silly standing there with it anyways when that Humvee with a microwave pulled in the driveway. If DARPA is 50 years ahead of what is revealed to the sheeple, I have no doubt that the powers that be already know where all the gold is and also know how to heat up a heater… 🙄

  2. I hear ya Geez, but since I don’t have the “nose” for priceless classics like yourself, I’ll stick with gold, if I can lay my paws on any! 😉

    DARPA-Tech is in a class all its own and at least 50 years ahead of what us mere mortal sheeple possess. And that gives rise to the rumors that the CIA have pushed into the memestream the past 60 some-odd years about reverse-engineered UFO technology.

    Now UFO technology might be a fallacy all of its own because of the observable “paranormal” phenomenon associated with it, as proposed by long-time UFO researcher Jacques Vallee.

    My take is if something was even remotely capable of being studied and reverse-engineered to a certain extent, the objects being studied had to have been material at the time. If not, how could one study them up close? 🙄

  3. A .22 makes a nice hole between the eyes of your average elitist, Geez, but then you have to remember not to try and shoot through the body armor! 😆

    Anyway, just passing through… still on the road, trying to find some of that gold that the bankers haven’t purloined yet!


  4. I dunno Dad, from my 3D perspective, you’re on solid ground so to speak. Maybe those parts that were reverse engineered are truly from an alien civilization. If they came from our future, it seems doubtful that we could physically observe them in the here and now, but who am I to say “from a separate reality point of view”. A geezer who has transgressed the time continuum would snicker in his wheatie bowl at the one that is attempting to figure this out in the now… 🙄

    Well, happy tracks Highway, and hope all that gold don’t give ya a flat. If you get far enough south, maybe you can find some of that Tijuana gold… 🙄

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