Week of January 26th, 2009

There’s much, or not much I can write about this week that others have covered so well. Since this ezine’s main focus is supposed to be science, science-fiction and esoterica, I feel I should write more about those topics than I do.

So after a small amount of research, I’ve come across some science items that could also be considered esoteric, if one was inclined to believe so.

From livescience , scientists are improving the quantum entanglement method to the point where they can actually transport/teleport atoms faster than the speed of light.

This is interesting because this violates the bedrock tenet of our physics, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity , which proclaims that mass can approach the speed of light, but not attain or surpass it. Stay tuned for this.

The next example could be linked as a possible explanation for the UFO phenomenon is this post from Centauri Dreams , titled A Science Fictional Take on Being There . The premise is a thought experiment extrapolated from Seth Shostak’s post on Space.com about “…if aliens are more advanced than us, why would they travel here in physical spaceships?”

While I disagree with Shostak’s take that we’ll never develop a physical means of star travel and his continuous debunking of the UFO phenomenon without even entertaining the thought, he might have inspired a possible explanation for it. ( And above link )

Imagine that.

Philosopher Nick Bostrum posited that our Universe, or “reality”, is an ancestor study virtual reality program being run by our post-human descendents. Very esoteric theory, n’est pas?

Now from our friends at New Scientist, there’s an article that suggests there’s actual empirical evidence supporting this; Our world may be a giant hologram.

If my descendents are watching me right now, all I can say is “Eat shit, kiss my hairy arse, bark at the moon” and “I hope you’re enjoying the show assholes!”


Finally, The Secret Sun’s site author Chris Knowles further explores his theme of study, Astronaut Theology, and its relationship with astronauts ( obviously ), movies, movie actors and the connections with ancient Egypts’ Shemsu Hor. Good stuff there if you’re a student of the esoteric and ancient history like I am.

In the meantime, I’m still ‘Tubeless at home, so I’m posting what I can, when I can. Hopefully, very soon that will be rectified.

BAB/Dad2059 8)


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Project Camelot : Benjamin Fulford’s alleged “tumor” removal from his spine and “Dr.” Dan Burisch’s “consultation.”


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Science Fiction

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E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith’s “Masters of Space”

Jules Verne’s “All Around the Moon”

Fred Pohl’s “The Day of the Boomer Dukes”


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