Week of February 2nd, 2009

The Obama Economic Stimulus Package is getting a lot of media attention this week, mainly concerning tax cuts to the corporations to placate the Republicans (who still claim fiscal responsibility; *gag**choke**puke* and pay worship to St. Ronnie’s “trickle down on the sheeple mantra”), wondering why the first 350 Billion Federal Reserve Note gift to the banksters didn’t have the desired effect (D’oh!), how much money should go to social programs like extending Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, college loans (and grants) and infrastructure rebuilding.

Some of this money slated to go to NASA, a mere 600 million Federal Reserve Notes in the House version of the bill, to supposedly maintain or create jobs.

But there is no money for the human space exploration or monies allocated to shorten the gap between the shuttle decommissioning in 2010 and the supposed Orion ship start-up in 2015.

What money that is allocated to NASA is for “increased study in Earth sciences.”

Which to me means “anthropocentric global warming.”

Although the hue and cry of the above has been tempered because of the InnerTube chatter and exposure of the scam has penetrated the sheeple’s ears somewhat, the promotion of “green tech” continues unabated.

Now I’m not slamming the development of green tech per se, we should’ve done this a generation ago during the 1970s, but the global pharoahs deemed otherwise. Now the world economy is going through the “creative destruction” the pharoahs love to torture the shuman beans with (nod to Geez here) and there needs to be a new foundation to build the New World Economic Order.

What better way than to promote green tech, paid for on the sheeples’ dime?

The pharoahs don’t have to invest any of their own gold, because everyone is being thrown into a panic and are afraid of ending up with nothing at all.

They’ll be more than happy to pay for a “new economic sustainable” infrastructure that indentures their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great granchildren, etc., etc., forever, via Obama’s economic package.

Fear certainly works wonders where control is concerned, a time honored tactic indeed.

So how does this affect future space programs?

For one thing, it stifles civilian rocket propulsion research because there won’t be any government funding, any development would have to be funded by private companies who are not controlled by the military industrial complex. But they may not be allowed to pursue research anyway just for that very reason.

Not only that, the development of any kind of nuclear space technology will be further stymied by the promotion of said “green tech”; the public has been indoctrinated by fear of anything nuclear, whether it’s bombs or not, despite the fact that advanced nuclear technology could’ve taken us to Mars over 20 years ago!

Many things and events are linked inexplicably in this web of deceit and control; one hand washes the other as they say. And many will continue to gain from our inability to expand out into the Solar System, and onto the nearest stars.

From the military-industrial-congressional complex that controls advanced technology, to the “professors” in the institutions of higher learning who spread the propaganda that humans are the only “intelligence” within 1,000 light-years (if not the galaxy), chemical rockets are the best we can do, radio telescopes will detect ET ,  interstellar travel is forever impossible and proclaim only sustainable “green tech” and population control will save us and planet Earth, those are the criminals we need to break our chains from.

If we don’t, we will sink further into Brave New World instead of Star Trek.

BAB/Dad2059  8)









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2 responses

  1. Well you know me Dad, I gotta keep my feet planted in the old mudball. These NWO ideologues sure don’t need a lot of money for studying earth sciences though, all they need to do is watch Mother Nature “MN” and help her out in the healing department. Might be a good idea to put some of the shumans to work tearing out concrete so that all of the water is utilised instead of running through the sewers and ending up in the sea. MN has already developed transitional plants,the Elite call them weeds, to convert a lot of the toxins. Robert Roedel calls them “a herb waiting to be discovered. Anyways, I’ll bet you a bag of rice that there is no solar energy device that is even close to the effeciency of photosynthesis for the conversion of sunlight to carbohydrates.

    Vanity is the problem with the elite, and produces a veil of misunderstanding that prevents them from percieving the obvious. Life is everywhere and is timeless, like it’s happening on all levels, and the chances of there not being life, on other planets, is so negligible that I may as well take a nap..z Oh, about the science criminals. They’re just as bad for MN as they are for the folks who want intersteller travel…G:

  2. I don’t disagree that Ma Nature needs a helping hand in getting some much needed relief Geez, I’m just of the mind that we don’t need to go back to going without electricity, modern medicine and most amenities of civilization. Getting off this little ball of mud would go along way toward keeping the trappings of civilization and allow MN to heal herself.

    Yeah I know, money, money and more money. Or the lack thereof.

    But if we’re really serious about investing in the future, wouldn’t funding cheaper ways of getting into NEO (Near Earth Orbit) and into the Solar System to mine asteroids, the Moon and colonizing Mars eventually lead to a sustainable future for everyone on the planet, instead of a select elite like there is now?

    Let’s throw away the strawman argument that mankind is morally reprehensible, immature, unworthy or as the Christians say, dirty and full of sin. If we colonize the Solar System and eventually the nearer stars, perhaps meeting a race of beings who are thousands or millions of years ahead of us and they deem us unworthy to live, genociding us in the process, I prefer that way to die than to sit rotting on a single planet as a slave to self-styled pharoahs who never gave mankind a chance to better themselves.

    End rant. 👿

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