Techno-Rapture of the Elites!

Some technologies are so complex and have so many frequent breakthroughs that few people can keep up. Now comes a new nine-week summer program in Silicon Valley for super-smart people. Dubbed Singularity University, its founders hope it will help close the gap in understanding and applying fast-developing technologies to solve what they called “humanity’s grandest challenges.”

The goal of the Singularity school, which will be located at an Ames facility in Sunnyvale, Calif., is to bring together the world’s top graduate and postgraduate students in 10 diverse disciplines, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, medicine and law. They will spend nine weeks together learning about each others’ disciplines and then focus on …
… finding ways to overcome pressing challenges such as poverty, hunger and pandemics. Technology heavyweights, including Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, are slated to give the lectures.
Applications should be available at Singularity University’s website, which is supposed to go live tonight.

Peter Diamandis, the Santa Monica physician credited with fueling private space rocketry; S. Pete Worden, director of NASA’s Ames Research Center; and futurist Ray Kurzweil are behind the move to form the school. Internet giant Google is a sponsor.


I had started a humongous post about the GooglePlex and its link to the Singularity and above individuals noted, but I ran away with myself writing it and it ended up not making any sense.

But I will provide link(s) to a person who has studied the subject extensively, in fact, he’s going to release DVDs concerning it within weeks;

KurzweilAI & New Scientist are supporting a 30 year old Club of Rome economic forecast

I used to think the Singularity could be a good thing, but I found it’s just another Apocalyptic Religion.

The bad thing here is, this Apocalypse has a good chance of happening!


Every baby born a decade from now will have its genetic code mapped at birth, the head of the world’s leading genome sequencing company has predicted.
A complete DNA read-out for every newborn will be technically feasible and affordable in less than five years, promising a revolution in healthcare, says Jay Flatley, the chief executive of Illumina.
Only social and legal issues are likely to delay the era of “genome sequences”, or genetic profiles, for all. By 2019 it will have become routine to map infants’ genes when they are born, Dr Flatley told The Times.
This will open a new approach to medicine, by which conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can be predicted and prevented and drugs prescribed more safely and effectively.
The development, however, will raise difficult questions about privacy and access to individuals’ genetic records. Many people may be reluctant to have their genome read, for fear that the results could be used against them by an employer or insurance company.

The prospect of genome screening for all has emerged because of the plummeting cost of the relevant technology.

The Human Genome Project, which published its first rough sequence of mankind’s genetic code in 2001, cost an estimated $4billion (£2.7billion). By the time the scientists James Watson and Craig Venter had their genomes mapped two years ago, the cost had fallen to about $1m (£700,000).

Hmmm…2019…the same year the Singularity University plan to have their worldwide AI working.
Notice the name of the company too! (Oh no, there’s no such thing as the Illuminati, is there?)

These guys are fooling themselves into believing that an artificially intelligent GooglePlex will let itself be controlled by genetically perfect “elites”. By its very nature the Singularity is unpredictable and beyond any human comprehension.

I asked IIB about this one time and he said the elites might not even care if they get wiped out along with the rest of us, if the GooglePlex decides to do just that. His impression is that as long as this “child” of humanity survives mankind’s death, so much the better for Mother Gaia.

I know a few people who would go along with that, but I’m not one of them!

Hat tip to Red Ice Creations today!


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  1. I certainly don’t want my genome filed away in any googleplex data banks. That’s a little too up close and personal considering that it’s probably for the eyes of the super elite only. We’re pretty much hard wired for analog thought processes where there is harmony felt in the interaction of the wave frequencies and sensibilities that cannot be percieved in digital format. Maybe we should consider that digital thought processes no matter how far they are expanded will still remain just that, and will never be able evolve into a loving and caring entity.

    Just call me analog, but I don’t even like the idea of digitalizing my TV. Now instead of diagonal lines and snow the whole thing goes schizophrenic when the cloud cover changes. But I’ll get over it as long as they don’t mess with my old , “Realistic 150 B” multiband radio that brings in KGO AM radio from San Franciso. It fades slowly in and out and you can hear the interacting woo woo of harmonics with other radio waves on a clear night.

  2. If you read some of this stuff the self-styled elites write, like being reincarnated as a virus to wipe out mankind, people cause global warming, space travel is better explored by machines, UFOs don’t exist and we can only explore the Universe by virtual reality, take everything all together and what you get IMHO are many ways these small groups of people amass control via media memestreams.

    TV stations across the country are converting from analog signals to digital this coming Tuesday, in spite of the June 12th extension.

    Digital signals are important for satellite communications and the GooglePlex network lives on these, that’s the only way Sergey Brin and Ray Kurzweil get their wish of “AI” sentience and their monster to wake up, triggering the Singularity.

