Week of January 12th, 2009

I heard something on the radio this morning that made me smile and shake my head in a “no screaming eagle-shit” kind of way.

News wonks on NPR were talking about the “similarities” between Barack Obamanator and Gee Duhhbya Bu$hco when it comes to “protecting” the Amerikan sheeple, especially when it comes to “Homeland” Security. It seems that since Mr. Obama’s been selected…er…elected, he’s changed his tune on various topics, like closing Gitmo.

The reason of the backtracking about Gitmo is that most of the people being held are finally going to get some kind of court hearing, be it military tribunal or regular trial. Although they might get their day in court, they are still “very dangerous people” who have to be kept away from the US public, and thus Gitmo isn’t going to be shut down anytime soon.

Another way in which Obama doesn’t differ much from his predecessor is the current genocide against the Palestinian people and his ominous silence concerning it.

Let’s face facts here, the Zionist Israelis are doing government sanctioned ethnic cleansing while the world just turns their back on a helpless, defenseless people. The US government has made it clear that “we” (The very word makes me want to gag, puke and wash my mouth out with bleach) back the Zionist government of Israel without reservation. And that in my view, makes us complicit in committing war crimes.

But of course, the history of the Middle East since the 1920s (and the whole history of the US) is written in the blood of the innocent, so we are kind of numb to the travail of others.

The Zionists of both countries must be licking their chops over those offshore gas fields of Gaza right at this moment also.

Not to speak of the reduction of US troops in Iraq down to the 70,000 – 75,000 level to hole up in the $790 billion fortress in order to open up another front in Pakistan and to strengthen troop levels in Afghanistan in order to finally get that oil/gas pipeline built in order to undermine Russia’s energy/economic influence in the area.

Perception is everything and it’s important to the US government’s puppet masters that the propaganda keeps coming hard and heavy in order to keep the sheeple sleepy. Unfortunately, most of the sheeple enjoy their somnolence and distractions, with no desire to be awakened.

So what do we do?

Keep putting the message out there until it is altogether outlawed. There’ll always be people who want to discover what is happening in the world around them like there’ll always be folk who don’t.

If we force the issue on a public who doesn’t want it, we are no better than the elites who want to force their own vision of the world upon us.

And that’ll give us the moral high-ground.

BAB/Dad2059 8)




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6 responses

  1. Offshore gas Dad? This will smell even worse than eagle-shit. Our conservate corporate government has been pushing LNG for years now, and more lately LNG vehicles like school buses and credits given to those that convert to it. Obamanator hasn’t even been inaugurated but is already a big disappointment when it comes to change…G:

  2. Hi Dad2059;

    I was not sure where to post these comments since I could not see a clearly defined message box attached to the appropriate thread.

    However, regarding Isreal’s push into Gaza and Hamas’ firing of the rockets, it seems kind of odd that this general birth place of biblical history would become a battle ground with modern, on the side of the Isreal, 21st century weaponry.

    Since both the Jewish people as well as the Muslim people have so much in common in terms of their religious belief systems philosophical origin, I would think that they could learn a great deal from each other.

    Note that from a sociological perspective with no attepts being made to promote religious faith here, I say as a conservative Catholic, that I look highly upon the Old Testiment and the Jewish Torah. Lately, I have been pondering the mysterious name of Yehwey given to God in the Old Testiment. God’s discription of Himself (in the Burning Bush that Moses saw) as I AM or I AM That I AM as a name of GOD is ultimately as profound of a mystery to me as a discription of the GOD HEAD as is the Mysterious and Profound Catholic concept of the HOLY TRINITY.

    One catholic credo type of document promulgated by the Vatican, I am not sure which, refers to the GOD HEAD as Thrice Holy in language refering to GOD as the Holy Trinity.

    With so much richness in the religious traditions of our species, I would think that each religious belief system has a lot to learn from the others. Why this cradle of the birthplace of many Western belief systems seems to be perpetually locked in militarism, and in modern times, as such with all of the deliberation that modern political science, computational sociology, and advanced military technology and intellegence methods entails seem rather ironic to me.



  3. Geez: LOL! Noxious gases promulgating from DC is a great, untapped resource that should be looked into and should be considered for future use. 😆

    Hell, if the politicians and bureaucrats want to tax cow farts, http://www.farmanddairy.com/columns/taxing-cow-farts-the-strange-and-true-from-dc/10582.html , we oughta suggest to them to bottle up their own hot air for an alternative energy source! 😆

    Jim: Thanks for stopping by, I guess you figured out how to get to the comment part!

    The conflict in the Middle East has very little, or quite alot to do with religion, depending on who you ask. In recent history, the conflicts have been engineered by the British Empire after WWI and by us (US) since WWII. The idea is the old divide and conquer tactic to keep the natives fighting amongst themeselves to get at the oil in the region, religion having little to do with it.

    Others say that religion is the reason because the Rothschilds (Banking elites in Central London) want to set up headquarters in Jerusalem to set up their New World (or One World) Order to rule the planet from there and religion (End Times, Second Coming, Dispensationalism) has everything to do with it, the Christ vs. Satan thing, with the Rothschilds being the Satan worshippers and ultimately being destroyed by Christ’s Second Coming.

    And yes, it’s so ironic that it enters the realm of the absurd! 8)

  4. You guys wouldn’t believe the fun I’m having with some conservative numbskulls… a Canadian blog, by the way!


    Too bad Christopher and those other wounded souls can’t see how their “fundie-assed Highwayman” is treated by their sworn enemies! Oh, man… this is better than illegal substances, lemmee tell ya!

  5. …their “fundie-assed Highwayman” is treated by their sworn enemies!…

    Bwahahahahahaha! 😆

    That’s okay HW, you’re still the “Road-Preacher” here, but we still wuvs ya! 😉

    The world might be as complicated as they say, but that still doesn’t preclude the fact that there are people who are trying to make the New World Order come true.

    You’ll never convince those folk beyond their narrow world view HW, they’re thoroughly indoctrinated with “us” vs “them.”

  6. Yeah, you’re right, Jarhead… but I just luv kicking their stupid asses!

    Complexity always arises from simplicity, and the simple!


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