NASA Stimulus, Satellite Demolition Derby and Secrets, Cover-ups and Conspiracies Galore!

NASA stands to receive $1 billion of a $789 billion economic stimulus package negotiated by House and Senate conferees and headed for a vote in both chambers as soon as today, congressional sources said.

The conferees reached a deal Wednesday that reconciles the differences between the House and Senate versions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The compromise roughly split the difference between the Senate’s proposed $1.3 billion for NASA and the $600 million included in the House version of the bill.

The compromise spending plan includes $400 million to narrow the gap between the planned 2010 retirement of the space shuttle and the first flight of its successor. The Senate measure had called for $450 million; the House version included no money for narrowing the gap.  

NASA also would receive the House request of $400 million for Earth science and climate monitoring projects and $150 million for aeronautics under the compromise. The Senate had proposed spending $50 million more in each area.

I’m glad NASA got some money to extend the shuttle some, I wasn’t too enamored of paying Russia to get us into space. Embarrassing.

Khrushchev would’ve got a chuckle though!


The collision between U.S. and Russian satellites, the first “car crash” in outer space, highlights an urgent need to better manage increasingly dense space traffic, analysts say.

    A commercial satellite owned by Iridium Satellite LLC, collided with a defunct Russian military satellite at nearly 790 km over Siberia on Tuesday. The collision spewed out a pair of massive debris clouds that pose possible risks to other spacecraft.


    It has been documented that the collision already caused 600 pieces of debris, said Dr. William Marshall, an expert on small spacecraft at U.S. space agency NASA’s Ames Research Center in California.

    “We don’t know whether that’s the final number yet. It always takes a few days for the U.S.-based surveillance network to track all of the pieces of debris. But certainly there is a possibility that more debris will emerge.” Marshall told Xinhua in a telephone interview Thursday.

    “In a few days we’ll find out for sure,” said Marshall, who is also an advisor to the project.

    Marshall said there have been three previous cases in which satellites hit debris. One was a definitive case in which a French satellite, Cerise, hit a piece of debris, leaving the spacecraft severely damaged. There were other two cases in which Russian satellites seemed to have been hit by pieces of debris.

Actually, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before now. It probably has, but apparently word got leaked before the usual propaganda meme-control could get out.

Here’s a link showing the number of satellites orbiting Earth;



Secret and Suppressed II explores the current parade of cryptocracies, cults, secret societies and international Nazified elites. It examines what the periodicals and electronic media still refuse to take seriously: debates about the nature of evolution that offer more than a dumb show of crypto-Christians and pseudo-skeptics; details about occult themes running in the background of today’s space program; symbolic resonances in popular cultures from Nashville to Santa Cruz; weather warfare technology, fusion reactors; and the technology of political disenfranchisement; unsettled arguments about historical conspiracies and just tidbits of oddball and underreported information that Keith called “demons from the far side of the Truth.”

Excerpt from Secret and Suppressed II, published by Feral House.

Feral House link;

This looks like a good read to me, right up my alley!

Hat tip to UFO Mystic


2 responses

  1. Didn’t you get the NASA image of all the clustered ‘bees’ circulating the planet ?
    Embarrassed by contracting with Russia ? They have such a longtime advantage from the original German postwar defector on heavy lifting it’s nuts. Better that perhaps than allowing private American businessmen to embarrass them with innovation !

  2. Didn’t you get the NASA image of all the clustered ‘bees’ circulating the planet ?

    I couldn’t upload it with my computer at work, they have those sites blocked, that’s why I posted the link to Universe Today. And yeah, they do look like a swarm of bees, don’t they?

    I don’t know Opit, maybe it’s just the old Cold Warrior Marine left in me, I just don’t feel comfortable relying on the Russians being our only transport to the ISS.

    Call me nostalgic. Or paranoid. Probably both! 😆

    As for the private enterprise folks, I say go for it. They’ll find enough crazy rich people to buy their tickets! 😆

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