    Yeah, I’m as bad as the crazy guy on the street corner holding up the “The End Is Near, Repent” sign, but hey, even if it proves to be bunk, forewarned is better than unwarned.

  3. Hi dad2059…

    “If you read some of this stuff the self-styled elites write, like being reincarnated as a virus to wipe out mankind, people cause global warming, space travel is better explored by machines, UFOs don’t exist and we can only explore the Universe by virtual reality, take everything all together and what you get IMHO are many ways these small groups of people amass control via media memestreams.”… extract from dads comment

    I surely believe modern civilization; ie., people and their fossil fuel driven paradigm are surely instrumental in the partial facilitation of global warming, but not the sole cause.

    I believe that it’s cheaper to explore space via machines using the best AI driven robotics devices since it saves money concerning the provision for exotic life support systems necessary for human passengers that are basically baggage; ie. cargo on such a mission. Any useful information will have to be derived by the use of exotic, state of the art devices with humans only cleared to push the on/off buttons…no?!

    As far as the existence of UFO’s from outside our solar system; I’m somewhat hesitant to endorse such an idea. I’d be more in tune with the idea that our planet is being shared with a race or races of beings that are far more advanced than ours and their numbers now so low that their dwindling numbers live in subterrene levels found in remote locals in South America, Africa, the Antarctic etc. They are able to manufacture the high tech items they need virtually one atom at a time; ie., nano-tech levels and use low impact highly efficient power sources that even trascend our dream of harnessing fusion power. We are as “chimps” to them these lower creatures are to us.

    Excluding reincarnation as a virus to wipe out mankind, it seems that many of my shared thoughts on this forum agree with self-styled elites…hmmm?

    I think therefore I’m an elitist…no?! ; )

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Elitism per se is not necessarily a bad thing, I shouldn’t think. One shouldn’t expect brilliant folk to suffer exquisite boredom to stay in sync with the mainstream. That is not to say that divorcing themselves from the general welfare is acceptable.
    Which is what these days I wonder. Anyway, all that is new is old. A polymath appreciating a variety of disciplines is an old intellectual ideal.

  5. I think therefore I’m an elitist…no?! ; )

    No Carl, I don’t think you are an elitist my friend, but I don’t agree that the human race should go extinct for the sake of Gaia.

    Call me idealistic, or crazy, but I think human beings are capable of great things. If we’re given a chance. Not all of us are evil chimps deserving extinction.

    As for sharing the planet with a race of more advanced creatures, researcher and author Mac Tonnies would agree with you;

    My own theory is that UFOs are time travelers from a possible multiverse future Earth, one that closely matches ours by 99.98% according to present quantum physics theory, simply because they’re humanoid.

    If they were true aliens, they would resemble vacuum cleaners instead of humans, if one takes the present theory of biological evolution as valid.

    That is not to say that divorcing themselves from the general welfare is acceptable.

    That’s where the problem lays, the super-rich and powerful have done that very thing. Just look at all the gated and secluded communities they’ve built over the last 30 years, purposely excluding themselves and putting themselves “above the fray” so to speak.

    The problem here is that in this age of the InnerTubes, information is flooding the cables and airwaves like no other time in history, bringing a democracy to the world , even places like China. And the “elites” find themselves losing a monopoly on how information is disseminated.

    That’s why they’re scrambling to find a way to corral and control the Internet beast via the GooglePlex. They think if they create this thing, they’ll be able to control it.

    But I don’t think that’ll happen.

  6. I hope your right Dad. I truely believe that there are limits to the whole digital phenomena, like…so far every pimple on the arse of whoever they are describing has to have a name “url”, so much of the burdon of thought for the idiot savant might be the cumbersome url’s… 😎

  7. You’ve put a very slight multiverse tweak on Whitley Streiber’s ‘Communion’ series there, Dad.
    And I wouldn’t ignore the deliberate programs to dysinformation, programming people and more.
    Steve Spielberg’s TV special about mind-manipulating future people wanting untampered genotype DNA for breeding trips a lot of fictional ( ? ) UFOlogy.

  8. To expand on what Mac Tonnies is saying, imagine yourself in meditation with a soul mate where you can perceive each other on higher planes of existence while your vibrations are in harmony. As you transcend into higher vibrations you will see your soul mate as being smoother featured, then eventually futuristic to the point that the mouth is indiscernible, with the eyes being the main sensory organs.

    It was at this point that I woke up from my psychedelic dream to have a cup of coffee with my future wife, who didn’t disagree with me as I told her my far out story and she seemed totally at peace in the here and now…G:

  9. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    Thanks for the Mac Tonnies link material. I went to the man’s site which should be enjoyable to follow.

