Wichita UFO and other things



Certainly looks like a black project machine to me. Of course the military denies it.



Dale Vince, managing director of wind farm operator Ecotricity, said: “They [scientists] looked at all the broken parts of the turbine, the parts that were left standing at the top and examined the land around the bottom of the turbine looking for debris.

“But it was actually by examining the ring of bolts that hold the blade on that the examiners were able to say definitely it wasn’t a collision that caused this problem.”

Mr Vince said he expected a full explanation into the cause of the damage in two weeks.”There is a ring of about 30 bolts and they exhibit what examiners term as classic fatigue signs.

“They’ve ruled out bolt failure and are looking for the cause either side of the bolts in one of the components.”

He said manufacturers had checked 1,000 turbines of the same design all over the world and it was thought the problem was a “one-off“.

Rats. So much for for an aerial Chuthullu. Lovecraft would be disappointed.



The US military will be half machine and half human by 2015, a military expert told an audience on Wednesday.

Speaking before a group at the Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) conference, military expert Peter Singer said the implementation of robot soldiers was near.

“We are at a point of revolution in war, like the invention of the atomic bomb,” Singer said.

“What does it mean to go to war with US soldiers whose hardware is made in China and whose software is made in India?”

The US military has already made great strides in unmanning the battlefield. The US uses attack drones and bomb-handling robots, and custom war video games have been used as recruiting tools.

We’re bound and determined to build Terminator type shit, aren’t we?

We might as well all lay down in front of a subway train!



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  1. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    Since one can’t simply copy this image, I did a screen capture then moved the image into my Photoshop program. I worked the image over and with the Gaussian blur feature reduced to two pixels along with some sharpening I get the impression that this is a version of a compound helicopter craft; ie., one that uses both airfoils and internal turbine driven rotors providing lift with a state of the art super quite turbine driving the craft both vertically and horizontally depending on the pilot’s tactical needs. What alerted me to this possibility is the rather wide, headlight luminaires on the front of the craft similar to some helicopter designs. The comment about the whirling sound; ie., rotary airfoils and the pink glow behind the craft due to the ionization of air heated to extremely high temperatures. The craft also seems to have stubby wings.

    No doubt this is using some new breakthough in propulsion tech working conjunction with the traditional wing and rotor melded together or it’s a new way of diverting hot propulsion gases to drive both the rotary lift and horizontal lift via the wings if the pilot so chooses. The fact that the detected pink glow was from behind the craft indicates it’s not a UFO, but a “black project” creation. If the entire craft was glowing in some fashion as in many UFO reports then I’d class it as a possible UFO sighting. Anyway that’s my two cents worth on the subject.

    I’m also providing a link concerning these new types of hybrid rotor craft that can fly in excess of 200 knots.


    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Heck, at that rate, I wonder Carl didn’t just give you this link
    http://www.cartercopters.com/ – or go for the gusto

  3. Hah. I knew I’d seen another design. I forget which has lift via flywheel to initiate flight, or via jet from the tips of the ‘props’

  4. Goddamn WordPress screwed up my blog appearance, I’m gonna bitch about this! 👿

    Thanks for the links guys. Yeah, I know when I scoped out the photo, if it was anyway authentic, it was surely a “black project” type thing.

    I aircrewed helicopters many moons ago while I was in the Marines and I can tell you, that thing is a Ferrari compared to what I had to work on! LOL!

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