    One of my favorite reads on the subject of underground alien bases is a 1990 softbound publication titled “Underground Alien Bases” by a dude that writes under the name of Commander X. It was published by Abelard Productions, Inc. It may be available as a used book on Amazon.

    Obviously one cannot read such material and take its entire contents “hook, line and sinker”, but some of the accounts are quite fascinating and would possibly seem to confirm we are sharing our planet with other denizens that possibly took a different evolutionary path possibly even predating that of the emergence of hominds. Possibly saurids developed highly sapient branch. There’s about 60million years between the destruction of the dinosaurs via a commentary strike to the emergence of hominids from the muck of deep time about 5 million years ago. We are “come lately creatures” and there has been plenty of time for other creatures to possibly have become sapient, create a civilization, rise and then collapse or at least retreat to greatly diminished levels and still remain in remote underground regions, not totally dark, but lit by their state of the art luminaires, living a low impact, very quiet, fairly low profile existence except when we witness them patrolling our skies with their highly advanced craft and possibly taking surface specimens for observation and experimentation.

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. Damn, I hate myself when I do this…”commentary strike” should read “cometary strike”, better yet “asteroid strike” in the Yucatan peninsula…doh! Possibly my thoughts are a “commentary strike” on this site… ; )

    Nemo **==

  11. Doing penance, Carl ?
    I was just going back over Wordgeezer’s entry and recalled the novels ‘Abyss’ and ‘Sphere’ : two about civilizations hidden in the deeps. James Cameron’s movie was much enhanced by the novel he commissioned Orson Scott Card to write as a companion piece; also titled Abyss.
    Different from ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ and that recent sci-fi movie – a year ago ? -about drilling in a passenger carrying machine to plant charges and avert catastrophic quake in a L.A. : a real Irwin Allen deal.

  12. Are you a Scott Card fan opit? I just got done with “Ender in Exile” and I found it a good read. He kind of modernizes it some from the ’80s and ’90s stuff. But “Ender’s War” isn’t dated badly I thought.

    Yeah, my story arc with Lamont and the future “children” is along the lines of time traveling human descendants with a multiverse twist.

    Actually, traveling between parallel universes is more feasible according to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Google Dr. Michio Kaku of the City University of New York and check out his stuff.

    He’s one of the few mainstream physicists with some vision and imagination.

  13. There’s another one out about the war from Bean’s perspective too : I haven’t seen the one you mentioned.
    I first ran into Card when he wrote a story about a planet where people were induced into growing spare parts on their bodies. I did quite a look around at what he had written at that time, including fairy-tale type stuff.
    He’s LDS – perhaps a leader in their excursion into publishing and media control. If I sound down on them – I’m fully aware they are a sect which increases membership with a program of targeting Christians with assaults on their understanding of the faith. And they have a program of aid to the poor : which is rather like being for motherhood. The Jehovah’s Witness do likewise BTW.
    But sci-fi is rich and they have made a most enjoyable contribution to borderline fantasy : even if the name of the first Book of Mormon is a rich target – Moron(i).
    But Card is politically active. Far too Mitt Reich-Wing for moi.

  14. I didn’t know Card was LDS until Daniel Brenton mentioned it to me in one of our correspondences. Just goes to show how much I pay attention to detail at times! 😆

    I’ve been slacking on my own fiction lately, but I ‘ve catching up on some personal reading. Call it learning second hand.

    Hopefully soon I’ll be able to post my own fiction, perhaps the quality will be improved by then! 😎

  15. Oh yeah J, I haven’t been able to post on your site at all because the same fascist opendns system blocks your site as well.

    If you want to write me, here’s my GooglePlex address;

    That’s par for the course as the GooglePlex goes, it has more power than Yahoo obviously! 😆

  16. That’s rich. I had been locked out of WordPress for so long it was habit not even to try commenting for ages. Now I’ve finally bit the bullet and registered again – for some places I’ll be oldephartte.
    Hopefully my problem with WordPress was related to a defunct system with a hinky driver.
    But just yesterday I tried Pissed on Politics. His spam blocker did the usual – held because of recent comment – except I hadn’t made another.
    I’m still at – and should have a mail account at Livejournal as well as the oldephartte blog if I can find it.
    But it may not be Oped ID giving you the gears. I’ve had a number of comments that seemed to indicate that the way through the door was to join the Opera Community and get a recognized identity. No – you don’t have to blog. But the option and internal mail should be available.
    If you decide to Friend me on Opera, I suggest you post an address link back home. You never know which links people are going to follow.

  17. I rarely do not comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great article!!

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